🗡 ジョジョの奇妙な冒険・JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Book Club 一部:ファントムブラッド 第1: 侵略者ディオ・Invader Dio 🗡

Chapter 2

Yep yep yep! The only thing I would add is that JoJo knows that George is too strict to give him more money lol.

I think he was probably more lenient before Dio showed up but it’s surprising that he’s even tutoring his son himself rather than be more hands off and hiring someone.

Re: Dio
I probably haven’t helped with that perception lol. Araki’s been pretty clear that Dio’s intended to be so charming and handsome that other people are willing to do his bidding so it’s probably not too odd that you didn’t pick up that he’s the villain of the series.

Chapter 2

:laughing: You guys are funny!

I felt so bad for Jonathan this chapter, to be treated like that when he was trying to be friendly. :smiling_face_with_tear: Dio really is being so completely evil.


A bit late catching up this week. (Full disclosure, I got invited to a classic book club last November and we’ve been reading A Tale of Two Cities this month, so that’s been eating into my reading time quite a bit. If I’m a bit late catching up or posting sometimes, that’s probably why.) Anyway, I’m still immensely enjoying the story and the original art style. There’s this constant, intense sort of energy in Jojo’s that’s kind of hard to describe, but it makes even scenes where not a lot is happening so much fun to read.

I will also say I have a side-goal I hope to complete while reading along with the club, which is to examine the story, characters, art style, and both the literary and classic art references from a creative writing perspective. I’m hoping I can learn some things about writing and art in general from Araki-sensei so that what I write myself is less terrible someday :sweat_smile: (I have written 2 very subpar books so far). I have a huge amount of respect for him and the crazy things he comes up with.

Anyway (sorry for rambling a bit), here are some random, spoiler-ish thoughts…

Chapters 1 and 2

Oh, Dio. Why ya gotta be this way, Dio? So rude, so cruel.

That said, I actually kinda, sorta like him more than Jonathan right now…? Not that Jonathan is bad or anything, he just doesn’t necessarily have a lot of agency at the moment, while Dio does have a goal that he’s actively working towards (not that it’s a noble goal, but there it is, lol).

I think the fact that Dio has such a clear goal, while Jonathan either doesn’t at all, or it’s a vague, poorly defined one (such as, “being a true gentleman” or something?) actually makes me almost want Dio to succeed in a twisted way. He knows exactly what he wants, and I can respect that. :sunglasses: I also can’t help but feel bad for him since he didn’t grow up in the best circumstances. But in the end, he’s still being a terrible little menace and there’s only so much bad behavior you can let slide out of pity, haha.

Those are my first thoughts anyway. Any of you are totally free to disagree, of course. I’m always interested to hear other thoughts and perspectives!

Oh, I also like how overdramatic Jonathan is when he wallows on the bed. “Ah, no one will cry when they see my dead body…” Poor boy. :pensive:


That’s cool! I’ll be interested to hear what you learn later as we read along if you’re open to sharing.

Chapters 1 & 2 reply

I guess having Jonathan start out as kind of a baby will give him more room to grow later. I’m finding him kinda goofy (but likeable) so far too.

I wonder if also Dio might be a bit easier to relate to right now because (from what I remember) we’ve been hearing so much more of his inner monologue? Whereas with Jonathan we mostly just hear what he says out loud. Kinda interesting that even though Jonathan is the protagonist, the way the story is structured so far is almost as if Dio is the protagonist (like how he’s introduced first too, along with a bit of his backstory).


Discussion Questions (Optional as Always) for 愛しのエリナ・侵略者ディオその②
  • Is Jonathan getting his watch back?
  • Where is the mask from? Where did the Joestars buy it? What happened on the way back from that place?
  • Is Dio interested in the mask? Why do you (not) think so?
  • What does JoJo want to do with the boys? Why do they refuse?
  • What helps take JoJo out of his fit (tantrum?)?
  • What does JoJo think of the girl from the beginning of the chapter to the end of it? Do those feelings change?
  • How do you think Erina feels about JoJo?
  • and once again, Dio does an unforgivable thing

Did you know that even in the 80s JoJo had memes?
Dio’s hair in the panel at the top is one of the first JoJo memes. Dio jumping out of the carriage is another notable one.

For some reason, Dio’s fanboys are also a meme :sweat_smile::grimacing:


No worries! I’ve been way more mad busy than I expected so I’m pretty much only able to keep up with this club right now

I’m really glad to hear that :smiley:

That’s awesome! I hope this club works out well for you. I’m hoping that the discussion/comprehension questions I write also help readers think about those sorts of things :slight_smile: Also, did you already know Araki wrote a book about writing? Manga in Theory and Practice iirc and then the JoJo art books have a bunch of great info on his thought process. The recent JoJo Magazine is also great.

Replies on chapters 1 and 2

I get that immensely. I think Dio is the kind of character where there’s a lot to analyze. He has a goal, like you said, and in general his actions are leading up to that goal, but there’re these layers of deception and charm that he puts on others to disguise it. He’s more of an onion type character whereas JoJo’s a bit more like plain mashed potatoes- what you see is what you get.

He’s a growing boy, his body’s gonna dissolve his muscles if he doesn’t get enough to eat.

That’s a good point! I hadn’t considered that before.

Many Parts could have an alternative name based around Dio lol. He’s the gift that keeps giving.

Also, this all reminds me that at some point (later Parts), we start to get character narrators instead of generic omniscient narrators. The implications are fun to consider.

Chapter 3 discussion questions

Probably not? At least, Jonathan doesn’t seem to think so.

It’s originally from the Mexican central plateau, and the Joestars bought it from London. Their carriage crashed on the way back, which now that I think about it, I wonder if the mask had anything to do with that.

I think he’s interested in the mask, but pretending not to be! The mask caught his attention back in chapter 2, and this time he came back on purpose to look at it more closely, so I think he’s very interested in it.

He wants them to smoke a pipe with him? They refuse because they think he’s a tattletale (which seems to be the rumour that Dio is spreading)

His dog :slightly_smiling_face: and then Erina

He thinks she’s cute and starts having fun hanging out with her. (And he suddenly became slightly less likeable to me this chapter when he said that he thinks girls who stay silent are cute :upside_down_face:) His feelings don’t really seem to change this chapter (other than him getting to know her better), but back in chapter 1, he didn’t seem to think much of her.

Erina seems to also like JoJo, seeing as she parts with him on good terms even after seeing the heart marking (which is a pretty goofy way to confess to someone :laughing:). But I guess she still feels shy about it and doesn’t want to talk about it outright.


What a cliffhanger!


Sure thing! I’ll just share the little things that come to me while reading along. :smile:

Yes, I just got Manga in Theory and Practice recently! I haven’t started it yet, but I’m super excited to get into it, it looks amazing. I don’t have any of the art books yet (that’ll probably change eventually). I haven’t heard about a magazine. Might need to look into that… :eyes:

Chapters 1-3 replies

I did not know that was a meme, but I can see why. His hair seems to find gravity optional in some panels. :laughing:

I kinda love those guys for some reason. I can’t even really tell you why. :sweat_smile:

I agree. I had a conversation with someone recently who said Dio was pretty shallow, but I have a hard time seeing that. I find him really interesting as a character for a lot of reasons.

It really does cut off at the best part! :sob:

Chapter 3 spoilers


There it is. The classic Dio scene. chef’s kiss

Other than the ending, this is a pretty cute chapter with the romance and everything.

I like how Jonathan awkwardly rolls to the water, cursing Dio’s name. That made me laugh. :grimacing:

The history with the mask was cool as well. Ancient relics with mysterious origins are always fun.

Not too much to say about this chapter for me, but it is nice to see Jonathan getting a break for once. :relieved: Excited for chapter 4!

Replies on Chapters 1-3

I think the narrator says something a bit different.

It sounds like you have something in common with Japanese readers in the 80s then lol. Also, they made an appearance on a ticket holder sized clear file that was just released to help promote the Phantom Blood play opening soon.
Spoilered since it has later Part 1 characters


… I just wanna have a few words with them…

jk of course


Same, he’s got a lot of emotions and I appreciate how weirdly age appropriate it feels?

The latest one is here

Yikes, what a monster link lol. Other than that, of the art books I’ve checked out, I think JoJo a Go Go has the best info about writing, but JoJo 6251 might be cheaper because it just got republished I think? And I haven’t checked out the contents of JoJoveller yet.

Chapters 1-3 replies

Oh, do you mean like how the narrator says that after they become friends, JoJo becomes obsessed with Erina? I guess I had thought of JoJo as already somewhat liking Erina at the start of the chapter, but yeah it does sound like there’s a big change after they start hanging out.

Forgot to reply to this earlier, but wow I didn’t know there were JoJo memes even in the 80s! :open_mouth: I can definitely see how Dio jumping out of the carriage was one; there was some sort of interesting dramatic quality about the pose, and I watched that gif repeat many times lol. It’s interesting to hear about what specific small parts people were captured by.


I could’ve sworn the narrator said JoJo fell in love

Yeah, it’s pretty wild isn’t it? A bit of a time capsule of sorts as well

Chapter 3 reply

Yeah, sorry I was a bit vague but that’s what I meant. But yes, the narrator says “恋!” indirectly about JoJo and directly says JoJo becomes crazy about Erina.


It’s still Monday somewhere right? :sweat_smile:
I got so caught up in errands yesterday that I forgot. Sadly my errands were only a partial success…

Warning for this chapter: sexual assault

Chapter 4 Discussion/Comprehension Questions
  • How does Erina get back at Dio? How does she add insult to injury?
  • What was Dio’s goal when it came to Erina?
  • What tricks can Danny do?
  • What level of politeness does Dio use when talking to George?
  • How did JoJo’s and Danny’s relationship change from when George bought Danny to the current time in the manga? What caused that relationship to change?
  • How does the weather help set the tone before JoJo sees Erina? Hint: check the onomatopoeia at the top of the page.
  • What are the stakes of JoJo’s confrontation with Dio according to JoJo?
  • Do you notice anything odd about the 四字熟語 正正堂堂?
  • How do you feel after seeing that final panel in the chapter?

Just this chapter and one more left in this arc! The good news is (spoilers)after this Dio does somewhat less awful things. Or at least less awful for a 12 year old.


Dio is 12?? I know the years were there but I thought he was at least 16-18 because of the art style lol.

Ch 4 discussion questions

She washes her mouth in mud even though she could have gone to the river nearby because the implication is that Dio’s kiss is worse than mud >:)

I think it was his goal to make her avoid JoJo in the future because she was brought up to be a lady etc, therefore ruining JoJo’s life even further because they can’t be together.

Save JoJo from drowning? Edit: oh, you meant catching JoJo’s shoe lol.

Polite (ie. desu/masu), but not super formal/respectful. Speaking of which, I’m learning a bit of the humble/respectful forms right now and it is painful… >.>

Danny used to be super scared and aggressive, and JoJo was forced to dissuade Danny from doing that by scaring him off with a broom/throwing rocks, but then one day JoJo nearly drowned in a river, Danny saved him, and they were best friends after that.

Ominous thunder…

I think it was something like, if JoJo loses here now, he’ll live the rest of his life in fear, and Erina’s honor is also on the line.

Not really. The repetition? I don’t really get that panel & who’s even thinking there.

I think the second bubble means something like, if JoJo loses here, he’ll learn that he can’t win against Dio in a fight or in life?

Hey, JoJo finally beat Dio for once! But will George get mad at them for fighting in the mansion :stuck_out_tongue:

Read a bit of the older comments, I also think Dio is more interesting than JoJo right now, but I wonder if that’s going to change. (spoiler for later chapters) I got accidentally spoiled while checking the age 12 thing on the wiki and now know there’s going to be a time skip oops


I’m really surprised too!! I also thought JoJo and Dio were at least 16. I guess that’s why I perceived JoJo as being so goofy and naive for his age.

Chapter 4

He also closes doors and puts out small fires by using his body (wow).

I also find those painful and have trouble remembering a lot of the details :smiling_face_with_tear:

Is it odd that it’s written out completely instead of with repeaters like 正々堂々? Not sure what that would indicate though. @kuirin I was confused initially there too, but I’m pretty sure it’s Dio thinking in that panel, cuz of what he says on the left side.

The page before it (p.102) felt especially shocking, to see Dio get so beaten for the first time. And the last page felt like wow, JoJo actually getting the upper hand in a fight for once!

Speaking of memes, I think this moment is the JoJo meme I’ve heard of the most!

Poor Erina in this chapter. :cry:

Chapter 4 Replies

Yep! That’s it. There’s nothing to glean from it meaning-wise, but I think the editing company had a rule in the late 80s to not use the repeater mark because later we’ll see 人人, which is just really odd to see in that form to the point of natives saying people don’t write it that way.

And yes, it is Dio thinking. I think only Dio talks about himself as このディオ. Plus the other content. JoJo just wants a win whereas Dio wants to beat JoJo as thoroughly as possible.

Yep, although kudos to her for the revenge

Did more damage to Dio than words or a slap could’ve.


Life happened so I’ve been neglecting this a little. I’m gonna get back to this.


I hope things get easier for you! The club will be here whenever you’re ready

Chapter 4

The kiss scene is definitely iconic when talking about Jojo media, but man, poor Erina. She already got picked on by neighbourhood boys, she gets her first kiss stolen, and Dio even hits her (good on her for showing guts and cleaning her mouth with mud though!). If she’s 12 like the boys are at this time, with the mentality of back then, it’s probably quite tough for her - especially with the whole honor/shame situation going on.


Yeah, it’s pretty awful. I’m pretty sure it was implied either in 4 or possibly 1 too that her father is a single parent. So all around not so great life start.