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I’m going to go out on a limb and assume there are a lot of people who enjoy singing karaoke. I just wanted to share a project I finished recently with a Japanese singer named Azusa Mone (梓 文音) from Japan’s Victor Records (JVC). I directed, shot, and edited her karaoke music video for her song ありがとうの花束 (Arigatou no hanataba - Thank you bouquet) that’s available through places that have the Joysound karaoke database. I was able to read the Kanji for bouquet thanks to Wanikani.

Aside from it being a good song and somewhat anonymous self promotion, the lyrics are actually fairly easy to understand so I thought it would be good practice for many of us learners. The tempo isn’t too fast and the pronunciation is clear so I bet many of you can understand most of what’s being said and with the words over top of the video you can follow along with by reading the kanji. I was fairly surprised at how much I could understand. I remember learning the kanji for bundle (束 - taba) and wondering when I would ever use a kanji meant for a bundle of sticks. Then I saw this title and immediately understood it meant bouquet.

This is the version with the vocals. Check it out and let me know what you think.

梓 文音 - ありがとうの花束 (Azusa Mone - Arigatou no hanataba)

I hoped that there would be more music lovers posting in this thread, but I suppose not.

What other artists do you like, and what tricks or interesting things have you learned/picked up about Japanese language? Do you feel as if your listening and pronunciation have improved? What artist(s) is/are the easiest to understand?

I’m kind of old school, so I still listen to the “modern classics,” if one will, like Judy&Mary, PUFFY, 浜崎あゆみ、安室奈美恵(あむろなみえ)、Polysics, etc. I also enjoy a lot of J-INDIES, because there are so many interesting colliquial liguistic items used.

What artists do other people like?

Most people seem to use this thread for discussing Japanese music, but you might also try these:


Thank you! That’s very helpful.

I’m with you on some of the modern classics so to speak. I don’t listen to much Japanese music but I like Amuro Namie and Utada Hikaru. I’ve learned that, as in English, artists are a bit more flexible with their pronunciation when singing lyrics so a word that you are used to hearing one way might sound a bit different. I posted the song I did, not only because I shot the video but because the lyrics and the pronunciation of them are easy to understand. I can pretty much understand the full thing and I think it would help others to listen to it and sing it.

This site aims to help learners learn different languages through lyrics

Maybe I should have posted this in one of those threads.

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