Tofugu's 4500 sentences

Hello everyone!!

I read through the forum to see everyone’s opinions on Tofugu’s 4500 sentences, and saw the last topic was from some time ago, with many people saying they intend to use it in the future.

So I was wondering, what are your experiences with the 4500 sentences now? Has it been useful?

In addition, I cannot seem to find the first 500 sentences anymore. Were they deleted?


I purchased it a while back when I was first starting to study Japanese. I was really difficult for me at the time, so I eventually lost motivation to finish making translations.

Beside sentence mining for vocabulary, there’s not much else I could do with them now. I think for some learners they could be used to study how sentences are built by using 4500 sentences as a basic guide.

I’m not sure what you mean by not being able to find the first 500 sentences. But I’m assuming that you’re referring to the thread where people had worked together to solve them as a community? If that’s the case, there’s this link. If you’re referring to the document you purchased from Tofugu, then it’s probably best to contact them directly.


The link in that thread is dead. The link to the next 140 is still up, though, so one can still try a sample.
Obviously, one could just read through the thread to find said sentences as well, but it’s much less convenient

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I’m aware it’s a dead thread. It was dead when I had found it back when I first purchased 4500 sentences three years ago. I included it because my version of the 4500 sentences started with the first 500 mentioned in the thread. I was assuming that the original 500 sentences that were created just integrated the initial 500 sentences (document?) that was being sold or distributed rather than creating 500 new ones. Especially since the thread had “500 sentences” (not “4500 sentences” in it’s title).

I see! Thank you!

At some point the first 500 were up as a preview, but the link doesn’t work anymore, that’s why I asked😃

@Naphthalene thank you! I was afraid going through the thread would be the only option! That’s fine though, then I know I can stop looking


This is the undead link

I bought it last year and found it useful. I just quickly translated it to my native language. If the next sentence is too difficult I just skip it. I haven’t finished translating all sentences though. WK is one of my first priorities.

ps. This is not intended as a direct reply for OP or any other posters above, but you can consider this as one of reviews if you want to get it at a special price soon. Though if you’re from the future and found the price $39.99 I can only say しょうがない。

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