🗡 ジョジョの奇妙な冒険・JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club 一部:ファントムブラッド 第1: 侵略者ディオ・Invader Dio 🗡

Content warning for this chapter: animal abuse

Chapter 5 炎のダニー・侵略者ディオその④
  • What sounds happen to the mask/what sounds does the mask make? You may need to use a monolingual dictionary.
  • Do you think Dio is crying out of emotion after JoJo started winning?
  • Before the butler takes out the trash, what weather event has happened? How do you think it relates to the story?
  • How does the butler refer to JoJo? What does this indicate about the relationship between them?
  • What do you think of JoJo’s throwing stones at crows technique?
  • Do you think JoJo escaped the crow’s curse? What do you think the purpose of it is in this chapter?
  • Why doesn’t JoJo approach Erina?
  • What does George say happened?
  • What is JoJo reaction to the news about Danny?
  • what does Dio resolve to do on the last page?
  • What season do you think it is now? When do you think Dio arrived at the Joestar mansion?
  • We get a small preview for next chapter. What do you think about the information hinted at? As in, what do you think of the 7 years gap, JoJo’s lonely life, and the mask?

Idk any memes for this chapter so please enjoy JoJo.

Also just a reminder that there’s not necessarily perfectly right answers I’ve prepared for this, nor do I have all the answers. A lot of these are opinion questions for that reason. I have tried to come up with questions that can have textual support though. But unless it’s a technical question like the mask one here, there’s not necessarily a right answer. Just more or less supported answers.

Chapter 5 wraps up this arc! Next week we’ll have the next one whose name I forgot :sweat_smile:


I don’t have that exact chapter title?


Do you have just the numbered invader Dio one? 炎のダニー is the original chapter title that’s still used in the tankobon.

I don’t think we’ll have matching chapter titles for everyone until maybe Part 3. :person_shrugging:


Mine is the monochrome one with less volumes. The chapter title is 侵略者ディオ・ブランドー その④.

Surname included?


Yep that’s the bunko. I try to type the overall number (good for by the chapter digital readers), then tankobon, then bunko chapter titles.

I’m working on a table that shows all of them compared, but I haven’t finished Part 1 yet. I’ll be sure to have all the chapter titles in the first post of the arc thread.


Next arc is 過去から手紙! It’s just 2 chapters but I promise that things will get quite interesting!

Chapter 5

Poor Danny! :sob: I knew it was coming but it still felt horrible.

I’ll just answer some of the questions.

Initially I thought he was just pretending to be vulnerable to lure JoJo in to stab him. But on the last page of the chapter Dio thinks to himself about how he’s touchy about his weak points, and resolves to get even better at controlling his feelings from now on, so… I think he’s acknowledging that he really did actually lose his composure when he started losing. (Although he probably was still trying to use that to catch Jojo off his guard, is my guess)

It had just finished raining. I’m not sure how that relates exactly to the story though. Could Dio have used the opportunity to sneakily grab Danny (using the rain to hide the sounds)? Or maybe he did it then since he knew the butler wouldn’t take out the trash while it was raining?

I think there isn’t really such a thing as a crow’s curse, but the crow appearing rattled JoJo and it was partly because he was nervous that he hid from Erina. I felt pretty bad for him when he was already so down after seeing Erina, and he hadn’t even heard about Danny yet.

Feels like autumn, since the trees barely have any leaves left on them. It feels like it might’ve been autumn when Dio first arrived too (I remember it was windy and the trees were also bare), so it’s been about a year?

I guess JoJo and Dio have reached a kinda stalemate where nothing will change their dynamic much for the next 7 years. Dio has succeeded at his goal of completely isolating JoJo from any friends, and will probably be doing the reflecting and growing he resolved to do. And JoJo will probably be lonely for the next 7 years. :cry:

I wonder if the chapter titles were changed later to reveal less about what would happen?

Chapter 5 Replies

What if it wasn’t just rain, but a full blown storm? After all, we just had a storm of blows between JoJo and Dio. I think it’s a sign that things between them are about to cool down. On a more morbid note if the crate Danny was in was in the rain, it would’ve made extra smoke

That’s a great question. Danny’s a great dane and therefore huge. I imagine he was drugged. I’m not sure if a 12 yo Dio could move him himself though. Maybe he paid for help with JoJo’s allowance?

That’s a great point! I’ve always wondered if it’s fake, because getting hit in the face often makes you cry, or frustration.

I think the crow’s curse is probably a literary technique. If the crow is a mirror for another character, who do you think it might be?

When Dio visits his father’s grave, it’s windy and snowy, but when Dio arrives at the Joestar Mansion, he’s in shorts. Personally I think Dio arrives in spring and then chapter 5 ends in fall or early winter.

Maybe, or maybe for better chunking?? I’m not sure.

Chapter 5 replies

Oh yeah, I hadn’t thought about it from a figurative point of view, but I think you’re right! So far Araki does seem to like to use weather to indicate the mood.

I’m still having so much trouble seeing Dio and JoJo as 12 since they’re so buff lol. Maybe he could move Danny himself because he’s so buff? I dunno, this is getting pretty morbid. :upside_down_face:

It’s gotta be Dio? And the crow comes back after JoJo throws the rock at it, so I guess it kinda mirrors Jojo’s inability to shake Dio off?

Oh, I was only remembering Dio visiting his father’s grave, and didn’t notice that time passed between then and arriving at the mansion. That kinda makes more sense that it’s only been about half a year.

Chapter 5 Replies

A bit of a spoiler but it’ll be really clear once they’re adults lol

I think that’s exactly it. Plus I’ve heard Araki had at least the plot of Parts 1-3 figured out by the start of JoJo’s serialization, so I think it makes sense that we particularly see foreshadowing and strong theming at the beginning.

No worries! I think it stands out a lot more in the anime because we literally see the colors.


Thanks for the reply, I think it will pass as long as we keep working on it. Ended up reading the 4 chapter arc not that long after when I put my mind toit and I want to set aside some time this weekend to tackle the two parter.


I found some time to catch up today! :smile: It’s funny to be reminded that Dio and Jonathan are both 12, as I saw people mention earlier, haha. It catches me off guard every single time I hear it.

Chapters 4 and 5

Chapter 4

This chapter was interesting. The panels after Dio attacks Erina caught my attention. Looking at Dio’s expression, it’s almost like he regrets it, but then he thinks to himself something about how he lost it for a second, and attacked a “mere woman” or some equivalent of that. And the expressions of his two fanboys are interesting too. One of them looks impressed, but the other almost seems to feel that Dio went too far. It’s scenes like these that make Dio so interesting. It’s somewhat nuanced. It’s more engaging than writing completely cartoonish villains or protagonists (at least to me, anyway). Erina got her moment to shine too. She looked very dignified after washing her mouth out.

Chapter 5

Wow, I forgot how disturbing this chapter with Danny was. :fearful: It’s so twisted and horrible. Just the fact that Dio doesn’t even kill him first makes it so much worse.


The next chapter/arc is up!


I’m really pleased to announce that the vocab sheet for chapter 1 is pretty much complete. It’s about 306 terms. There’s a small handful that aren’t yet parsed correctly, but I’m a bit tired of staring at the prologue lol

For reference, chapters 20-23 have had about 190 terms total. Hopefully the other chapters are more like these early twenties than 1


Alright, chapter 2 is entered for the most part on both the vocab sheet and the renshuu list. Just a few mystery words. Chapter 2 was 165 words, which was about half as much as chapter 1. I wonder if it exponentially decreases until it reaches about 50 new words per chapter lol

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Chapter 3 finished and weighing in at about 100 words lol

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Chapter 4’s vocab is added and it came out to be about 80. So maybe the number of new words per chapter isn’t exponentially decreasing, but it is decreasing at least.

I’m going to bet that chapter 5 will have about 65 new words

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