よつばと! Vol 7 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Ok, time to read this week’s chapter. :sweat_smile:
Gotta cut down on the distractions! xD


Ok! I think my doubt was solved by this:
Yotsuba answers with からいのってどれだ? Which is/are the spicy one(s)?

I was like, wth her head. :joy:


:joy: I remembered the 蛍光灯 joke in のんのんびより :smiley:

Is the store clerk just a huge baseball fan? :joy:

I know it’s Yotsuba and all, but I sometimes feel like, she didn’t even buy her dad anything. :frowning: :weary: Even kids understand that sort of thing. I know it’s more that the lady caught her by surprise asking her what she liked least, but still. u_u poor とーちゃん :cry:

That was a good chapter, though, really relaxing until that point.


Doubt she’s a clerk at the kombini. More like she’s just shopping while on a lunch break from her own work.

Not clear on where baseball comes into it.

Aye, you touched on it too, but she kept getting distracted at critical moments. Noticing the candy aisle while she’s trying to remember the eraser, getting asked which item she dislikes when trying to decide which candy to put back, and so forth.


Wait, thats not the store clerk right? I thought it was a random customer.

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I’m talking about the cashier. :joy: She says Home run and ぎりぎりアウト

I also blame the cashier a little, she asked Yotsuba if she was on an errand, to which the answer was yes. If you see a kid’s buying food and candy, you don’t tell them, “just don’t buy the food.”


Oh, right. It’s just that you put that comment next to the picture of the customer holding the fluoro tube…

Aye, it probably should have been apparent to the cashier that the purpose of the trip was the ramen - especially considering when Yotsuba walked in she explicitly said "I’m here to buy ramen."


A little late this time! (I was working and just remembered :sweat_smile:)

Discussion of Chapter 47 starts here.

Remember you can always ask questions about previous chapters.
Only 2 more weeks to go until we finish the volume! :smiley:
Is it just me, or it seems pretty fast looking back on it? :thinking:

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Oh yeah. I’ve been sitting here all day trying to remember what it is that usually happens on Mondays. “Aria? No, that’s Saturdays. Hmm…”

At long last, Yotsuba finally gets to visit the ranch. Shame about Yanda. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can someone explain Yanda’s goroawase on page 165? I don’t get it.

Yotsumoji of the week


I dunno why, but for some reason this is way funnier than the English version (in which she says “N. O.”, and Yanda replies “Why’d you spell it out?”). Perhaps it’s the incongruency of it.

Fairly sure this is the song Yotsuba’s singing on page 168, though I’m not sure the vowel elongation marks match the rhythm of the song. Took me an embarassingly long time to work out why the tune rang a bell - it’s an English song, is why.



That’s a classic.

A song in a lot of languages, Spanish too. (I think, but I can’t remember what it was)

I resorted to reading the English version, and…
I still don’t get it.

But I found some stuff online and…
I think it’s not supposed to make sense, sadly enough.
I even found a document (page 58) with notes from the English and German translator on that specific sentence.

You see, it's obvious

ている。“of summer”という追加された情報の根拠は注を読むと理解できるようになってお
り、「牛の日」を「丑の日」と読み替えたものであることが分かる。ただし、6 巻に 9 月を

But yeah, from what Google Translate could gather, in German and Japanese, Yanda is making stuff up, but in English they changed it so it had something to do with a day in Japan or something.

That was like 40 minutes of looking stuff up for this. :joy:


When I read it, I assumed he was spouting nonsense, and apparently that was a decent guess. I didn’t even know what a goroawase was.
The only thing I got out of it, that might make sense, has to do with the reading of 25日. Going off of the readings for 二十日 and 五日, you read 25 as はついつ. This is similar to the reading of 初市 (はついち), meaning the first market of the year. Plugging this in gives the day of the first market of the year, and therefore (with some imagination) the connection to cows. The obvious flaws are that I didn’t use 9月 at all, and that the readings aren’t exactly the same. Also, I’m not familiar with 初市 at all outside jisho, so i’m not even sure if it means what i think it means…

This is probably too far fetched, and it’s way more likely that he’s making stuff up, expecially after Kazzeon’s post. I just liked to entertain the thought (and post it, cause why not…) :sweat_smile:

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There is something called 土用の丑の日 (doyou no ushi no hi), or “Midsommer Ox Day”, once or twice every year in the period before autumn. For more information, see here in English or Japanese wiki. In any case, this day is in July or August, so it’s obviously never on September 25. (There’s another 丑の日 during Winter – that can’t be it, either.) So yeah, Jumbo is obviously talking nonsense.

What puzzles me however, is the ・ between the 「う・し」 which seems to indicate it was in fact supposed to be a pun, but I’ve thought about it for a long time with all possible readings of the numbers and days and it just doesn’t make sense, so I’m not sure.


What is this enormous tome? Next book club book? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the fact that Koiwai and Jumbo get so mad at him makes it sound to me like there’s an extremely obvious pun that they just failed to spot when they set the date, like if they’d coincidentally decided to visit the local botanic gardens on Greenery Day. I tried Googling it too, and got a bunch of people amused by it, some people running with it (“It’s cow day! Let’s eat yakiniku!”), but noone explaining it.

Maybe we should flag whichever Tofuguite whose job it was to come up with those weird goroawase day celebrations and see if they can make heads or tails of it.

Aye, in some ways, that almost confused me even more…

I went down the rabbit hole and came back with some crackpot theories on this pun

That dot in the middle also really bothered me. So I started searching up words that read う and し, like he’s making the one word, うし, into two words. し, as many of us probably know, can be written with the kanji 死, meaning “death.” That seemed like it had some comedy potential xD う didn’t turn up as much, but I did find that has this reading. This is the fourth Chinese zodiac sign, for the hare. I thought this was interesting because 丑, read as うし, is another Chinese zodiac sign (the ox), and also the kanji used to write 丑の日, which links us back to 牛の日. (This is like that six degrees of separation game).

…So then my theory was that Jumbo and Koiwai were born in the year of the hare, and Yanda is telling them that this is the day they’ll die xD Although I don’t know how on Earth we would know that, as the readers.

In the end, I think I like the archaic(?) version better: の日 xD

How does this connect to “it’s 9/25” you may ask? I actually don’t know. But since we know that 丑の日 is not on 9/25, we know that because it’s 9/25, today must be a different うしのひ.

See what I did with that summary title :eyes:

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I’m… pretty sure the dot just indicates he’s saying it spaced out for emphasis. う。し。


But why would he be emphasizing it like that, if it’s not supposed to be some sort of pun? And usually the dots are used to separate out katakana words - I think that’s why my mind went there. I don’t really think anything up there is right because it all felt pretty obscure, but I still feel like there’s something we’re missing.
Idk I’m also sick and not all there right now tbh. I’m probably spouting nonsense worse than Yanda :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think this may be one of those situations where if he said something random in English, we would all be like, “Yeah, that just makes no sense.” but since it’s in Japanese, we’re like, "What does it mean?"


Yeah…that’s probably it tbh. I do seem to have a lot of problems with things like that xD Japanese non-sequiturs really bring out my inner conspiracy theorist.
When does that phase of learning stop :upside_down_face:

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Thank you so much for that @Belthazar! I love the way she has changed the lyrics!

(Just like she did with the tulip song back in volume three!)

Page 165

Indeed! As you can tell from the response he gets in the next frame!

Ah, but that’s a good point too!

Edit: Someone asked about this very page on Hi-native a few years ago, and the replies are good….

Edit 2: Just asked my very own native-expert before she goes to bed, and she mentioned 土用の丑の日 but said that yes, it has nothing to do with September 25th and that Yanda has just put everything together wrong and is talking nonsense.


This is so cute, Yotsuba is so cute!

I feel like Yanda would get along well with Torako and Asagi.

This chapter made me realize that my friends treat me like Jumbo and とーちゃん treat Yanda, it’s a little sad. :joy: I guess that’s why I can relate.

A よつばと!and 銀の匙 crossover would be great!

I was going to say, this chapter’s really long if it starts here, but apparently I just missed the chapter start and was going to start reading next week’s chapter! Oops. :sweat_smile:

That was fun. :slight_smile:


Maybe that’s cause you keep teasing four-year-old girls. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Or five? I can never remember, thanks to that little episode in the bike-buying chapter…)