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Week Start Date Chapter Pages
Week 1 November 19th 61-62 3-30
Week 2 November 26th 63-64 31-61
Week 3 December 3rd 65-66 62-89
Week 4 December 10th 67-68 90-117
Week 5 December 17th 69-70 118-146



月刊少女野崎くん :paintbrush:

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Our goal is the first two chapters this week! I’ll probably read them and post about them later today! Excited to be back!

Also, if anyone is like me and in several book clubs (and also uses userscripts), then I highly recommend this script!


Finished with the chapters for this week! I’m definitely getting faster at reading!

Chapter 61

Ahh, a good old back-to-basics chapter. This oddly feels like it could have definitely come form the first volume, since its basically Sakura and Nozaki with a brief appearance from Mikoshiba, and deals with a particular oddity of making long-running manga, something Tsubaki-sensei has plenty of experience with!

Also, had a great language-learning moment where a word I did for my recent reviews, 詐欺 appeared as a punchline in the chapter! It pays to study!

Chapter 62

61 was a bit more bare bones and reestablished the concept, where here in 62 we are just going to get all of the main cast involved! Really really funny chapter, loved how Hori has figured out who is who in Lets Love, and the punchline with asking for Nozaki to listen in was funny. Great establishment of characters, and kind of moved the story along (since Hori is learning information the others don’t have, maybe that will come up later!)

62 was a great chapter to come back to, can’t wait to hear what y’all think!!

Chapter 61

What a hilarious chapter.

Nozaki and Sakura coordinating by phone to talk by cable cup XD

The perfectly natural way to talk in a flip-flop phone XD

Chapter 61

I love when that happens, it’s always the best!! The sheer joy it brings :relieved:


63 and 64 this week! Is everyone good with the pace or should we slow down??


Oh wow a completely Miyako-focused chapter! Rare but always appreicated!!

Best panels/punch lines for this are definitely the Tanuki love diagram, the sign, the camera offering, the drop, and especially the photograph editing at the end!


I recently gained a bunch of weight and have been dieting and exercising so this chapter felt veeeerrrrrryyyy targeted at me haha. Good motivation for me to be more healthy, this is a sign!!

Chapter 63

This just enforces my impression that Miyako chapters are best chapters! Was hilarious.

Drunk-Miyako relationship diagrams FTW!

It will probably be worth a fortune in 10 years

Chapter 64

When reality hits :joy:


Lemme just right-click and save those!

Its… its so real…


(I know it’s at like the last second but) read 63 & 64 today!!


Loved both these chapters, the humor and absolutely bizarre situations continue to be hilarious haha. I really liked chapter 63, the way all of her friends are trying to help her not to drink. But I think the funniest is just how fervent and intense they are about it :joy: And Ryosuke now has a soft spot in my heart, he’s a pretty sweet character :’)

I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s good for me, thank you! After the fated JLPT tomorrow I’m hoping I’ll have more time for book clubs/reading anyways haha :smile:


Oh god I literally forgot about the JLPT being this weekend! No wonder!

And yes Ryosuke is a silly boy and very sweet!


Back for another week! Sorry my delays for posting and getting later and later in the week! Been working on a huge reading project that I’m trying to get finished by the end of the year! I’ll always have time for Nozaki though!


They play Kokkuri-san, Japanese Ouija! Very funny Kashima and Hori chapter that doesn’t focus on their romance, but does h

ave that crazy moment where Hori shows no hesitation at checking under Kashima’s skirt.

This makes me wish Astrology was a thing in Japan if only to read a bunch of chapters about Nozaki getting DEEP in astrology with everyone!



One of the biggest Seo/Waka chapters ever?! At least in my opinion. Like holy cow!!


Chapter 65

My favorite moment is when Chiyo snaps because her no-pan romantic delusion doesn’t come true :joy:

Chapter 66

Exactly! I was totally expecting that the image of embarrassed Seo-senpai would just happen in Waka’s imagination

It’s hilarious how quickly Waka gets used to randomly throwing love confessions at Seo for trolling, but then completely fails in the follow-up :joy:

But certainly it’s the first couple in this manga we’ve seen actually have some sort of progress!