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Start date: 28 August


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Start date Chapter Page numbers Page count
28 Aug 39 - クリリン vs どどん波‼ 5-22 18
4 Sep 40 - 実力伯仲!!! 23-40 18
11 Sep 41 - 孫悟空 vs クリリン!!! 41-58 18
18 Sep 42 - 天下一のハイパーバトル‼ 59-76 18
25 Sep 43 - 最後の決戦! 優勝は…!? 77-94 18
2 Oct 44 - 兄と再会?! そして… 95-112 18
9 Oct 45 - 孫悟飯とプッコロ大魔王 113-130 18
16 Oct 46 - 界王さまと荒修行! 131-148 18
23 Oct 47 - サイヤ人、ついに襲来‼ 149-166 18
30 Oct 48 - 戦士たちの死闘!!! 167-183 17
6 Nov Bonus 184-189 6

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Volume 5!

I didn’t realise until now that Tenshinhan’s name 天津飯 means “crab omelette on rice”… Fits nicely with his friend Chaozu whose kanji can be read as Gyoza!

Pages 5-6

There’s a significant cut in the action here. In the original Tenshinhan deflects the Kamehameha back towards Yamcha who dodges it. They then battle in mid-air and Yamcha get’s thrown to the ground losing consciousness. Tenshinhan then continues to attack despite the fact Yamcha is unconscious, breaking Yamcha’s leg.

I love the way these two pages are set out, with this huge build up on page 5, and then when you turn the page Yamcha is lying defeated on the floor. It is a little confusing though if you’ve not read the original!

On page 6 middle right panel the man’s comment is a new addition. He says:


デッサン is translated in Jisho as “rough sketch” and typing デッサン into wikipedia gets redirected to the page for 素描 (drawing). It also sounds a bit like “design”.

狂う is taught on Wanikani as “to go mad” but can also mean “to get out of order, to malfunction, to go wrong (of a plan or expectation, etc.), to get mixed up​”.

At first I thought he was saying “Did the design (of Yamcha’s plan) go wrong?”, but looking again I think he’s saying “Did the drawing get mixed up…?”

I also like the page 22 illustration of Yamcha on his crutches complaing his scene was cut!

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天津飯 means “crab omelette on rice”… Fits nicely with his friend Chaozu whose kanji can be read as Gyoza!

I actually was intrigued about the Kanji we see used for the names of the characters. I assumed they are Chinese names and hence their pronounciation is foreign to Japanese? But thinking about it, I guess it makes sense their names are food based, following the trend in the series. Still kind of wondered where their pronounciation comes from…

Pages 5-6

Yeah absolutely, I think the idea of skipping the climax after the buildup of the previous chapter has a great comedic effect.


Poor Yamcha can never catch a break :grin:

This caught my interest. I’ve seen this in a couple of manga, it must be the standard way Japanese kids learn their left from their right. It’s really clever! Do we have anything similar in the west? :thinking: I guess we can say ‘left’ is the hand with which you can make an L with your index finger and thumb.

What did you make of あれじゃうかつにせめられないじゃないか?

I got - up there he [adverb] can’t be attacked

But none of the Jisho meanings for うかつ quite seemed to fit!

That’s the problem I ran into as well, I just couldn’t make it work.

I asked on HiNative and this is what I got:


I guess it can also mean ‘carefree’, not just ‘careless’.

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Week 2

Start date: 4 Sep
Pages: 23-40

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I love that everyone else underestimates the other fighters but Goku always recognises their skills…

Page 30

From context I think it means “It’s unclear which one will win”. I assume this is just the normal word おかしい with a slightly different meaning to what is listed in Jisho.

Page 33

I’ve gone for this grammar as being ざるを得ない, but with the えない shortened to えん in casual speech. From the source below: “This grammar is used when there’s something that just can’t be helped and must be done.”

So translation - I have to get serious!


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I had trouble with the exact same sentences! I agree with your conclusion regarding page 33.

For this one:


I reckoned it’s something like:

Even if either of them wins, it wouldn’t be strange.
➝ Either one of them could well win.

For me there were two jokes/references I didn’t quite get.

Page 27

What’s the deal with Chiaotzu saying he learned arithmetic for this day? Is it a joke about his general uselessness at day to day skills, or does it refer to some specific event?

Page 34

Does she mean it’s definitely not that attack…? Or does 絶対違う refer to something else?

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Week 3

Start date: 11 Sep
Pages: 41-58

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I see, you are translating the おかしくはねぇ as negative. I’d been reading it as おかしく - adverb form.

In the original Kuririn distracts Chiaotzu with some basic arithmetic questions - it’s quite a funny scene:


I agree it’s not clear what’s going on in this panel. I assume she’s replying to the man not Oolong, so I guess she is saying definitely not that attack.

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Chapter 41 - I found this a tougher week to read even though I enjoyed the battles!

Page 42

Your skills are that impressive, why don’t you use them for good!

正しき道 doesn’t appear in Jisho. I assume it’s a combination of 正しい= “correct” and 軌道="(right) track, proper course." From this link 正しき道を歩む translates as “walk the path of righteousness”.

Page 51
Puar says: …ボ…ボキ…って…!?
Perhaps ボキャ貧 - “lacking the words to say what one means​”.
And Bulma’s response - いってないわよ - “Don’t say it” ??
I feel like I’m on the wrong track here. This is a new panel not in the original manga.

Also on page 51 Yamcha looks like he’s being treated in a Pokemon Centre! Or perhaps all Japanese nurses look like that in cartoons!

Cheers for the link! I got the gist of it from the Japanese, but it always bothers me if I can’t find a reference.

“Did it say ‘snap’?!”
“It didn’t”

Which also makes sense as a reference to Yamcha’s miserable experience with that move :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Screenshot 2021-09-15 at 21.14.06

Page 53
〜なんてもんじゃない gave me some trouble. I found this explanation useful.

Also, I loved this panel:

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Yes “snap”! That makes sense when you link it to Yamcha’s injury!

Thanks for the なんてもんじゃない link - so in context Kuririn is saying - “Goku is too strong”. I think I’d glossed over this.

Lots of great panels. I’m not on a digital version so not so easy to share, but loved the final panel with Kuririn thrilled by his (apparent) victory!

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Hey I’m gonna be a real prick here and since this is a dragon ball thread Imma ask something real quick

How many ovas/movies/big-episodes (you get what I mean) does dragon ball classic have and are all of them canon?

ok thanks

Week 4

Start date: 18 Sep
Pages: 59-76

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Chapter 42


Favourite panel - Goku does some weird things with his eyes but this takes real skill…

Page 61
Krillin says something like - Is this also an act to make you more likeable/popular? Did anyone get why he’s saying that?

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When I first read it I assumed he meant that Goku was playing it up again, to make himself look less threatening… but now that I am thinking about it, I am not sure that actually makes sense for 好感度 :thinking:

Page 69

Screenshot 2021-09-20 at 15.20.27

What’s Krillin talking about, specifically…?

Page 74

“I didn’t know, because you didn’t go bam bam”…? I feel like I am missing the joke here.

Goku’s not very good at telling boys and girls apart early in the story so he has a feel of their crotch to find out. This is Goku’s パンパン - I think it was translated as patpat in the English translation. He’s asking if Ten is a girl because he used girly speech - because he’s not done his patpat he’s can’t be sure.

I took it as - “Are you too having a go at me…”

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Week 5

Start date: 25 Sep
Pages: 77-94

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