Accuracy screenshots

Why would it be? I failed at 田 when answering rice filed instead of paddy (or vice versa, don’t remember). Radicals are out to get you. It’s in their nature…

how to get this screen shot?


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haha yes. book. see? I’m even getting the basics wrong trying to explain it

Oh my god. Stupid rice field and rice paddy. I just added the synonym. It drove me insane




Not great, but I do a lot of reviews on my phone or tablet and in the beginning got a lot of typos. Now I’ve learnt to be careful with 3- and 4-letter words :smiley:

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Just posting to be like all the cool kids, though mine’s pretty meaningless since I’ve only been reviewing levels 1-3 for the past 4 months…

I do virtually all my reviews on my phone too. Perhaps I should stop :confused:.


…yep, i’m real bad at remembering stuff

For those feeling insecure about their accuracy, don’t. Not everyone started learning Japanese with WK.


I snipped a bit more than the rest because I find context cool too. Although I can see everyone’s level now, in a month people will hopefully have leveled and these stats won’t be in context. I could get that average level-up down more, but I do no wanikani on weekends. I should change that.


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Oh, maybe I should have pointed that out. I still recognize* a lot of kanji from before I started WK, so my accuracy isn’t too surprising.

*by recognise I mean I have at least an idea of its use, which makes it much easier to learn. Often there are a few kanji per level for which I already know the meaning but I don’t remember many of the readings anymore.


I have tons of leeches that I haven’t really had the energy to try to… un-leech :stuck_out_tongue:
Recently I’ve been trying to go faster during reviews, so I get more wrong, but I find it more useful for me… so far. I’ll get to check more of the meanings of words/kanji that don’t come naturally to me.

I’m still dealing with the mess I created on my first levels by reviewing mainly on mobile, it’s not nice :frowning:

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I think I have done about 5 reviews ever on mobile in total and ran out of there as fast as possible.

And speaking of messes…



I’m one of the folks who started learning Japanese with WK. ^^ I’m not terribly careful when I do my reviews, either. I either make a mistake from not thinking while I type or mark it wrong if I don’t think of the answer right away, but I get through my review sessions really quickly, too.

In lower levels, I used to have around 92% accuracy, but now there are so many similar looking kanji that I confuse all the time. sighs I also haven’t bothered to distinguish between the leeches so they keep coming back, too. Blep. (I have done more reviews than Lvl 60 @polv, tehehehe!)

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More than 10% diference from pronunciation to meaning, any advise in how to improve that?

I posted this in another thread at about level 27.

At about level 34 it was really getting rough. All the easy burns ( like “dog” and “rain” and such) were gone. Apprentice items often were 150+ and guru items 600+ (it used to be 60-90 apprentice and 300-500 guru). I was sure accuracy had gone down. To my surprise it’s still about the same.


Vocabs is slightly down and kanji is slightly up. Maybe all that writing practise I’ve been doing lately is showing results.

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Maybe make your own mnemonics if the ones provided aren’t working for you. I do this a lot!

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The sooner you take care of what you’re getting wrong, the best. Always review the items you got wrong after your review sessions :slight_smile: