アオハライド book club - Volume 3 (June-July 2020)

We’ll be reading volume 3 starting June 1st. Click here for the home thread.


Volume 2
Volume 4 - coming August 2020


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Thoughts on PAGE.8:

Page 11

That third panel…
08_846731_846647_1_011_001 c

Page 12

I think someone is in love with being in love.
08_846731_846647_1_012_001 c

Page 14

Somehow, I don’t think this is really Futaba’s decision to 「いーじゃん」 about…

08_846731_846647_1_014_001 c

It reminds me of in Kiki’s Delivery Service, when Kiki’s mother asks if she took her father’s radio out without asking again:

Page 17: I had to work at that れれ in 「やれれば分かるよ!」 a bit to get it. やる → receptive やれる → conditional やれれば.

I initially skipped over it (figured I had the gist of what was going on), until I was lost on the dialogue in the next two panels. And I wanted to know what was behind Yuuri’s thought bubble (the 「女のコ…」).

Once I knew Futaba was saying “You’d understand if it was done to you,”, Kou’s line registered, “Yeah, but I wouldn’t do it to a girl.” (next panel) “To a girl.” And then Yuuri’s thought bubble made sense, “Oh my gosh, he totally sees me as a girl!”.

Page 19

Yup, this one’s gonna sting a bit.

Page 20: I’m assuming that 「帰りのHR」 means there’s homeroom at the start of the day and the end of the day, and this wording is used to refer to the second one. I wonder if that is because they’ve “returned” to home room, or because it’s the home room before they “return home”. (I’m guessing the former, but don’t have any clue.)

Page 21

08_846731_846647_1_021_001 c

Scene playing in Futaba’s mind:

106 c

Page 28: Oh, hey, I just learned the kanji 職! That tells me that the 職員質 is probably what I would know as the teacher’s lounge. I don’t know if I would have recognized it without the furigana, but I’ll take what I can get.

Page 31: Sorry Futaba, even though I didn’t know 嗅ぐ, I was able to easily figure it out from context. You are a habitual 嗅ぐer.

Page 38: When I saw this scene in the anime, and Kou said Futaba said まってて, I remember thinking, I don’t recall her saying that. I didn’t rewind to check, but with the manga, I did go back a few pages to confirm. So, if she did say it, she didn’t even realize it to the point that the reader doesn’t get to hear it.

Pages 41 ~ 49: I really liked this scene in the anime. It’s just as enjoyable in its original manga form.

I’m feel like I’m ready to jump right into PAGE.9, but I do have other manga to read, so I’ll hold off for today! Otherwise I might finish volume 3 by the end of the week…

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That’s a cute cover

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Really? That eye is haunting me. :flushed:


I love all of the Ao Haru Ride covers except this one :sweat_smile:. its probably the blush - that shade has a bit too much blue/purple in it to look natural

Volume 1 was my favorite

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it’s luminous :open_mouth:

the volume 1 cover is cute (though even there you can see the artist’s tendency towards slightly too-bright pink blush rearing its head)


Purple happens to be my favourite color

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Then you should join this book club cause half of the covers have purple blushies


Don’t judge a book by its cover

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When looking for a new manga to check out, judging by the cover is number one thing I do!

When Kobo (my e-manga store of choice) pops up new recommendations, if the cover doesn’t look interesting, I flag it as “not interested”. (In fact, I was doing that just yesterday…)


Indeed! It’s a great way to judge a book!


Not entirely related but Futaba is so cute (especially in this picture) which is one of the reasons I love her as a shoujo lead - she doesn’t have an inferiority complex, but also isn’t haughty or stuck up because she’s pretty. She’s just a normal girl. And Kou is just a normal guy too, not some prince charming. (I don’t know if you’ve read many shoujo before but this is really refreshing)

its such a subtle burn without being outright rude, I love it

I didn’t really think about it, but yeah I agree with the 帰り probably meaning returning home

someone please explain to me why 嗅 has the mouth radical but not the nose one smh

yeah I didn’t get that too. I’m guessing he meant she implied 待ってて because she 1. didn’t say it and 2. didn’t mean it

uwu. that scene really showed each them in a good light - Futaba being just really cute and pure in general and trying to be a good friend, and Kou being really patient with her despite her seeming really spacy

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I seem to be keeping a pace of about one chapter per week, but I expect that to slow with the Kiki re-read club starting up.

For now, I’ve completed PAGE.9.

Page 55

I like Kou’s cavalier “I bought it, so I’m gonna drink some.”

Page 57

08_846731_846647_1_057_001 oh
I don’t know which is funnier, the 「oh(オー)………」 being in English with its katakana furigana, or the 閉 being in its own word balloon. (How do we even pronounce that? I just accepted it as a meaning, but I think I read it as 「(ziiip!)」. Well, I guess that would be 「(シャッ)」.)

Page 75


It’s almost as if you’re a character in a story, and the author’s putting you through hardships…

Page 79

08_846731_846647_1_079_001 cropped

Her: That fateful moment when their relationship moves to the next level.

Him: Totally disconnected from and unconcerned with all those around him.

Page 92

I normally read away from an Internet-connected device, so I had to give up on ミスド and assume it was simply the name of a store. As it turns out, it is!

Apparently, the American doughnut store I know of as Dunkin’ Donuts was previously named Mister Donut, before being acquired by another company in 1990. The Japanese extension of the franchise retained the name Mister Donut (ミスタードーナツ).

Now I no longer have to wonder what was currently priced as 100円. When you don’t know what kind of store it is, it’s a big mystery what’s being sold at that price…




I’ve held off on starting Pᴀɢᴇ.11 until I do a write-up on Pᴀɢᴇ.10, so I should probably get to that.

Here are my thoughts on Pᴀɢᴇ.10:

Page 97

If you had a manga with a happy-go-lucky (and cute) main character, and one chapter ended with the jealous antagonist standing in the background, staring at her as she devises a nefarious scheme to use against the main character in the next chapter, this is what that final panel of the chapter would look like:

Page 104

Yuuri is strong. I hope the series explores a little the juxtaposition between the feelings she has on the inside (in general), and the persona she portrays on the outside.

Not much else for me to comment on. The nighttime scene threw me off a bit because of the black background between panels, since another series I’m reading does that for flashbacks.


I really like their relationship. It’s interesting to see them develop their friendship through the highs and the lows

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Omg the ending akkolul


I’m so far behind, I’m trying to catch up :disappointed:

I might end up just reading volume 3 in English and starting on the next one in Japanese but I feel like if I do that I will let myself fall behind on the next one too :sweat_smile:


It’s easy to fall behind when there’s just a two month interval and no check-ins


Having a post every two weeks for the next chapter certainly wouldn’t hurt. (I could do it, unless @konsei would like to.) Not a “you must read at this pace” requirement, but rather sort of a “don’t forget to keep reading!” reminder (with implied pacing for anyone who hasn’t kept up?)

I’ve also been meaning to check in with @konsei if we’ll keep at two-months-per-volume through the end, or eventually graduate to one-month-per-volume. I don’t mind either way.