地縛少年花子くん | Week 2 Discussion 🚽

Pages 24 - 55

Chapter 1: トイレの花子さん

Start Date: 17th July
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Well, through a lack of properly reading last week’s post, I’ve already covered the content for this week

(full chapter spoilers follow)

Was not expecting it to take the turn it did at the end, but I was all for it - that mermaid looked great, love a bit of eldritch horror sneaking in


Same here. I read the free preview on comic.pixiv which is the whole first chapter without realizing week 1 was only part of it.

Yeah, I wasn’t expecting it to get actiony like that. I expected it to be more of a mystery of the week type of thing where they have to figure out what’s causing the issue and then deal with some cursed item (but not necessarily via battle). I’m digging it though! That’s why I decided to buy it in the end and join the club. The interactions between the two main characters is a lot of fun too.


I’m a bit confused about one bit on page 24 (always encouraging to be confused on the first page lol)


So it says 「高等部の女子と中等部の男子が衝突したぞ!」

This is when Yashiro and Minamoto (I think that’s his name) are supposed crash into each other. I’m just a bit confused because it says a ‘senior school girl’ and a ‘middle school boy’, but I thought Minamoto was older than her?

Or is the boy she crashed into the other boy (who we haven’t met yet but I know who he is from the anime)? Because I’m unsure if he is younger than Yashiro.

Basically I’m just a bit confused about where in the school the characters are haha

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I think the implication is that their plan to have Yashiro bump into her crush failed because she accidentally bumped into someone unrelated instead.


Yeah this is how I read it too - she jumped out way too early and ended up causing a big accident in front of her crush


@VikingSchism @aamunoz

Sorry for the late reply, busy couple of days.

So the senior school girl mentioned isn’t actually Yashiro? It’s implying that she caused a big accident as Viking said, by saying that not only did she bump into someone, other people caught up in it ended up bumping into each other too?

Sorry if I’m not quite getting it, and thank you for your responses!


No, from what I understood: she was the senior school girl, but the person she bumped into wasn’t her crush but a middle school boy


Yeah, that’s kind of what I was asking about at the start:


I was confused because I was pretty sure Minamoto was older than her, so I was wondering mainly who the ‘middle school boy’ was, or if Yashiro wasn’t even the girl referred to

I had the second question answered of course - thank you!

So is the ‘middle school boy’ just a random person then, who got caught up in it?


Yes, just a random bystander from what I can gather


Alright, thank you!


On page 41


This line: ヒトとはまっこと愚かな生き物よ
I get that it’s saying that “humans are foolish creatures,” but I’m confused about the “まっこと” part. Is まっ a shortened version of 全く?Is こと part of it?


I believe this is まこと in the sense of “really” or “truly” (weblio has: 本当に。実に。), just with a っ thrown in there for even more added emphasis.


That makes sense. Thank you!

Pg 47

In the bottom left corner, Hanako says 「せっかく忠告したげたのに」

I understand that he’s basically saying that even though he went out of his way to warn her (Yashiro), (context) she used the mermaid scale.

I’m just wondering what the げた is for? I can’t figure it out.

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Pg 47

I think he’s contracting the た from ちゅうこくした with the あ from あげた (Definition 24).


Oh, I see - that makes a lot of sense now. Thank you for the help!


You know, I’ve noticed that most of the time Hanako is pure flat black while everyone else has a lot more white or grey, Yashiro also has emphasis on her black top and her horn hair clips. It’s pretty neat. Good deal of long nails as well.

Got a load more questions this time.


Wut? …wut?


I can gather that the first part is sorta “as for the case of someone swallowing and being cursed”, after that I get completely lost. Is 二人に分散されて薄まる dispersing the curse with two people, is that why swallowing the second coin worked? Why is the fish honorable and perfect?


I don’t get the 利用しようとする, why’s it saying “usage” twice? Might be why I don’t understand ただ利用しようとしてるだけだって気付いたから as a whole, deepl says Yashiro noticed they were trying to use her but that doesn’t seem to fit the story. ('Cause she barely interacted with them, right?)


I get that it’s saying summin like “why would this cheap wonder expect to win against 1k yr old me?”, but what’s 相手に doing there?


What does いっか mean here? There seems to be at least four different いっかs and I have no clue which it is.


I laughed my ass off at ヤシロのエロ大根.

I took a sneak panorama and it looks like there’s a lot more action coming, I’m looking forward to seeing more of the not-so-nice Hanako.

Yeah, that’s what I figured. Like まっ from 真っ黒, 真っこと - the true circumstance.

Ayy, thanks, I was gonna ask about that as well. No way that’d be 下駄.

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My take on the questions

I believe this is “how about you confess (your feelings)?” with a lot of contractions and such. 告る morphed into what you see in a way that someone else ( :sweat_smile:) could probably break down further exactly how it happens… (maybe 告ってしまおうか?) but there’s a volitional form in there and also probably a て form perhaps.

I would translate this as like, “if you had made someone swallow (the other one), the curse would have been diluted across two people so you wouldn’t have become a total fish.” (watch out for the causative on 飲ませて).
As for why it works like that – magic tends to have rules, you know? I don’t think it’s so much that the fish is honorable and perfect, just that yokai and the supernatural are bound to behave in certain ways, and in this case, that’s just how the 呪い operates.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “usage” twice. the しよう isn’t 使用, it’s more like the volitional form, if that’s what you mean.
I think at this point in the story she feels selfish and sad and thinks it serves her right being a fish, so I’d describe it as she noticed she was just trying to use Yashiro for her own gratification (instead of actually being into him). So I think Deepl gets the combination of しよう form and とする form and てる form right… but characteristically can’t work out the context and exactly who’s doing what.

I don’t have a direct source on exactly how it’s used here (with the を), but I take this to mean basically, “come against me and win” - making 妾 an 相手 (in the sense of opponent) and then 勝てる’ing against them.

I think this is just a slightly clipped それでいいか - “would that be okay?” basically.

Hope that helps!


I think @rodan has you covered. I just wanted to chime in on a few of them too.


I think the _を相手に勝てるはずもない is like “There’s no way you could win with ___ as an opponent”, or in more natural English, “There’s no way you could win against ___”.


I just wanted to add to rodan’s answer that I believe this question is rhetorical. He’s not actually asking if it’s okay. It’s more like “I guess that’s enough”.