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Chapters 4-6

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I‘m not completly done with the first week chapters, but I will be soon. :man_shrugging:

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Chapter 4 Page 28 dialogue (on the phone)

子猫 拾ったんだけどね。

I don’t find these short sentence fragments easy in casual Japanese. Here’s my attempts:

子猫 拾ったんだけどね

  • 子猫 - kitten
  • 拾った - to pick up in plain past form
  • ん - explanatory particle
  • だけど - however
  • ね - right?, don’t you think

----> So I picked up the kitten, you see


  • そう - so
  • なの - that’s the way it is
  • 猫 - cat
  • 飼わない - not keeping

----> That’s right, we won’t keep the cat. That’s right, would you take the cat? (Thanks @Kyasurin)


  • そうか - is that so?
  • じゃあ - well
  • 他 - other (thing)
  • を - object marking particle (implying the next verb must be one of it’s transitive forms)
  • 当たって - Jisho definition 17 (!!) to feel something out, to probe into, to check
  • みる - following a verb in te-form means “try to”
  • わ - indicates emotion/emphasis

----> Is that so? Well I’ll try to look at other options.


Looks good, but that middle sentence is actually a question.
She’s asking someone if they would like to keep the kitten.


I hope to get started on chapter 4 after I dig myself out of my 223 reviews and 78 vocab words in the way of my level 9 radicals T_T

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I’ve put some of this week’s vocab in the spreadsheet, I hope it helps someone!


Page 29

なかなか もらい手が 見つからない わねぇ

なかなか - (1) easily (2) not readily
もらい手 - 貰い手, receiver; recipient, (see also p.15)
が - the identifier particle
見つからない - negative form of "to be found; to be discovered"​
わ - feminine よ
ねぇ - “right? / is/n’t it?

  • “A recipient is not easily found, right?”
  • “Wow, it’s not easy to find someone to take a cat, is it?”

Or maybe: I’m really having trouble finding someone who will take it.

The わね expresses emphasis.


Page 34

たぶん 猫には快適な 場所なのよ

たぶん - perhaps
猫 - cat/s
には - “for”.
Question: is には actually just the target particle に plus the topic particle は, or is it a different word altogether?
快適な - comfortable​, な-adjectice
場所 - place
な - a な is necessary between a noun and a の particle
の - explanatory の particle
よ - “you know

  • “you know, perhaps, for cats, it’s a really comfy place”

Nice one! Thank you so much for that and for the link! Much appreciated!

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Yes :grinning:

Also, I have to say I loved that battle with the shoe!


Thank you so much again! :+1:

Page 38


こういう - こう言う, such; this sort of; like this
こと - thing
は - topic marker
根気 - patience
強く- strong (Question: does the く make this into an adverb, or is the く a connecting form?)
やらなきゃ - やる, to do, in negative form, やらない, and then some grammar jiggerypokery which I still don’t understand despite reading about it, turns it into やらなきゃ, which means “must do”
ね - right?

As for this kind of thing, [You] must do (have) strong patience, right?

“Yeah, you need a lot of patience for this”


You’ve linked to a different grammar point. This is the one underneath.

Specifically, it’s やらなければ, which is the negative conditional form - “if (you) do not do”. Adding だめ or いけない or ならない to the end makes it “if (you) do not do, that would be bad”, or in other words “(you) should do”. But because people are lazy when it comes to mouth-flaps, in casual speech, the ければ gets slurred to きゃ, and the いけない or whatever gets dropped outright.


Thank you Belthazar, and thank you for fixing that link! Yes, this is grammar I have to study again, but the good news is, I kind of recognise it when I see it now. Thanks again so much!


Page 41


This looks like やる, to do, in passive form, やられる, and past tense やられた, was done. And, given the context, I’d usually skip over something small like this. But I’m wondering, there is so much left out of this sentence (“this was done by that rotten cat with the awful Japanese pronunciation” for example) that I wonder why anything needed to be said at all. “Was done”? Or, am I way off?

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Page 41

You will never believe how difficult I found the next few lines of dialogue… all because I thought they were talking about the cat (チー) rather than pee (チー).

おかあさ〜ん - mum…
はいはい - yes, yes
チー… - pee…
チー? チーならトイレに行きなさい - Pee? If you need a pee, go to the toilet!
チー でちゃった - unfortunately, the pee has already come out

But now I’ve got it… pee is オシッコ (page 36) which the kid then shortens to チー.

Has the cat been named yet? I guess this is where it later comes from…?


Ok, done the reading. The kid is far better at cat logic than the mother. :stuck_out_tongue:

What verb is the cat saying on page 39, fifth panel? 漏れる? (I understand the grammar - it’s も(れ)てしまう > も(れ)ちゃう, just not completely clear on the specific word.)

Basically the meaning is the same as how you might use “Ah, you’ve gone and done it now” in English. Like, you did a thing, and I’m not happy about it. The grammar dictionary calls this form “indirect passive” - person A did a thing, and person B is affected by it (often negatively).

Oh, I certainly hope not.


Page 39

You are right Belthazar (I’ve never known you not to be!) - I’ve just checked with the resident expert and the verb is 漏れる, and the cat is holding on and saying “oh no, it’s coming out!”


No, she hasn’t been named yet. It’s coming next week

I love how Yohei knows what to do :wink:
Good cat logic =^_^=

I actually have a cat with pee problems, it’s not fun -_-
It’s Frodo, the cat in my avatar.
Being a year and a half it means he will probably have it always (Been in and out of the vet, had nothing wrong with him, just a bad habit =/ ), and all I can do is wrap my sofa in “pee blankets”! XD (pee protection blankets meant to protect the mattress. It absorbs it, but have a protective layer so it doesn’t get through to the sofa)