100000 Reviews, yay!


How many reviews do YOU have?


Only 17,000… :cry: the radish has a long way to go…

that seems like so many though!



Devoted myself to the crabrigator.

EDIT: 100000 totals reviews at level 35? Whoa, guess there’s still a long way to go…

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Not at 100k yet even tho I’m higher level. Guess that few % difference of having items right or not matters quite a lot in the long run ;p

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But… how are you on 99.7% for radicals? That’s insane!

Radicals are generally the easiest to remember and not quite as important in the long run. If I get a radical wrong just before burning it then I usually just ignore it. As long as I know the kanjis, I don’t mind not remembering the radicals in the end (seeing as they’re made up by WK anyways).

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Aaaaah. I don’t trust myself with the ignore script so I haven’t installed it :sweat_smile:

Otherwise I would definitely use it for radicals - I agree that so long as I’m able to use the mnemonics effectively it doesn’t matter whether I can remember them perfectly on their own. I’m still bitter over getting ‘cobra’ and ‘snake’ wrong before adding them as synonyms for each other.

Exactly! Also, you get reminded of what the radicals are whenever you learn a Kanji anyways, so it kinda breaks the “pure” SRS of them anyways I think.

Yeah, I agree, and because some radicals are made up of others you wouldn’t always be able to tell which radicals make up a kanji without them telling you anyway. Like, um… ‘skin’ - it’s a ‘frog’ going down a ‘slide’, but could also be ‘stool’, ‘mullet’ and ‘stick’.

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Congratulations! How long have you been serving the crabigator to get to this point?

I’m at 46k reviews at level 15. My accuracy isn’t that great… I don’t study any of these items outside of WaniKani and sometimes I do reviews when I’m stressed tired or something like that. So I guess by level 35 I’ll have more than 100.000 reviews because I have to repeat my items more often. By then, my leeches will probably have sucked all the joy out of my life but well… whatever. :smiley:


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I tend to only get radicals wrong when Koichi’s name for it sucks, because I can never wrap my head around what he’s looking at when he names it. Luckily, I can give it my own name, but I still need to guess it once before I can do that…

Holly cow, I’m not even 10% of the way there :rofl:

wani kani


Radical reviewers separated at birth.


I might reach 100k reviews in the next 2 months :thinking:


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Wow how is everyone so accurate… I thought I usually do well, but then would have a bad session with like 67%…

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Well my accuracy is currently decreasing slowly since the words are getting much harder. I found the first 20 levels rather manageable and had little problem but I bet my accuracy wont stay like this for long. I always have at least one or two failed items these days during reviews. I wouldn’t say your accuracy is poor so keep it going!

Eh, don’t worry about mistakes too much. Some people are just better at memorizing information immediately than others. Like between @Vanilla and @jprspereira I probably have the lowest percent accuracy (especially vocabulary) but I can keep up a similar seven day level up schedule. So long as your workload is manageable and you can learn at a satisfactory pace, mistakes and just things you do to learn the information. No real difference than, for example, writing leaches on sticky notes.

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How are you able to be that accurate. My vocab is somewhere in the nineties and I can’t seem to budge any of them.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I am pretty good at memorisation, but Japanese vocab hits me hard very often. Very similarly looking kanji or having different endings, so I am not sure if its to ride or to get a ride, etc. So while my kanji and radicals have been getting better unless its a leech, vocabs are usually the ones I fail on…