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月刊少女野崎くん (3)

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Week 5 May 27 29 and 30 115-144


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Let the antics begin!!! :sparkles:


I don’t know if other people are still checking out the vocab sheet, but I created a new tab for volume 3 for now… I will start adding vocab as I’ve already read a few pages and had some new words pop up. For the pages, I’ll use the numbering corresponding to what’s in the table of contents (so the title page for chapter 21 is page 5, etc)

Ps. I’m loving the coloured pages of Kashima and Hori! The blue tones are amazing


Ken-san is the perfect straight man, he’s the only normal person in the cast of insane characters and exaggerated tropes hahaha


And we’re now up to chapter 23 and 24! (Sorry for the late update!)

@snowwater Thanks for doing that! I hadn’t been using the vocabulary list, but maybe I will start again. :thinking:

Still working on the end of chapter 22 myself, I happen to have an English translation of this volume, so I think I will see if I can use that to figure out some of the things that were puzzling me. I’ll try to report my progress!

@fyrember I think you mean Ken-san maybe? I love him. :joy: I’m glad we got a chapter from his perspective!


Yeah, I keep getting their names mixed up because of the 前 on both of them hahaha

Chapter 23 question

Hmm, I kind of get that Yuzuki is just laughing at the situation (she is crazy after all), but I cannot figure out what Wakamatsu is saying at the last panel - probably since I don’t understand the ズレてる bit. Can anyone clarify this for me? (Other panels for context, if it helps)

ch 23

ズレる refers to slipping out of alignment. So Waka’s wondering why she’s laughing where it’s inappropriate/unexpected to laugh. “Why are you that far out of alignment with the movie?! You should be scared, not finding this hilarious!” That sort of feeling.


Chapter 23 is a Yuzuki/Wakamatsu chapter!! Yay! I love Yuzuki so much. :joy:

favorite face of the chapter (so far)

Yuzuki’s wakuwaku face is so cute!


We had company for over a week so I was a little behind, but I finished chapters 22 & 23 today! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to read 24.

My favorite moments from 22

I agree with others, I love Ken-san haha. He makes me laugh, but then I also feel bad for him hahaha


Chapter 23

Yuzuki and Wakamatsu!! The way he just pASSES OUT (I think) after she sings a little hahaha, I love it

And then later on Sakura being so into the manga chapter based on them lol, gotta love the character dynamics!


Chapters 25 and 26 are now up for discussion!


Somehow got totally mixed up in IRL stuff that I didn’t realize Volume 3 had already started!! I’ll catch up after I get home!


Finally caught up! Thankfully my work is really, really casual this week cause of exams otherwise I would have stayed swamped. Now back on the weekly train and this train has no breaks! (Aside from maybe July)

My favorite chapter:I’m normally a big Hori/Kashima fan, but the chapter that had me laughing out loud the most was chapter 26! All of the misunderstandings and internal reactions had me cracking up. Especially how the friend chapter (forgot her name) kept just calling Sakura, Ribbon. Which chapters have been y’all’s favorite to read so far?

Happy with how much faster I can read these chapters and the understanding I have over them. This is really fun practice!


I’m a bit late as usual, but still around. For me, it’s hard to come back to read this sometimes with all the new bookclubs starting soon, my attention just goes all over the place. But I’ll definitely finish at least this volume.

Anyway, just finished chapter 24 and I also feel like I’m starting to be able to read a bit faster!

Also my fav page of chapter 24


@SeanBones I loved chapter 23! The 動物園 恐怖ツアー ticket at the end was so good. :joy: Also the dollhouse chapter, lots of really excellent absurdity in that one. :blush:

But yeah, chapter 26 is probably my favorite of this volume so far!

I think I’m starting to do a bit better, but this has been a bit frustrating for me at times. Since the humor is so absurd, sometimes it feels like I miss the joke just because I’m not certain if I’m comprehending correctly. And then checking it feels like having the joke explained, which is just not quite as fun.

@snowwater I was thinking of suggesting a longer break as a possibility between this one and volume 4, on account of the Ouran book club starting up. Do you think that might help?


If others are fine with it, then sure. I noticed that for volume 2, I lagged behind a bit during the last few weeks, but was able to catch up during the 2 weeks break, so that helped.


Chapters 27 and 28 are now up for discussion!

Also, polls for the next volume are up!


I’m definitely getting better at this! I read ten pages today without feeling like I got bogged down anywhere, and I also lol’d twice! (Page 99 and 102.) :blush: Feels good to be getting to a place where the manga is cracking me up the way the anime did when I first watched it!

Ch27 Ch28 spoilers

These two chapters were great.

All the misunderstandings with Nozaki’s obsession with Valetine Day were hilarious

Also Mikorin sending Nozaki and Sakura away because he’s too embarrassed to say he can’t get down the tree :joy:

Also #cutestPanel


Great chapters! I laughed a lot. :blush: I especially liked Nozaki doki’ing when Chiyo called out a mistake in his manga. :joy: And 気になる過去の男 (page 107) – baby Yuzuki!!!


I can’t believe we’re going to finish this volume next week!