今日のこねこのチー: Vol 4 Discussion

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Volume 4


Start date: April 9

Previous volume: Volume 3
Next volume: None, it’s the end of the series

Discussion Rules

  • Please use spoiler tags for major events in the current chapters and any content in future chapters.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun! :cat:

Reading Schedule

Week Start Date Chapters Pages
Week 1 April 9 Chapters 1-3 5-25
Week 2 April 16 Chapters 4-6 26-45
Week 3 April 23 Chapters 7-9 46-67
Week 4 April 30 Chapters 10-12 68-89

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Last volume!
And as far as I know there are no further plans to make more…

Though it is the end of the extra series, it still feels more final. On the last main series volume we still had these to look forward to =P

Oddly it will be my first completed manga series!
Yotsuba was, but I just got volume 15 in the mail today, and might be a new volume in a few years since it isn’t done, just slow :crazy_face:


To be honest, I don’t think I would buy them if more were coming ^^’

Yup, it’s a bit sad :crying_cat_face:
I do need to find something else that I will stick to… I’m clearly not reading enough but I don’t have the time T_T

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I’d want more of the original series, what happens next =P
But I do not crave for more Adventures books. I’ll finish the last one for a sense of completion, but if not for the reading group I would have stopped after the first chapter (I have enjoyed some chapters though, so glad we continued!)

I have the opposite problem! I have way too much to read, and can’t find the time/concentration to get though them all =P
The Fruits Basket group decided to stop (or at least pause) and I am glad, I can’t stop in the ones I myself asked for :rofl:

I’ll probably be a bit more picky about what future clubs I join (mostly ones I own already, or take special interest in) and try catch up on those I failed to keep up with/finish them in my own time.
I just have so much I’ll never get around to read if I continue buying new instead ^^;


Oh! Yeah, I would read that :3
Either in France or after their return.


I do have books to read but I never feel like reading them :x
I hope that it will be better once I’ll have less work at my job and can relax a bit but it won’t happen at least for a couple months :-/


You know the deal: I am late so here are 9 (:scream_cat:) chapters:

Ch1 (p5)

I don’t know why this question didn’t occur to me before but… where do these frogs even come from? Did we ever saw a pond nearby?
What was in that milk? :eyes:
Damn it! I should have read this chapter earlier, I wouldn’t have failed to burn 虹 this morning 🤦 (wrote にし instead of にじ u_u)

Ch2 (p12)

I’m not sure that running is such a good idea: sure, there already are cats ready to pounce but you will catch the attention of others while running.
クロのい, how can you do that!? :scream_cat:
He is possessed!
Of course u_u’

Ch3 (p19)

Did ヨウヘイ get younger? :thinking:

Ch4 (p26)

Ok 🤷

Ch5 (p34)

Hey, if the birds aren’t afraid of her when she hisses, she can hunt them easily :stuck_out_tongue:

Ch6 (p41)

ヨウヘイ, put your seat belt on! è_é
WTF would you take your cat to the ocean? :eyes:
I don’t like the face of this crab, don’t follow it, チー!

Ch7 (p46)

This lady is so nice with the cats that come “see” her.

Ch8 (p54)

It seems like ヨウヘイ only has the one t-shirt for the summer :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t be jealous, little human, you never had a chance :3

Ch9 (p61)


I could have waited another week and read everything at once :stuck_out_tongue:

This book is more like what I had in mind for this series (except for the parts where drugs are clearly involved :stuck_out_tongue:)


Heh, at least you aren’t alone!
Haven’t had the motivation to read yet XD
Seeing you having done so does motivate me (though I only noticed now)
I’ll see if I can catch up one of these days =)
I am fairly busy next few days, chances are I’ll just do the whole manga next week =P




Took me a while to learn Rainbow when it was new. Not quite leech, but took some fails before I finally got it, and failed it once or twice from Guru XD
I believe I have it now though, yet got excited when I saw it in use!

Consistency has not been their strength, so yeah, I sorta think so too!

Now he got older than ever, didn’t he?

I wonder if it was supposed to be a Tanuki leaf on CHi’s head, so “Tanuki Magic” made them share a dream?
Or drugs =P

I thought I could do the whole book in a sitting, nearly did too =P
But this is a good place to stop for tonight I think.
At least I caught up to where you were… 2 weeks ago -_-
I’m slow, sorry XD


Here I was, thinking about how I would point out that I wasn’t late for the last week, only to be late u_u’
Oh! well, at least it doesn’t change how much I have to read 🤷

Ch10 (p68)

Don’t turn around クロのい, you’re being followed! :eyes:
There’s always time for petting :stuck_out_tongue:
I wonder if this woman’s place will go out of business with how much she gives away to the cats xD
Good thing クロのい knew about the kittens following him and went back for them :slight_smile:

Ch11&12 (p76)

Nice ending I guess :thinking:
But why the heck did the parents yell at each other for a freaking picture? (I know… the “plot” u_u)

No problem; you’re not the only one ^^ (and I did not feel like reading these last chapters but I won’t progress in Japanese if I only read novels in English :eyes:)

It’s kind of sad that we finished reading everything :frowning:


Oh, I forgot to come back to comment. Read it long since XD

Cause bad writing has been a very clear thing in these four, with just the rare exceptions :rofl: