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三ツ星カラーズ Week 3: Pages 17–22

Start Date: 27th of November

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The following characters appear this week.


Week 3 Sacchan  さっちゃん

Week 3 Kotoha  琴葉(ことは)

Week 3 Okaasan  かあちゃん/おばちゃん

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The image on the title page probably comes from Ueno Children’s Amusement Park, though photos of it seem to be completely absent from Google Maps (possibly because it may not exist any more). Here is an article about it, in any case.

The background in the second and this panels of page 20 is kinda familiar, but I can’t quite pinpoint them on Google Maps. Maybe if someone’s physically there, they can go for a wander. And might let us backtrack their path and find the secret base.

It’s a little tricky identifying the Kise fruit shop when all the shops are closed on Street View, though here is one, for example. I don’t particularly think this is the one, though - I think it’s on this side of the road, but further south (the grating visible above the shop sign on page 20 is above the shops that are beneath the railway line.

I’m willing to posit that チューチューカブリラ is some sort of corruption of チュパカブラ.

Heh. そんなバナナ. Took me a little while to get the joke.


Huh. Very plausible, they do look and sound alike. I hated this word, spent an inordinate amount of time trying to make sense of it before realizing it was just an imaginary creature. It didn’t help that I had no context at all at the time, it being literally the first word in the chapter. :roll_eyes:

I still don’t get it. Explain please?




Arrghh! Same here!
I translated the Chuu Chuu as snoring…
And the rest … I ended up on a page about WWII submarines!

yeah it made nosense but 仕方がない!
so I’ve decided the cat is dreaming about a submarine! Prove me wrong :wink:


This manga is definitely at it’s most difficult when the characters give little aside comments. The lack of context means I can’t be sure if I’m way off or they’re just being weird/quirky.


This one’s easy once you know where to look.


I lagged a little on getting the vocabulary sheet updated, but did manage to get most words after posting the thread. So anyone working through the pages, be sure to check out the vocabulary sheet =D


Well, that one came up in my searching as well, but unless Google Maps is putting the marker in the wrong place, that doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

Google puts the marker here (though only when I search - it doesn’t exist otherwise), but Street View looks like this… though, on about my fifth viewing, I’ve finally spotted the sign that appears in the photographs of the place.

It doesn’t remotely resemble the image on the Trip Advisor page. Which, in turn, also doesn’t seem to exist at the location marked on Trip Advisor.


Looks like it may have moved (or shut down?).

Here’s the shop from 2013:

It was there through 2018 at least, but here’s the same location in 2020:


Oh, I see, you’ve travelled in time. That’d explain why that monjayaki place kept coming up in search results. Though if it was there in April 2018, maybe I took a photo of it when I visited in December 2017…

Heh, there it is on the right, just. Still closed, though.

Either way, I don’t think this is the place in the manga - the surroundings don’t quite match up. For example, the final panel of the chapter shows the railway lines curving towards the street rather than away, meaning it has to be further south.


Disclaimer: I’m just an Internet Sleuth, so I could be wrong on my conclusions.

That said, my final piece of evidence would be the first panel of chapter five, and this scene on Google Maps.

That aside…

…is the level of sleuthing I enjoy =D


Ah, that does match the location rather more closely, most especially the edge of the sign peeking out from above the awning. Perhaps Katsuwo-sensei updated the scene designs between chapters to more accurately match the real shop.


I agree, although it’s interesting that the chapter title (per the next page) is the more concise “チュカブる” - a word that only appears on Google in the context of this property. Perhaps they are leaning into チューチュー as a kissy onomatopoeia (the association is so strong that my IME actually suggests (・´з`・) etc. as a replacement for チュー).

As for jokes I didn’t really get this week, I couldn’t quite follow the gag flowing from the initial mail message. From my notes (so perhaps not word for word…)


From mum… something serious has happened!
Was her body turned inside out?
No, she’s been turned inside out since she was born.

Is めくれる a homonym for another word I don’t know?


Yeah I don’t get this either. Is it to be taken literally? I’m still not sure what to expect from these girls.
Interestingly, Deepl (known to be creative in its translations) translates 母ちゃんは生まれつきめくれてる as “My mom was born with blisters.”. No idea where that comes from. Google translate, on the other hand, just gives up, giving the translation “Mom is born”.( Really, Google?).
When looking for めくる, Weblio also offers this definition: 目(め)眩(く)・る: 目まいがする。目がくらむ, 分別に迷う。I can’t seem to find this anywhere else.
In any case, I’m sure it’s something completely different that’s going over my head. :upside_down_face:


More than that, with the る in hiragana like that, it’s also a verb. チュカブります. チュカブらないでください.

That’s basically how I read it too, though you’re missing Leader’s perplexed objections - “she’s not inside out at all!”

(Trying to think of what her role is in this comedy trio. I see Sacchan as the funny man and Kotoha as the straight man, but I’m not sure what role that leaves for Yui. She’s a little bit left out of the joke at times.)


I did notice this! It reminded me of another (tongue-in-cheek?) godan verb, ググる . I guess チュカブる is “to suck goats”.

edit: thanks to Japanese Wikipedia I am now reliably informed there is an Idolmaster song about Chupacabras.


Or “to turn goats inside-out”? :slightly_smiling_face:


I think both Sacchan and Kotoha are different types of funny man, and Yui is the straight man. Sacchan is more wacky with her poop jokes, whereas Kotoha’s humour is more dark and sarcastic (“Are we going to kill it?” from last chapter, and this chapter’s “Was her body found turned inside out?”). Meanwhile, Yui doesn’t realise the other two are joking and takes them at face value (“Why would it be poop, Sacchan?” and “What? No, her body isn’t turned inside out!!”).

No, I think you’re translating that correctly, I think Kotoha just has a really twisted sense of humour

My translation

Sacchan says “There’s an emergency!” and Kotoha jokes with a “what, has she spontaneously turned inside out?”. Yui protests, saying that idea is scary, but Sacchan plays along saying essentially, “no, that’s totally normal, she was born inside-out”


Page 19, Panel 4


Can't quite arrange it in my head

メールには - as for the message [contents]
大変 - terrible|serious
と - if|when|and|with - I feel like I want this to be a but
しか - only
書いてない - not writing
しかし - however
これは - this

reverse stle yoda format: this however not writing only <と> serious message contents

going to lean on this bunpro grammar point

“the message contents are serious, however this is nothing but writing…”

doh, haven’t used the ‘only’ or the と save me, I’m in a pickle