Tofugu 4500 Sentences, but no basic answer key?

Just picked up Tofugu’s 4500 Sentences on sale, but surprised there were no answer keys at all.

I did read on the ad just now for the product…

“If you’re stuck and can’t figure out the solution quickly, move on. If you’re too confused, move on. Your goal is to translate anything that’s at your current ability level or slightly above it.”

However, it would be nice just to see the general translation (even though many can be translated different ways), in case you want to refer to it. Because many times I know 90% of the sentence meaning, but there is a nuance I am curious if I am right about. I could post a questions online, but not worth the effort when your just trying to translate as many as possible (unless its something your dying to know). Besides there are many other sentence translations resources available for that, like Anki sentence decks, etc.

Still it would be nice to see one as a quick reference as you go.



That’s the whole premise though, to translate without having an answer

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But surely you’d like to see a proper translation after having a go at it? :sweat_smile:
I mean, how else would you know that you didn’t completely butcher the original text?


Well the first 500 sentences is the same as the free 500 sentences and were translated by the community here:


The idea isn’t that you explicitly learn from the sentences, the idea is to practice so much that it feels natural.


I think the earlier you can get used to the fact that you don’t always have an “answer”, the better.


Post your translations on hellotalk and watch bilingual native speakers debate how right you were

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