2100 KaniWani reviews

a few more scripts you didn’t list i find super useful:
Pitch Info - tells you the intonation of the word. super useful to pronounce correctly. e.g. 箸 HAshi chopsticks goes down, 橋 haSHI bridge goes up.
By the way, the large majority of words goes up on the second syllable. And in my experience many of the words that go down have a sort of superiority element, like justice (coming from up high, going down on people), definition, 非難 criticism, etc.
Katakana Madness - makes onyomi readings in katakana. super useful to know when WK expects onyomi and when kunyomi. also practices katakana.
Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition - tells you which part of the kanji is responsible for the pronunciation. often shows you how many kanji with the same radical have the same pronunciation, like everything with 官 is pronounced kan.
Example Sentences - more example sentences
Font randomizer - practice reading different fonts and handwriting. just don’t install armed banana, it’s super ugly and annoying, and not even good practice. i don’t currently use this because Armed Banana annoyed me, and i can read handwriting pretty well. i should use it again though.
Stroke Order Diagram - i don’t look at it too often, i’ll learn writing later, but still sometimes nice
Lesson Hover Details - see how many of the lessons are kanji/radicals/vocab
More Hotkeys - play Kenichi’s audio with Shift+J (female audio still on J)

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