Accuracy screenshots

Thanks for your kind help !!


I am satisfied…Capture


What’s wrong with doing reviews on mobile?

Too many typos. Typing on a touchscreen decreased my accuracy signifcantly.

Nothing wrong if it works for you, though.

It is showing blank. Everything is blank. Nothing is showing for me.

wow, dude just how fast do you level. I see that you only joined in Jan 2016. :open_mouth:

Oh no! Maybe @rfindley can help us debug?

I do like 90% of my reviews on the android app though, despite all the typos. Fortunately you can still ignore typos on the app even though the ignore script doesn’t work.

it’s still early going but im enjoying the journey :slight_smile:

2017-09-24 10_16_34-WaniKani Statistics

Since I hit lvl 60, all I have is burning stuff and those “really old” vocabs won’t stuck :frowning:

I don’t have an API key from you in my site log yet. Did you get to the part where it asks you for your API key?

If you use the app instead of just your phone’s browser, you can enable an ignore feature in the settings. I typo a lot on mobile as well, so I use that to keep my sanity. I really suck at typing on my phone…

Not quite as bad as I was thinking it was, a lot of it is me doing reviews when I’m distracted, I really need to stop that.


/me goes to a quiet corner to cry a bit


Don’t cry, there are so many that don’t even dare to post a screenshot (like me, cough, cough)


Thanks. You’re such a comfort. :slight_smile:


My overall accuracy is substantially lower as it drops significantly after long breaks:

For the most part I managed 8 days per level (7 after they changed the timing), and about 4 I think for the faster levels, except some where I didn’t manage to remember enough of the initial kanji.

I’d like to point out that I’m far from alone in this and that it’s more doable than one might think… my schedule was to do WK four times a day. Some tend to suggest it requires waking up at crazy times and get 100% of your answers correct, but this isn’t the case.

I did have 400 reviews per day sometimes at the end stretch though… which I guess is not everyone’s cup of tea :tired_face:

EDIT: might as well include the levelling stats as well


Thanks for sharing your levelling stats! It really helps me keep motivated :slight_smile: Which levels can be made in less than the typical 6d20h? I thought that we could only do it in the lvl 26 and in the 40s, but it seems can it’s also doable in the 50s :open_mouth:

I can’t remember if level 26 is still short (it has changed a few times), but the others are levels 46 to 60, excluding 48.

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