ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 10

Week 10 Apr 22 2023
Pages 112-130 (whole chapter 4)
Chapter 4
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We’re reading volume 1 of this manga as part of the Absolute Beginner Book Club.


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Voice-over Video

Sadly the voice-over videos ended with chapter 3. :frowning:


Woah, week 10 already! Here and waiting for any questions. Will have to reread the chapter to see if there was anything I didn’t grok or could use more guidance on came up…


This week felt unexpectedly harder. Missing vocabs and common phrases I guess I’ve not yet come across.
Eventually, I figured everything out, but I feel like I’m missing some important nuances here and there. Will add my attempted translations of difficult parts this week when I have the time for it.


Reading my way through, and I only have One Question thus far.

Why doesn’t starbucks have a Melon Frappe in the US?



I don’t really love any of Japan’s speciality drinks really but I will admit there’s some nice choices at the good ol スタバ


Such a wholesome lil slice of life chapter. I enjoyed it a bunch.

Seems like Ruri isn’t just shy because of the horns, she’s like this in general, very cute

spoiler from p114

I feel you Ruri, I know exactly what you feel


Up to page 120 at the minute, I think I have managed to understand it pretty well so far. This is the only question thus far:

p 113 わたしだけ置いてかれたみたい何か辛い - Not quite sure what is being said here, "I barely ... put/leave(?) ... to wither/die ... resembling/like ... something spicy". Honestly not a clue?

not 辛い /からい/, but 辛い /つらい/ as in painful or heartbreaking.

I think she means to say that it feels painful to be the only one lagging behind (on the lessons.)

But take it with a grain of salt because I’m not completely sure of anything ever :eyes:

This week read took me 30 mins but I struggled a lot less… somehow. I don’t feel I’ve progressed at all lately but I was able to enjoy this week a lot more.
I also love going to Starbucks and trying out crazy seasonal flavors, so I kinda felt happy for ルリ that she got to do something nice this week.

Other than that, what is JK in this context? Is it like doing things a normal female high schooler would do? I couldn’t really understand that, I felt something was missing.




Oh yes I did look it up, but I wasn’t sure if the context maybe affected the meaning in this case because it was still a little bit strange to me! :sweat_smile:
Thank you~


Managed to finish off the chapter without having any other questions to ask! Quite surprised really because I really struggled last week.

Really enjoyed seeing Ruri make some new friends and do regular school girl activities in this chapter. And reading it has made me really want to go to Starbucks and get a Frappe…


I’m a bit unclear here:

Pg. 113

I’m actually still confused about this part myself. I can understand that the meaning is “I feel like I’ve been left behind by myself and it’s kind of painful.”
I get:
わたしだけ = (I) by myself
置いて = The -te form of 置く (“to leave behind” in this context)
かれた = ??
みたい = ish, sort of
何か = somewhat
辛い = painful

I’m confused by the 置いてかれた part. I’m assuming it is “to be left behind” but I don’t understand how exactly. 置かれる is listed in the dictionary as the passive form (“to be left behind”), changing it to -ta would make it past tense (“was left behind”). I’m assuming that the way it is written with the -te is making it a progressive/continuous state that was started in the past (i.e. “I was left behind and I continue to be in the state of having been left behind”) but I don’t exactly understand what the rules are for making a verb like this and how it would be done with other words.

response to markdg

You definitely got the meaning correct.

I don’t know much grammar rules but what I think is the て in 置いて and then the た in かれた is making it progressive. Just like 生えてた

I might have misunderstood your confusion though.

quick response

The かれた thing we saw once before with Yuka talking in the grocery store. It was explained to me that it’s the past passive of いく with the い dropped, so it’s 置いていく but passive and past (置いていかれた). I translated this whole line as “It seems like it was just me being left behind, it’s kind of harsh” to hopefully capture some of that passive speech.


Well everyone, I’m back. Finals and projects have been getting in my way so I lagged behind in my extracurricular Japanese studies hardcore (I’ve been on this WK level for nearly a month and have yet to actually do any of the kanji lessons… ouch). Either way, I caught up pg. 120 so far, thanks to all the good discussion in previous weeks.

As for this week, I don’t have anything I’m struggling too much with yet, besides the sentence that’s already being discussed. I have found the manga is getting funnier though; I laughed out loud at a couple of the scenarios this time, and I find something about the way 神代 is drawn so amusing. Really cute, and I’m refreshed and ready to push through these last couple weeks!


I’m just dropping by to say that I dropped the book club a while ago :frowning:

Not that it was do difficult, but reading the chapter while checking the vocab and forum, would usually take me a little while, at the computer.

I was doing it on the weekends, but then I had a couple weekends out of town, and I just could not catch up.


Ah yes, if Tobias makes a closing poll to ask why people dropped the book, there should be a “life happened” option :sweat_smile:

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It’s not even “life happening”, it’s more about having difficulty fitting the book club into my japanese learning. I’m mostly relying on small SRS sessions throughout the day and graded readers / native materials when reading before bed.

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Ah, I had misunderstood, I see! So more like prioritizing studying that will bring you some progress :slight_smile:
Make sense to me, I had dropped out of my first book club for the same reason. It went much better when I tried again around 6 months later. Good luck!

Page 123


I’ve read the question about and seen the link, but still don’t get it? Can someone try to explain it to me differently?