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月刊少女野崎くん (9)

月刊少女野崎くん Book Club

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Week Start Date Chapter
Week 1 March 4th 80-81
Week 2 March 11th 82-83
Week 3 March 18th 84-85
Week 4 March 25th 86-87
Week 5 April 1st 88 and Bonus



月刊少女野崎くん :paintbrush:

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(Will double check chapters and such when I get the chance!)


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Alright y’all! First two chapters this week! I’ll probably get around to it on Tuesday or Wednesday! Looking forward to it!

(Edit, probably tomorrow or Friday cause I left my bag with my book at my friends place!)


It’s been a while since I’ve studied any Japanese and since I like GSNK, I figure this is a good way to get my feet wet. I read the first half of chapter 1 today, I’ve definitely read this chapter of the manga before (in English), but it’s a nice fun read with a couple new vocab words. I’d be happy to update the spreadsheet with vocab, but I didn’t see a page/sheet for volume 9 yet and didn’t want to mess up any formatting.


Hello Hello Hello and Welcome!!!

Super happy to have you on board, the more the merrier on the GSNK train! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the first chapter of the volume, especially as your return to Japanese!

As for the vocabulary sheets… I’ll be honest, I took over the thread posting for this book club around volume 6, but I’ve never used/made the vocab sheets, but I’ve included them since they were part of the original formatting for the first five volumes. In all honesty, I’ve never even looked at them until you mentioned them… :sweat_smile:

That said, if people are down to update them/think it would be helpful, we could go back to updating them! What do you all think?!


I am not a fan of vocabulary sheets. I believe it is only helpful to set one up for ABBC, the very first volume of a manga or handwritten texts. Nozaki-kun has some handwritten text but they are not as tricky and eventually I figure them out or ask others. Create a poll, maybe?


What do y’all think about using the vocabulary sheets?

  • I want to use it!
  • I’ll use it if it exists, but I’m probably not going to add any words
  • Even if it exists, I still probably won’t use it
  • I actively think it isn’t worth our time
  • Other
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Can’t wait to read y’alls thoughts on this weeks chapters and see the results of the poll! Again I’ll be coming in a bit later once I get my book copy back! :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t always use vocab lists myself, but creating them is not much trouble and if someone is willing to fill them it could be beneficial at least to that person (as a review).


Ahh its great to be back reading Nozaki, I don’t read a lot of 4-koma but this one never fails to bring a smile to my face!

Chapter 80

A bit of a technical chapter this time, particularly with all of the different scenarios and conversation topics they went through. I never thought I would learn what a 守護霊 was, especially through Nozaki of all places!

We also a couple of nice Nozaki/Chiyo moments, so that was swell!

Chapter 81

I have one huge complaint about this chapter!!!

It wasn’t long enough! I wanted more! I love it whenever Mikoshiba and Mayu are together, and Wakamatsu brings a great naivety to the group!

I swear I could have read an entire volume of Mikoshiba, Mayu, and Wakamatsu trying to play Galge/otome games. Honestly I love whenever they do game chapters in GSNK, but this group might be my favorite! I remembered this chapter from reading in English ages ago, but I was still happy to see them win the taikai lol

Also, Mikoshiba just looking over his games… “巨乳が好きなのかな…” :joy:

Great chapters, especially chapter 81!!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. Also if people do do a vocab sheets, these chapters offer some WILD new vocab words!


Just finished 82 and 83!

83 was really solid it had a fun premise about the drama club’s improv day and had some cute moments for Horikashi and Nozakura (no idea if that’s the ship name but there we go!

However, 82 was… probably the most I’ve ever laughed reading a manga. Just complete non-stop jokes: the poses, the rolling, the feeling sick comparisons,the surprse fighting game detour, Fighting games versus dating games, Sakura’s face when the picture didn’t load, the conversations and then Hori’s reaction to everything. An absolute blast of a chapter!!!

Send me your favorite panels, especially from 82!

Also, it looks like most people are eh on the vocab sheets so we will probably just pass on it!

Chapter 82

What a hilarious chapter

Rolling while eating snacks and talking, great recipe for a coughing fit :joy:

… and also preparation for college life, it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

Nozaki’s misunderstanding the fighting game for a VN is just :rofl:

Here it is



YES!! I was gonna say that one too :joy:

The way he assumed it was their fault teaching her bad things hahaha, foul move


I also liked devious Kashima)

From ch. 83



Thanks for sharing all your favorite parts from the last section! Its a great way to relive and increases enjoyment! I’ll try to post more pictures going forward, though they might look strange since I’m on paperback lol :sweat_smile:

85 and 86 this week! I have business trips over the next two days so I should be able to get to them on Wednesday!


Paperback pictures are just as welcome!! Haha

Is it 85 & 86? Or 84 & 85? Maybe the chapter numbers got accidentally messed up, after last volume numbers were different than expected. It looks like this volume has chapter 80-88 and a bonus chapter


Just checked and you are 100% right! My bad!

This week is 84 and 85!


No worries, thanks!!


Finished 84 and 85!

Both chapters were solid! 84 had a ton of slapstick and some great paneling, which was really great. I’ll add some pictures later when I get the chance!

85 was a little more hit or miss for me, but TANUKI YAROU and the realization that Koishiyo is so shallow made me laugh


For 85 it was so funny to me that they called a highschooler and a college student to write an office adult worker manga


Two great chapters this week!


This chapter has two of my favorite jokes from the entire series in it. One is not on that made me laugh, but just makes me smile. Casting the table tennis club as a culture club is a joke I use all the time with my table tennis club kids, so that always has stuck with me.

[spoiler]But one of my favorite jokes of the entire series… ends like this:

Literally I laugh every time I read it. Not sure why but to me its hilarious![/spoiler]

87: A really really cute HoriKashi (with a hint of Mikoshiba) chapter! Seeing Kashima in all the different outfits is great, and Hori’s realization at the end has me convinced Horikashi must be endgame!