ルリドラゴン ・ Ruri Dragon 🐲 Week 4

Nope, that looks completely fine to me. It’s basically the same method that I use in book clubs. I do take notes, but only if I feel like I’m not understanding the sentence as much as I want to.

Earlier on, my steps were:

  1. Read while trying to understand.
  2. If I have trouble understanding, I mark/screenshot/type out the sentence for later.
  3. Later I go over the problematic sentences and try to see if I really can’t figure them out.
  4. Check the thread and write questions for my problematic sentences that haven’t been answered by the thread already.

Lately I’ve front-loaded the question-writing a bit more:

  1. Read while trying to understand.
  2. If I have trouble understanding, I write out the sentence, what I think it might mean (either just a description or a full literal translation, depending on what might be more useful) and my questions, ready to be potentially posted in the forum later. (You can see an example of this here.)
  3. Check the thread and post the questions that haven’t been asked by other people already.

The advantage of that front-loading is that I don’t have to think about the parts I don’t understand twice (once when I try to figure it out initially, and then again when I’m coming back to my problematic sentences again after a few days), but of course there are bigger breaks during my reading.

You might also notice a conspicuous absence of “translating everything” in there :wink:

Personally, I think that translating can be useful, but it’s a ton of work, and if your understanding is decent in general, a few targeted questions are a better use of your time and energy. (They usually get better answers too, because the people answering can concentrate all their energy on those few answers!)

(Also we have dozens of readers, but I only see the same few people posting translations, so I’m quite sure most of them don’t translate everything.)


Oh that makes sense! I guess I had that fear of “not doing things efficiently”.
I was thinking maybe giving this week’s pages a second read, this time a bit more thoroughly. It’s possible that I may be sacrificing meaning for just wanting to now what’s going to happen next.
So if I take a minute to reread maybe it would help me pin point better what I’m having trouble with.

I haven’t considered that duh! Thank you :smiling_face:


Book clubs are the perfect place to deepen your understanding because you can easily get answers for anything that is even a little unclear to you, so… that sounds good!

Reading the thread to see the questions/answers of other people is also a good way to learn new things. Sometimes you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even realize you had.


The goal when learning a language is to get to understanding things without having to translate them anyway.

Not saying translating is wrong, but personally I try to translate as little as possible - basically I only translate bits when I don’t understand them, and even then I go for having a vague idea of a translation to help me know what something means rather than trying to find an accurate way to word things in English.


Now this is some Chat GPT level stuff.

“Give me panels where a Japanese schoolgirl is being patted on the head”. :smile:


It helped a bit that the scene came up in this week’s chapter in another book club, making it easy to recall and have on hand =D


On the other side of things, when I was very new to reading, posting my translations really helped. Mainly because then you have other eyes on what you think the meaning was, usually other, more experienced eyes. Your brain’s great at pretending that something makes sense, even if it doesn’t. Especially if inbetween sentences you need to parse them for several minutes.


Absolutely! That’s a big part of why I say translating isn’t wrong. It can definitely help.

I think most people start out translating. Some people think that’s a bad thing, personally I’m of the opinion that if there’s a language you know to use as an intermediate between a language you don’t know and the concepts that make sense to you, you might as well use it to start. Nothing wrong with that.

Plus, if nothing else, with how time-consuming reading can be in the beginning, taking some notes can help you retain some context you’d lose otherwise, or give you something to check when you’re not sure what someone might be referring to. And it’s a good starting point for others to check your understanding or their own understanding too, so for collaboration it works very well.


Definitely my favorite week so far. Ruri spitting fire out for the first time was a genuine unexpected and cool moment.


Giving it a hard look and I managed to stumble everywhere :laughing:

Page 36

What? Is she complaining that she didn’t talk to the friend she’s speaking to now then? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Agreed, so she talked to all her classmates… reluctantly???


My take:
“It’s better to talk more to other people Ruri. I understand if you don’t feel comfortable (doing so), but (the reason is) specially now that you’ve entered highscoolんだ( politely ?)”

Page 37

そういえばツノ以外は体に変化はないの?= “BTW, except from the horns, your body isn’t changing, right?” (right???)

ふーん何でツノだけ生えたんだろね="Hmm, I wonder why I only “sprouted” horns?"

How did you know it was the friend talking? I messed that up. The panel with that bubble shows Ruri looking to her left, how can I tell it was her friend talking?

…そういや確かに = “about that… clearly” I thought at first this meant “could it be?”

ツノが生えただけだな="I only grew these horns." (???)

父親がドラゴンと言う割にツノ以外ただの人間だな= “She said (momと言う) my dad is a dragon but with the exception of the horns I’m a normal human” Okay, that was rough I had major doubts if she was talking about her being normal or her father, I decided she was talking about herself based on intuition, but how can I be certain of whom are we speaking in this sentence?

もっと他に色々。。。="And there are so many other things…"

It’s odd trying to put the words in English, I feel I’m making extreme efforts and I will stop after just two pages. Apologies, this method is super difficult!

Ps: Sorry Gorbit I quoted you on everything, I mainly used your answers to check my translations attempts! :sweat_smile:

Page 36

Kinda. She’s not complaining to her, just stating the fact (with a fair bit of weariness, because the reason she didn’t talk to her was because she was swamped by her classmates’ attention).

Yeah. By the looks of it, it was rather exhausting for her.

(I don’t feel super confident on せっかく高校入れたんだし, so I’ll let somebody else take that.)


She’s complaining she couldn’t talk to her the whole day. Not necessarily meaning that literally the whole day they couldn’t talk, rather that up to that point she had no time

Everyone started suddenly talking to her, asking questions and giving her absolutely no space. I’d be peeved.

I don’t think that middle part is saying that. More like that she knows that Ruri isn’t good at it.


Because the tail of the bubble goes inside. That signals that the talker isn’t in the panel.

I only grew horns (nothing else changed besides that).
Look at the placement of だけ. The whole “ツノが生えた” part is the “only”.

That’s fine, I have the thread on watching, so I’m pinged either way. Quote away.


I’ve been reading manga wrong my whole life.

Thanks for such swift answers!


Wow, that is quite the revelation.

Happens also on pages 28 and 30.

Page 36

So, I thought a bit more about it, and here’s my take:

“You should talk to people more, Ruri. I understand that you don’t like / aren’t comfortable (doing so), but having entered high school is a great opportunity.”

The Handbook of Japanese Grammar says:

(から and し both indiciate reason.)

I think the Y here is the first sentence. So reordered according to the grammar point it would be:

(“I understand that you don’t like / aren’t comfortable (doing so), but having entered high school is a great opportunity, so you should talk to people more.”)

Page 37

I think it’s something like “Come to think of it, yeah…” (and then going into the next sentence)

I’m not sure if there’s a way to be sure just from the sentence, but from context (she was just talking about how she had only grown horns, nothing more) it seems clear that she’s talking about herself. Additionally, she has no idea about the state of her father.

I think the sentence means something like “Well, compared to my father the so-called dragon (or: who is called a dragon), apart from the horns I’m just a normal human.”


Last part of chapter 1! Go go go!


Oops, forgot to post my translations for this week. I’ve even had everything done since Wednesday. Overall, good week. Things are actually starting to pick up now.

Pages 36-38

Ruri: I haven’t spoken all day. I think I might have talked with everyone in class.

Yuka: That…Isn’t that a good thing?

Yuka: It would be better to speak with people more. But I understand that it’s hard to deal with.

Yuka: Especially since you got into high school. Here, it’s yours.

Ruri: Ugh…

Yuka: Come to think of it, is there no change to your body other than the horns?

Ruri: There isn’t.

Ruri: Hmm…why have just the horns grown?

Ruri: […Now that you mention it, certainly.]

Ruri: [I only grew the horns.]

Ruri: [Even though I say my father was a dragon, other than the horns, I’m just an ordinary human.]

Ruri: [There’s even more…]

Ruri: Ehh…I might have gotten cold from the sweat.

Pages 39-41

Teacher: Aoki! Are you sleepy!?

Ruri: Eh!? Here! Sorry…?

Student: Bed hair.

Teacher: I mean, why did you grow those horns?

Ruri: Ah…that’s…

Teacher: Well Aoki, will you continue to read?

Ruri: Oh dear.

Yuka: Page 28.

Teacher: Stand up.

Pages 42-44

Student: Eh-What now!?

Student: Ahh…It’s hot.

Teacher: Hey, what is it now!?

Student: Aoki just breathed fire.

Pages 45-47

Yuka: Wa-Ruri!?

Yuka: What is it, are you okay now!?

Yuka: Eh!!? That’s a lot of blood. Are you alright!?

Ruri: I-I-I’m okay! It’s just a little hot, not a problem at all.

Yuka: You’re not okay at all!

Mum: Is it here?

Mum: I ended up being late…It’s Aoki.

Pages 48-49

Mum: Oh, Ruri. What are you doing?

Ruri: I was exchanging friend codes with sensei in this game.

Mum: Well…it seems like my daughter spat fire…

Ruri: It seems like it.

Mum: Sorry I was late. Were you alright?

Ruri: Do I look alright?

Mum: …You don’t.

Mum: That’s right, you spat fire…is the burn still painful?

Mum: Is that so? Your throat is still not a dragon’s.

Mum: Sorry to cause trouble.

Teacher: No, it’s fine.

Mum: I’ll take Ruri home for today.

slight correction on p47

This なりました form is basically saying “I’m sorry for x”. So she said “I’m sorry for being late”

pg 36-38

These are meant to be read together, she is basically saying she might have spoke to all her classmates today that she has never spoken to before.

Rather than hard to deal with, you should use the “not good at” definition

“now that you mention it, that’s right/true”

“there should’ve been more…” She is saying if her dad is a dragon it’s kind of odd she only got one thing, so there should be more dragon parts to her

it’s not quite ehh, think of someone getting a shiver down their spine, that sort of thing

pg 42-44

“Eh! What was that, just now!?”

“Eh… hot!”
He says it in a way where he doesn’t really realize what’s going on

pg 45-47

“What was that, just now, are you okay!?”

What gorbit said


Since there are only 18 hours left on the vote, and not everyone might be reading the week 5 thread yet…

By the way, if any of you want to “level up” after this book club - the Beginner Book Club is currently (only 18h left!) voting on their next manga/book!

Sadly the start date is a bit inconvient since our last week here starts on May 6th, which is also when this BBC pick will start. But apart from that, the difference between ABBC and BBC is not that big, so if you feel like you’re doing well with Ruri Dragon, this might be a great next step!