4500 sentences

I see there is a huge discount, and I’m curious about the 4500 sentencee that tofugu is selling.

Any idea what level the sentences are around, like n3 - n5?


@Oshin - You’re the only one I know off the top of my head that bought them. Do you have any opinion on the approximate N level? ^^

Intermediate and up.

It should hurt a bit.

Those two were two things I remember took from 4500. Ok. One more for bonus

Just do your best.

As per N and OP related question, I suggest to read my first line recursively. I’m here just because of Omun. I actually read this thread before but really quiet. I’ve never once in my life regretted to have 4500 as one of my samurai invaluable native Japanese collections.

And mimicking @saruko’s English, I, too, love @mamimumason sensei and I hope sensei is ok with what I answered here. Insert my Japanese bow here for Sensei.

kucing miring


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