4500 Japanese sentences ebook Key for first 500

Hi all,

I just bought the 4500 Sentences ebook from the Tofugu yearly sale. I noticed some older posts on this forum mentioning an answer key some folks developed for the first 500 sentences, but the link did not work anymore. Anyone still have this resource? I’m aware that some think this defeats the purpose of the exercise. I still want it, sorry.


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I don’t have a key, but I got this file too. I plan to translate few (3-5) per day starting this evening. Maybe we can buddy up. I’m not a hurry though, just want to establish a routine.

Can anybody who did it make a comment on these sentences? Were they useful? I would like to know before buying them. Thank you


I’m struggling with my absolute beginner level. I made a pass at translation of the first one, and then google corrected me to common vocab which is not on WK. As the for second one, I plan to ask on forums, since I have gazilion of wild guesses to it, and google is no help.

Here two first examples, I don't want to share more since it's tofugu copyright:
  1. 今日私は一日中家にいる。
    Here what I missed was that 一日中 means “all day” (so “all day long” in English is “all day middle” in Japanese :slight_smile:

  2. あなたの事を思い出しています。
    My wild guess that it means: “I remember your situation” as in “I did not forget about you ans your troubles”, but Google just says “I remember you”.

There are many old posts discussing 4500 sentences, I got tired reading them. My goal is to to build a habit of translating little bit every day.

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Found this:
Tofugu 500 Sentences Community Translation


Seems like those sentences are directed towards level 20 and above (written in an email I just got about tofugu sale) so it might be a pain to do it right now. I’ll myself do it after that to be sure I’m prepared enough, but good luck to you anyway!

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Just keep working at it! Also sometimes there are grammar rules to take into consideration so keep that in mind…

Other resources besides google translate: https://ichi.moe and https://jisho.org.

Good luck!


Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. I think I will buy them now that they are on sale.

I actually really like it. I would suggest that you study grammar in tandem. Its meant for you to work on it bit by bit albeit consistently, so I like that its separated in 500 sentence chunks. I’m already in a habit of writing/breaking down atleast 15 sentences a day, so this helps me with language production & recognition. If you’re someone who learns well from patterns, you can definitely go through and highlight particles, forms of speech, etc so you can begin to gain familiarity with sentence structure. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer. I do like studying with patterns and I am doing bunpro aswell (level 31) so I think I’m going to give it a try. Happy Christmas! by the way.