70's-90's Japanese Music

A favorite of mine.


Yes! I LOVE Japanese Music.
Here’s one of my favorite The Yellow Monkey songs! :smiley:


i feel a connection to Asia in this era (early 80s - early 90s) and music is a way to express things unseen :ghost::skull::alien:

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Here’s some of my favorites from Iwai Yukiko (aka Yuuyu)

25セントの満月: (Who knew idol pop + ska made a good combination?)



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Let’s keep this thread going guys! Here’s some songs from Hikashu:

I can’t really do better than what I posted in the general Japanese music thread.

There’s some overlap with what other’s have mentioned, but this thread is still lacking some:

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These City Pop mixtapes are INSANE

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let’s get proggy

Aaah, so happy to find this thread.

Let me start with this!


I used to watch the movie as a kid. The melody is so reminiscing!

We’re very happy to have you! That reminds me, I haven’t posted here in a while.

Here’s Piper’s Summer Breeze

and Pizzicato Five’s Bossanova


Oh man that’s straight funky. I love it!

I don’t generally like Japanese Music, but when I do listen to Japanese music, it’s gotta be Yellow Magic Orchestra:

You may have known about this band then. Sketch Show by the same two members. It’s easier on my ears. xD

Didn’t know about that. Neat!

Plastic Love is a straight banger, I love that cowbell. I think the single version has a more focused mix than the long version though. If I’m not mistaken it was written by Tatsuro Yamashita who I think was Mariya Takeuchi’s husband. Here’s one of my favorites of his:

I like city pop but it took me a while to get into its cheesiness.

I’d love to discover some 60’s Japanese music besides the obvious Ue O Muite Arukou.


OMG How did I never know this?! Either of these facts?! That’s amazing!

Just checked, you’re completely right.

*still is

I love Tatsuro Yamashita! He can be super cheesy for sure, but I just love that about him. The lyrics on some of his songs on Big Wave are some of my favourite lyrics.

Okay this is probably the third time I’ve posted Magic Ways on this forum, but I haven’t posted it in this thread yet:

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I love old japanese stuff ! Somebody already posted 黄昏のBAYCITY(Tasogare no Bay City) by Junko Yagami which is my favorie so there’s that but here’s some others songs :

And… oh well, I don’t know if it fits the topic’s theme but anybody who went to Japan has crossed this song at least one time, it was sung in '99 so it barely fits in the timeframe at least !

Don-don-don-donkii-donkiihotteee. ♫

Hope you’ll like it !

Oh man… last time I was in Osaka I was digging through record bins, looking for these two. But I had to settle for the CDs instead. The way they order their music was super confusing but next time I head back I’m gonna give it another crack.

they sing in English but
Flower Travellin’ Band have some interesting stuff

there’s also Speed, Glue & Shinki