Burn Notice

I know I haven’t broken any land speed records, but I am curious how long on average after starting WaniKani do the first items to be burned tend to occur? Alternatively, at what level? I knew certain radicals and kanji before I started WaniKani, so I would have thought those would have been burned long before now. By the same token, I’m glad that at last some have finally moved into the burned column, with the expectation that others will follow in the weeks and months ahead.

The minimum time needed for an item to burn is 6 months. What level you’re on depends greatly on your speed. People who level-up at average speed seem to experience first burn at around level 25.


Thanks. I joined June 26th, so it’s been 181 days (i.e., 6 months). I’m only at level 9, but I’m comfortable with that.


By my calculation, to have your first burn reviews not show up until level 25 you’d have to go around 7 days per level, which is certainly not average speed.


if you look at the page for one of the first radicals you learned that you know you always got right then at the very bottom of the page it will tell you when your next review is. I joined on Sept 11 and it says 2 months for my first radicals. So I’m guessing about March 11 for the ones I never got wrong. Then some radicals about a week or two later hopefully.

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