What's the best mnemonic you've come up with?

The WaniKani mnemonics are great, but sometimes it takes a little personal touch to really make it stick. What’s your favourite mnemonic that you personally (or a friend) has come up with?


失血 = 000 0 000 0 000 0 000 0 000 0 000 0


Since I also train in Shore Goju Ryu karate, most of mine go back to stances and techniques I use in training. I have tons of them but lately it’s been for vocab Foot… I use cat stance to remember ashi… nekoashidashi (sorry, no Japanese keyboard at work) not that the kanji looks like a cat but in my mind, it works.


i think my best one is for tomorrow. the reading is あした and wanikani uses ash tacos, but i’ve always been a procrastinator, so i just think, ah s***, ill do it tomorrow. Worked wonders for me


Ah yes, anytime a swear can be used, it’s golden!


not for kanji, but some katakana i wrote some pretty dumb mnemonics for, turns out if you make them yourself even if they are bad you still remember them quite well

ス = a super weeb running around like naruto

タ = a hand of a british guy saying ‘ta-ta!’ as he walks away from you. imagine that the top bit is his hand, the bottom bit is his sleeve, the line seperating the two parts is the end of the sleeve. (I also like using this for ‘evening’, as a british guy walks away saying ‘ta-ta’ in the evening)

チ = imagine a guy with a big head trying to harness the magical power of chi (the top bit is the guy’s chin, he saw something about chi on the internet and thought he could get super powers, hes stretching his arms out wide trying to draw in chi like some sort of chuuni.

ツ = imagine a tsundere slapping someone in the face (the right part is the arm and hand, the left part are the motion effects, like how you might see air lines behind something travelling fast)


乱暴 【らんぼう】meaning Violence, Assault, Running Riot, etc…
I associate the sound “Ranbou” with “Rambo”, who is the fictional embodiment of all of the above attributes.


I’ll try to remember that one for when i get to that level :wink:

That is what I also use! It was an instant connection.

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I watch league of legends esports and there’s a player there named Hai (https://lol.gamepedia.com/Hai)

So every kanji with はい I imagine this guy. It’s really freaking specific but it works well for me since I’m a fan so yea :stuck_out_tongue:


I made the same


I could never remember winter 冬 so I turned it into a picture of angry snowman flipping the finger with both hands and saying Fu**Yu

:snowman: FU YU ふゆ
Never forgotten it since :sweat_smile:

Some of the WK mnemonics have misled me a bit so I generally make my own now.


:sweat_smile: I procrastinate too so I’m borrowing this one. Will probably use it tomorrow though!

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I used the same one! Although in my case my family hates the snow so its easy to imagine them cursing the winter weather.

Also the the bottom radical sorta looks like a driving snow storm to me, which makes the upper radical look like a storm cloud even though the radical is winter.


就 = しゅう
就く = つく

Old Mother Hubbard settled into her backward shoe. (つく) (しゅう)

Two readings for the price of one.

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肥満 (ひまん) = Fat He-Man. Fairly obvious, but it’s useful for another word too.

豊満 (ほうまん) = Human, a plump human specifically. He’s still only a human because he’s not yet fat enough to become a He-Man.

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i miss Hai :disappointed:


I don’t know what the best mnemonics are from me x3 I have a few
市 → し: Sheep in the big city!
母: Well… what do mothers have to feed their babies? x3


腹 = ふく On’yomi
腹 = はら Kun’yomi
腹 = なか Kun’yomi

WOW! It’s はら ふく the big なか’s belly dancer.


ふく hey it’s はら the big なか’s belly dancer.

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So far, it was a meaning mnemonic for the Kanji 礼.
“Remember to give Totoro, the spirit of the forest, an umbrella as thanks!”