TOFUGU 4500 Japanese Sentences

As the PDF suggested, the person doing the grammar should focus on quantity over quality. I am aiming to finish the whole book in 6 months, so subtracting from today, it calculates to 30 grammar sentences each day for 6 months which totals up to a total of 4500 sentences. Feel free to correct my sentences as I go or participating in completing the book.

  1. いる:to be/to exist
    今日は私は一日中家にいる: Today I will stay at home the whole day
  2. 事:thing
    あなたの事を思い出しています: I remember you
  3. その:that thing (name) over there (close to you)
    その人形に名前はありますか: did you name that doll?
  4. する:to do
    お絵かきをするのが昔からだいすきでした:I have loved painting pictures for a long time
  5. それ: that thing (unnamed)
    それはイカのそ足ですよね:those things are the squids legs, you know
  6. もの:thing
    うちの家は物で溢れかえっている:your house is overflowing with things?
  7. ある:to have
    カレー粉は家にあるの:do you have curry-powder at your house?
  8. そう:??
    そういいう言い訳が一番嫌い: ??
  9. 一:one
    折り紙を一枚ください:one origami please
  10. ない:not have/negative short form
    白髪はまだ一本もない: I don’t have a single white hair (on my head)
  11. 二:two
    二階で熊を飼っています:there is a bear being kept at the second floor
  12. 達:pluralizing word
    あなた達はまだ未成年でしょう:you guys are probably still minors
  13. 自分:myself
    自分の名前も思い出せない:Even I cannot remember my name
  14. 何:what
    何をしようとしてたのか忘れました:I forgot what we did ??
  15. 私:i
    私はマフイアの一員です: I am a member of the mafia
  16. 言う:to say
    猿が「アイスクリームをくれ」と僕に言いました: “come get the ice cream” I told the monkey
  17. 人:person
    人はどうして生まれ、死んでいくのだろう:why are people born, when they just die.
  18. 見る:to see
    19: ~さん:name ender
    森さんは、どちらのご出身ですか:mori-san, which country where you born? (polite)
  19. これ:this (unnamed)
    これはホッカイロといいます:this is called hokkairo : heat pad
  20. 顔: face
    顔にデッカイホクロがわたしの特徴です:the massive mole in my face is my special feature
  21. いい:good
    いいこともあれば、悪いこともある:good things and bad things happen concurrently
  22. 彼:he
    彼は独学で日本語を勉強しています:he is doing self study for Japanese
  23. なる:to become
    彼には映画監督になるという夢があります: his dream is to become a movie director.
  24. 目:eyes
    目は一重で黒目部分は小さいです:the eyes have small black portion layer (??_
  25. 声:voice
    君の声は高くもないし低くもないね:you can’t neither raise or lower your voice can you?
  26. て:arm
    指は細くて長く、綺麗な手をしています:fingers that are long and thin are beautiful hands
  27. どう:how
    どうすれば、この気持ちを抑えられるのだろう:how do i control my feelings (??)
  28. 中:middle
    奴のポケットの中には銃が入っているかもしれない:that guy probably has a gun inside of his pockets
  29. 前:front
    腹が減っている時に目の前にケーキを出されたら食べるしかないだろう:when I am hungry, all i see is cake in front of me and I have to eat it.

The next 30 will come tomorrow.


Was this free? Otherwise, I don’t think you should just share them.


Yeah, that‘s correct. Those 4500 sentence aren‘t free. One can buy them in the tofugu shop. Maybe a solution to still seek for hell and tips is sinply posting 30 sentences a day with questions and whatever and delete the post after one day? :thinking: might this be a legal possibility?

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Iirc the first 500 were released free of charge.


You could still get all the sentences for free, so I don’t think so.

Maybe post the translations but not the original sentences?

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I dont have the pdf but I think that they made their own sentences using each word in the pdf.

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I think you’re right. :sweat_smile:

Wait, no. I think it’s their translation, but Tofugu’s sentences.

Whoa, that’s a lot! We’ve taken 4,500 of the most common Japanese words and made sentences based off them. This workbook contains a space for you to write the translation of a word, as well as the translation of the sentence too.


I just emailed Tofugu awaiting a reply. Depending on what he will say, I will act accordingly.

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I do know that translations for the first 500 are on the forum. I remember seeing them when I was doing some of the translations for the 4500 sentences. The posters put up both the sentences and translations, so there’s a least a precedent for the first 500. I’m sure there are other postings with translations for the first 500 besides this link if you search.

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