アオハライド book club - Volume 4 (August 2020)

We’ll be reading volume 4 starting August 1st. Click here for the home thread.

アオハライド 4

Following the poll on the home thread, it looks like we’ll be shifting to one month per volume (unless we get a flood of votes by readers requesting we remain at two months).


Volume 3
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For all spoilers, please post the chapter number followed by blurred or hidden text:

for blurred text:
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Spoilers for chapter 14 stuff happens

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spoilers for chapter 15

More stuff happens


When reading a whole volume across a month, I like to pace it out to about one chapter per week. For those who’d like to join in this pace, I’ll post a chapter title page each week. For everyone else, please continue with the pace best suited for you =)


To keep a pace of one chapter per week, you’ll want to be sure to finish up this 42-page chapter by August 7th.


Oh man, I need to order more books! I just ordered books for the clubs to (supposedly) last me another two months, but now I am missing one volume for this club. Not complaining, I am enjoying this series


There comes a time when one has to consider buying a year’s supply in one go :wink:

(Not that I have experience doing so, as I buy digital when possible.)

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I have a tendency to buy too many books and not reading them so I have been holding back grinning


I also need to go buy the next couple of volumes… will probably have to start next weekend :slightly_frowning_face: I should’ve bought them in advance :sweat_smile:


The first 20ish pages of the volume are free to read on ebookjapan (and probably other sites too) if you want to get a head start before your copy arrives :grin:


I read this on ebookjapan today because I forgot to bring a book to work!

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If you try the ebook life you’ll never have to bring a book to work :eyes:

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No ebooks 246047986650578955


I got started on the first few pages on ebookjapan since it’s available, and I already several many things I don’t understand well :grimacing: (good thing I’m reading along in English).

Here's a sentence I really don't get (putting it in a folded section even though it's not very spoilery)

In like the third page, Kominato says “理解さんのはえーな” and it’s translated as “you’re really quick on the uptake” and I get that it’s a loose translation, but… what does さん mean here? And is はえー some colloquial way of saying はやい/fast ? Super confused by this sentence :sweat_smile:

I don’t have my copy with me, but was it not すん instead of さん?




Yes, it was すん :woman_facepalming: Thanks!

So both すん = する and はえー = 早い, in some sort of slang/casual speech? Or is すん some conjugated form?


Oh hey, someone just bumped this helpful thread! These are things that I’m getting better at understanding intuitively, but I’m glad I don’t have to try to explain them, haha.

ら row sounds can become ん when they precede a な row sound.

あい and おい at the end of words can become ええ


My thoughts on Pᴀɢᴇ.12:

Page 7

I hadn’t mentioned it before, but I really like how Kominato’s hairstyle is drawn.

Somehow, I’ve finally be able to remember his name! It helps that I’m familiar with the word minato (harbor). I’m trying to remember his given name, but whenever I think “Aya”, I picture:


Page 14


What exactly were you thinking the outcome of such an excuse was going to be…?

You have to plan these things in advance, and really leave the cellphone behind!

Page 19


Hilarious expression.

Page 28


That’s what happens when you just casually walk through your own house.

(I notice I’m mostly commenting on artwork. Once we get past the anime-covered material, I wonder if I’ll comment on content more?)

Page 43


Although I’m sure there are many exceptions, in my experience, random male students in anime/manga typically don’t have earrings unless 1) they’re a clear stereotype/trope character, or 2) they’re a main character. I don’t remember this guy from the anime. Now I’m wondering if the end of the anime was adapted from the manga, or written original to end the anime. (Guess I’ll find out soon enough!) Could Earrings Guy be a new main character ushering in an era of non-adapted material?

I’m still waiting for a bit more spotlight for Kominato. Right now Yuuri’s been getting it. And while what’s-her-name did get that flashback about how she came to fall in love with her sensei, I’m still waiting for her to get some spotlight, something other than just sitting there looking bored.

Page 46


I do like that what’s-her-name is the one with this line. She’s becoming a more active part of the group, rather than simply begrudgingly being pulled along. If we continue to see subtle growth like this, I’d really like that.


If you’re aiming to read a chapter per week, now’s a good time to make sure you’ve reached and started the second chapter of the volume.


It’s another 42 pages. Finish up by August 14th, and you’ll be on track to complete the volume by month’s end.


I still don’t have the volume, but I did read all the free pages on ebookjapan :grin: I will try to catch up next weekend (I should have the manga by then).

I also had a hard time remembering his name… but I have a hard time with most names anyway :sweat_smile:


Something I learned about myself and remembering names with anime (which may apply with manga as well) is that if I watch a whole series over a few days, I struggle to remember names. If instead I watch one episode every one or two days, stretching the series out over a few weeks, I remember names very well. (When I watched through the anime for アオハライド, it was quickly enough that I didn’t really take in any names aside from こう…)

I’m hoping that by splitting one chapter into two or three reading sessions per week (rather than one or two reading sessions every two weeks), I’ll improve at names.


If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to start reading the next chapter, to finish the volume in August.


It’s the usual 42 pages. I think this is the chapter that brings us pretty much to the end of the animated adaptation’s material.


Oh! It always amazes me how little the adaptations manage to cover