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Starting date: June 22nd

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Reading Schedule

  • I tried to aim for logical breaks in the flow, so the last sentence might not be the last sentence of the page but the last sentence before a break.
  • Breaks aren’t evenly spaced. At all. Page count varies wildly from a week to the next, but should remain in a reasonable range.
  • To prevent weeks from having too few or too many pages, we will sometimes keep reading past the end of a chapter into the next.

Click to see schedule
Week Start Date Chapter Until page (last sentence)
Week 1 June 22nd Prologue/Chapter 1 (1/3) p.16 (おかしいのは涼宮ハルヒの頭のほうさ)
Week 2 June 29th Chapter 1 (2/3) p.32 (そっぽを向き、この日の会話、終了。)
Week 3 July 6th Chapter 1 (3/3) p.46 (痛む後頭部がよからぬ予感を告げていた。)
(Break) July 13th - -
Week 4 July 20th Chapter 2 (1/4) p.65 ([…]命の雄叫びを上げたのだった。)
Week 5 July 27th Chapter 2 (2/4) p.82 (悪事の前段階。)
Week 6 August 3rd Chapter 2 (3/4) p.96 (それはそれで見てみたいような気もする。)
Week 7 August 10th Chapter 2 (4/4)/Chapter 3 (1/3) p.111 (これで長門がいなかったら笑ってやる。)
Week 8 August 17th Chapter 3 (2/3) p.126 (まあ、せっかくだし読んでみるのもいいかな。)
Week 9 August 24th Chapter 3 (3/3) p.137 (俺の観賞用にしておこう。)
Week 10 August 31st Chapter 4 (1/2) p.153 (まだやるつもりかよ。)
Week 11 September 7th Chapter 4 (2/2)/Chapter 5 (1/3) p.171 (当然、中身は冷たいままだった。)
Week 12 September 14th Chapter 5 (2/3) p.185 (???​??) *
Week 13 September 21st Chapter 5 (3/3) p.203 (そうでなくても、俺はまたまた懸案事項を抱えているんだからな。)
Week 14 September 28th Chapter 6 (1/3) p.218 (合間の休み時間に食ったけどな。)
Week 15 October 5th Chapter 6 (2/3) p.236 ([…]俺は全然驚かなかった。)
Week 16 October 12th Chapter 6 (3/3) p.249 ([…]俺はさっさと自宅に戻った。)
Week 17 October 19th Chapter 7 (1/3) p.265 (まどろみ数分、俺は寝付きよく眠りに落ちた。)
Week 18 October 26th Chapter 7 (2/3) p.279 (青い光が窓の枠内を埋め尽くしていた。)
Week 19 November 2nd Chapter 7 (3/3)/ Epilogue p.300

* A slightly weird cut (for maximum cliffhangering).

Read Aloud Sessions

Right now we have two teams reading at different times.
Team West - Saturdays @various times (see spreadsheet)
Team Japan - TBD

Sign up in the spreadsheet with your timezone in GMT, and join us!

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapter(s) and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun!

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So that 33 page count for week 3 is intended? It’s the only outlier in that direction, but there are a couple weeks with 10 or so pages.

Are there lots of pictures or just no good way to break these up?

I don’t know how well I’ll be able to keep up with Haruhi anyhow, seeing as I will be concentrating on konbini mainly, just curious. :slight_smile:


Yeah, 33 is scary. I’d rather have an awkward break point and give part of that to week 3, which is only 17 pages. Especially since it’s early on, I fear that getting behind in that week will guarantee I never catch up.

Maybe we can just add an extra week there. So don’t even shift the pages, just split it into two weeks roughly in half. That would be much better I think.


I missed one week when I wrote down my notes. I was surprised to see 19 weeks, since I counted 20… Now I know why.
I’ll fix it later, nobody panics!


Alright, @seanblue @Belerith I fixed the table. Panic is cancelled.

Except if you want to panic at the idea that it will take until November to read this book :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s a long time. :sweat_smile:


I might consider it. :thinking:

Thanks for fixing it so fast! :wink: glad it was something so reasonable.

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We have only just over a quarter of the people saying they will read compared to Kino. :confused:


I think Kino had a high turn out because it had been consistently second and third place in the Beginner’s club, so there was a bit of overlap there, possibly?
Meanwhile Haruhi has never been nominated in the Beginner’s club and may be a little more challenging than Kino (haven’t started reading Haruhi yet).

To be honest, if I wasn’t familiar with Haruhi already, I probably wouldn’t be reading in the Intermediate book club (I was only keen on Kino because Kino looks cute and it was ranking so highly in the votes for the Beginner book club).


Also, a lot of the people who voted that they would read Kino eventually dropped out. On the other hand, I see mostly “veteran” readers here, so I feel we can expect them to get to the finishing line. In that sense, I feel like we may get the same number of readers in the end.


Hope there’s not too many gun descriptions of. :confused:


Probably just descriptions of aliens and other weird supernaturally things. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll take that over guns any day.


Just wait until you find a phrase like 腕としての銃のある宇宙人 (an alien with guns as arms). I have no idea if that’s a reasonable way to say that though. :sweat_smile: (Maybe something with かわり or entirely different would be more appropriate. Don’t ask me, I don’t write things.)


Well at least that would be an alien gun and probably worthy of a description versus a regular gun with a half page description. :unamused:


Stopping by to say hii! This is my first time book clubbing on WK. I’ll try to make lots of noise to make up for the smaller number of readers :wink:


Hi! Nice to have you on board! Please do!

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Against my better judgment I am reluctantly aboard - inasmuch as I bought the book. I should really set some reminders on my phone. Maybe I should delay starting Tsuki no Kage part 2? Or start it and pause. Dunno if I can sustain that. Whichever one makes me more excited is probably the one I will read… I can’t bear to read at home - I have to make an outing of it once a week to get the page count in.

in summary, i do not have faith that I will diligently apply apply myself to the schedule (i think i could promise to progress 5 pages a week for this book, max), but for the time being… yoroshiku Fingers crossed that I may surprise myself.