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Week Start Date Chapter Pages
Week 1 January 8th 71-72 3-30
Week 2 January 15th 73-74 31-60
Week 3 January 22nd 75-76 61-88
Week 4 January 29th 77-78 89-116
Week 5 Febuary 5th 79-80 117-146



月刊少女野崎くん :paintbrush:

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Great first chapters to start off the new year!! あきおめ!


Ahhh!!! Lots of handwritten notes! One of my (many) weaknesses as a Japanese reader!

Overall, super solid chapter, getting to see what everyone puts into the idea box. The punchline that really got me was タヌキx13 hahaha.

A rough one (in terms of Japanese) for me to start off on, but that just encourages me to be better about my lookups this year!


Now this… this is what I am here for. the PLOT. lol jk But actually big developments. Mikorin learns about Waka and visa-versa, which changes the whole dynamic of the characters! (well, not all, but still its important!). And Sakura gets a big hug from Nozaki!!!

Great jokes include:

  • Seo thinking Waka is selling his body (my headcanon)
  • Sakura profusely thanking Waka and Mikorin after chastizing them

Great great great great great chapter!!!

And yeah if anyone has more lookup tips for manga I would love to hear it. Do people just write kanji on their phone? I use a kindle for reading books, but for manga I’ll just use context and painstakingly use screen capture to look them up. It is not very efficient so I don’t do it unless I really need to. Any quick resources? I don’t think I’m going to sentence mine, but I could be convinced I should?


Mokuro. There should be a thread about this one in the forums. Here it is: Mokuro: Read Japanese manga with selectable text inside a browser


I’ve read about that, but I’ve always shyed away due to being on a chromebook, and it seems very python heavy for a device that isn’t meant to use python? Since I usually read on a chromebook with the kindle app (weird I know), it seems like a lot of hassle. I’m jealous because Mokuro seems really really awesome just not fit for my situation? Am I mistaken and is it easier than I’m thinking it is/is it worth it to download python and the whole thing just to use it?

edit: nearly tore the hair out of my skull but I actually got it working!! Its annoying to set up and I can’t use it for everything, but I’ll try using it as a part of my studyflow!

Edit 2


Oh I fiddled around with it and got it working! Took a hell of a lot of trial and error but now it with Yomi-chan seems like the best way forward!! Sorry I forgot to update!! Do you just use it for loop-ups or do you do mining as well?


There are two ways to use mokuro. I am using Google Drive+ Google colab set-up. You need a folder named “manga” in your Google Drive, then upload the manga folders there, and run the colab. You can find the colab link here.
Btw, I recommend you use Yomichan add-on or its alternatives.


For me, reading comes first. While I enjoy learning new words, manga feels like too much fun to interrupt :sweat_smile: I use my mining set-up for movies and TV shows mostly. There are also prebuilt decks for many of them, which helps me learn new words without as much active mining.


This week is 73 and 74!~ But if you missed last week now is a great chance to catch up!!

(Also my medical stuff is over for now so I’ll be responsive and on time from here on out! Should have this weeks chapters done tomorrow!!)


Fun to see two chapters that are actually connected!

Chapter 74

LOL @ Wakamatsu attempt to “grade up” Yuzuki

The poor lad!


(Sorry for getting out of order and writing this late!!)

Chapters 71 & 72

I loved these both! Great chapters to start the volume hehe. I agree that the development in 72 was great, but I loved both chapters! It was fun to have a mix of development and then just dumb funne jokes.

The payoff of everyone putting the prompts in the box, and then the punchline after punchline as they pulled them out, that was hilarious hahaha.
And 72 was great, I just realized after reading your guys comments the reason why Sakura thanked them both at the end :joy: Love seeing all of them hanging out together hehe


@TheNerdyNova I’m glad you enjoyed the chapters! and that the ending made more sense afterwards!!

73 and 74

The chapters are a continuation this time, glad we got both of them in the same week! Lucky!!

Fantastic double chapter, with the first chapter giving us some wonderful Kashima moments, and the second really doubling down on the two men in Seo’s life, and how they completely misunderstand each other.

All of Waka’s punchlines in this chapter hit!

Also, now Ryousuke thinks Seo and Waka like each other, lets goooooooo! He already said he likes her to her in a previous chapter but she trying to ignore, how long can she last!?!


This week is 75 and 76! Great little chapters set around shojo manga tropes!


A great chapter, focusing on library related shojo manga tropes! Loved the punchlines with the letters in the book, and also when Sakura and Nozaki clearly had no idea what their library was like at all!


A Mayu chapter?!?! What a rare treat!!

The fact it is about Goukons is just serendipitous, because my wife’s best friend was talking to us yesterday about how she is going to her first goukon in years next month!

I can’t remember if someone mentioned it in these threads, but the idea that GSNK is full of couples, and Mikoshiba’s partner was supposed to be Nozaki’s younger sister named Mayu, but then Tsubaki sensei said she forgot that Mikoshiba is bad with girls so they made Mayu a boy is just perfect! (correct me if I’m mistaken though!)

Chapter 75

My favorite punchline is Chiyo going for the “accidental” hand touch when trying to grab the same book but totally failing due to her height :rofl:


I don’t think I had read about that before! That’s hilarious.


I don’t think I’ve heard that either. Thats awesome haha!

Chapter 25

The, “this person has checked out and read all the books before her!”, trope totally made me think of 耳をすませば, the Ghibli film. But I guess it’s just because that the only media I can remember actually using that :laughing:

Chapter 26

The last punchline was great, but my other favorite was when Mayu was just lazing about right there as they had a whole conversation in the beginning haha!


Yay, I’ve caught up with y’all, やった! (and now gonna mostly lurk and click clicky options in the polls, but still!)
And I wanted to say thanks for your comments. Sometimes when I just can’t get the punchline, they could be really helpful!
Also Mayu’s obsession with judo is totally adorable


Good job catching up! We’d love to hear your comments or questions whenever! If you feel like coming out of lurking that is :wink:

Yes! So cute, it’s the best. Kind of like his brother with manga :thinking: haha


Wait? Is that an actual trope? I’ve literally never seen it and haven’t seen that movie! I thought it was written to be like a trope so ridiculous it doesn’t actually happen lol.


Congratulations!!! Super glad to hear it!


Haha I know what you mean. Yeah, that film is the only one I’ve seen that I can think of, but maybe there are more. I guess that means I haven’t read enough Shoujo manga haha


Over halfway there! This week is 77 and 78! I’ll post about them tomorrow!!


I should share this thread here before I forget (again): 耳をすませば (Beginner Book Club) — 〜Extracurricular Reading〜
The language is somewhat flowery, but not to the extent of full-on shoujo manga levels. Still, some sentences had me scratching my head. :sweat_smile: Additionally, I recall that the storyline in the manga takes a slightly different path compared to the movie.