Accuracy screenshots


Hello folks,

I’m curious about what accuracy people tend to have on WK, so I figured I’d start this thread for anyone interested in sharing.

I’ll start:

Average %Correct

As I thought, I’m not the only one whose weak spot is the kanji :confused:


Readings are harder than meanings for me :crabigator:

55 PM


Low accuracy :frowning: Probably because of those damn leeches creeping up on me.

I’ve always found kanji a lot easier than vocab though :slight_smile:

Aggregate stats
Wanikani screenshots :camera_flash:

I think I’m in a league below, here

I recently let things slip and came back after about 2-3 months, accuracy was probably about 40% for most of those 1300 outstanding reviews, can’t have helped the overall score.



Not as bad as I thought they were



I’m only level 6, so I’ll make many more incorrect answers over time :upside_down_face:




Readings are hard… I really want to have over 90% total…


Holding on for dear life to that 99%. Probably wont be for long


woah how do you even… Are you just very good at remembering things??


I don’t really know. I am already familiar with a lot of the kanji that I am learning but 80-90% of the vocabulary is completely new to me. I think previous knowledge of the kanji included in new vocabulary helps me a lot.
I’m guessing my overall stats will drop quite a bit when I enter the territory of completely foreign kanji.



I am currently in Vacation Mode, and stop doing reviews/leeches; so the accuracy won’t go down any further.

Also, I complained somewhere that I only learnt Kanji meanings and readings, and Vocab reading. The only thing I didn’t learn well enough is Vocab meaning, which supposedly can only be found in context.

I might release myself from Vacation Mode after raising myself to Intermediate Japanese (somewhere after Tobira…)

25 PM

Why is no-one’s radical accuracy 100%?



26 AM



Whelp, this is really making me crave those 99%!


how to get this screen shot?


Haha I don’t know about you but I have two problems with radicals:

  1. That I already new the kanji/radical from before and have a hard time learning the word wanikani wants me to associate it with it. Like 本 is always tree or origin in my head, NOT “real”. Or 2. I answer with like a synonym or near synonym like “celebration” instead of “ceremony” for 代.

But mostly the “I already knew this kanji as X”


Guessing that tree should be a book? :wink: