Accuracy screenshots

I never review anything outside the review sessions, should I? Maybe with a anki?

I think you don’t need that much work. Just check the summary after each session, see what you got wrong and try to recall the readings/meanings of those items.


I will not advise for that, it will mess up your WK SRS.

As @jprspereira suggested you, after your session finishes and the results screen shows up, go straight to toughly review the items you did wrong. I think you can middle click open them in different tabs from there.


I agree with @jprspereira for the most part, but think this could be advisable for your leeches.

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I’m only level 3, so it’s gona get worse :confused:


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Trying to learn while in law school isn’t ideal but I make time for it. Obviously not as good as a lot of people here, but I’m just starting learning with Wanikani

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Readings took a hit between levels 10 and 17 or so, but have started to feel more predictable since then.

I also started with about a thousand words that I knew in terms of listening comprehension (but almost no kanji), so those have helped speed things along, but I’m running into fewer and fewer of them with each passing level, so time will tell how well these numbers hold up.

For those reading this thread who are seeing numbers that look way higher than yours and wondering how it’s possible, many of us are running a userscript that adds an “ignore answer” button, which lets us deal with typos or “gah, 大きい, not 大きさ!” mistakes.

Mine should be and I’ll be forever bitter about it. I typed “wings” instead of “feathers”. Before my reset, I had them as synonyms and forgot to do that again.


1 Like or HouHou (search the forum plz). Anki is also OK if you can survive everyday infestation with bugs…

Basically, my reading of vocab and Kanji improved by EN->pronunciation, avoiding reliance on Kanji. (And the accuracy of reading of Kanji improved because of knowledge of vocab.)

Also, I exposed myself to listening comprehension… although I find WaniKani vocab less and less in higher levels…

There might also be script to directly mod the WaniKani.

Maybe try to read/say the reading for every kanji/word even if it asks for meaning. I made it a habit after reading something from @rfindley
It has really ingrained the readings into my brain and I can now spew out the reading verbally as soon as it comes up on the screen.
Might not be ideal for everyone but worth a try.

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Good point, I always mentally recite both meaning and reading for each review, I got that from the forums as well when I was about level 5, started doing it and and it helped lots. I thought my accuracy would drop after the first few levels, but it increased instead.

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Yeah for some reason I try to refrain from verbally saying the English meanings since I have some strange idea of wanting to not get attached to the English while studying Japanese. I always mentally recite them too though. This is pretty silly but I’ll let you all know how it goes and weather it was effective or not… Maybe I’ll be walking around throwing out Japanese words without knowing what they mean :wink:


I was actually really surprised to see that my accuracy was this good. But without the ignore script, typos would’ve brought these numbers way down. :woman_shrugging:


The fact you were able to retaliate from a 2-3 month break is still pretty amazing though, congratulations!


Reading Meaning Total
Radicals :— 89.11% 89.11%
Kanji: 81.66% 89.28% 85.30%
Vocabulary: 83.06% 88.51% 85.70%

I’ll just… show myself out.


Mine is worse I think. CatLow

I don’t know for how long I can hold this up, though. I use ignore script, but only for honest mistakes like typos and synonyms that WK doesn’t accept, plus words that I know in Portuguese but forget in English.


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I’m better at meaning than reading, and kanji reading is my weak spot.

I’m surprised with the results given I just had a two month hiatus without vacation mode…

I’m pretty sure it’s just tongue and tombstone bringing down my radicals score. Bah!

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How can I see it ?

I would be happy to see and share it