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Week 11 November 4 2023
Pages 107 - 121 (105 - 119)
Chapter 4
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Handwritten text this week

Note: Physical book pages are listed in parentheses.

Pg. 107 (105)




Pg. 108 (106)




あーっ おにいちゃん!

Pg. 109 (107)



宮村: あとコレ家でが作ってるケーキです

堀母: あらーっ ケーキ屋さんっ

Pg. 110 (108)


創太: たーっくる

宮村: うおっ



Pg. 112 (110)


宮村: ケーキどれにする?

創太: いちごのーっ







Pg. 113 (111)


堀: あーもー…っ

創太: うまーっ

Pg. 114 (112)


創太: ねえちゃんダッセーダッセーっ

堀: 創太このヤロー…っ

Pg. 115 (113)



Pg. 116 (114)



Pg. 117 (115)





Pg. 118 (116)



Pg. 119 (117)





It’s another slightly longer week, but as last time, it is followed by a short week!


It’s quite the coincidence that this and the next ABBC selection are both high school rom-coms that started on twitter with male leads named Izumi :thinking:

Granted, the kanji used in the spelling are different, but I still find the parallels funny.


Apparently, I have a motif with my nominations. :joy:


Mostly pretty chill this ep, but a note about the third last page (loc 120/page 119 i think)


てか堀ってサインしとくって。。。 なんだか堀家に馴染んできた気が あんたは宮村なのに。。。
I had to check against the eng version, but this bit means ‘the feeling of becoming familiar’ (in this case with the Hori household). I didn’t realise it on a first go but it references the bit of handwritten text in the top left where Miyamora says 堀ってサインしておくよ? or ‘I’ll sign it as if I’m 堀’ (I guess more correctly in English ‘I’ll sign as if I’m a Hori’)



If I had a nickel for every time the Absolute Beginner club read a high school rom-com which started life on Twitter before getting an official tankobon release, had a male lead named Izumi and a female lead whose family name ended in -ori, and was nominated by @MrGeneric

I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.


I’m caught up. Yay!

I’m really enjoying the story so far. I’m not doing full translations, but would like someone to check my understanding of the last couple of pages here. Both of our main characters can get up to some pretty strange thoughts and ideas, so sometimes I’m not sure if I’m getting the wrong impression.

Spoilers from p. 118 onward:

Hori has just learned Miyamura’s first name, and considers it quite feminine. Miyamura switches the topic somwwhat and reflects back on when he talked to Hori’s mom. He says they’re quite alike. Hori is surprised, and Miyamura then further explains that he too is often compared to his mother without seeing the resemblance himself.
Hori takes this idea and runs with it, I guess? He has a feminine name, and a feminine face. And then she wonders if she could get him to dress up in woman’s clothes? Or if he would secretly want that(?) Miyamuri asks what in the world she’s talking about, and she keeps digging a hole, by saying that he’s pretty slender and might wear her clothes. Weird, but I guess that’s just how Hori thinks…?
At that time, the doorbell rings. Hori thinks it’s a delivery, but she’s busy with the dishes. Miyamuri says that he might get the door and sign as Hori. Like usual, Hori (and I, as a reader) can’t tell if he’s just joking around (or trying to tease Hori for her earlier comments). But she considers that at least it’s a sign that he’s become very familiar around the house.


That’s all about right. Specifically she’s thinking if they dressed him up in girl’s clothes, would he look like his mum. Something like that.


I would adjust the last bit a little:

Her thought was to clarify that she was half-joking about dressing him up in women’s clothes, not wondering if he was half‐joking about signing. He was very serious about that, because he was a bit desperate to leave that particular conversation.

His desperation to be the one to receive the delivery is that he can escape that topic (and avoid being dressed up).

Otherwise, yes, him saying that he will sign as if he is Hori despite not being a member of the family is being commented on as him becoming close to/familiar with the household.


Week 12 is up!


Just caught up with this week!
Favorite panel:



Also, does Miyamura ever crossdress? :thinking: Inquiring minds want to know


Chapter 31. It’s in volume five. And also the first episode of the anime’s second season.


I fell off the wagon on this one so catching up and hoping to finish the manga this evening. Just leaving a marker here that I’ve now finished chapter 4.


Weeks 10 and 11 sections read one after another ! \o/
I wanted to read until the moment when Hori finally finds out Miyamura first name :grin:

The reading is way easier. I’m glad I’ve waited a few months to pick up this volume again, I can really feel my progress.