よつばと! Vol 7 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Is it? :thinking: I thought りゃ was れは, I guess it counts because of the dakuten?
Never mind, I remembered.


Page 75


Okay, the air-con is not operating in the picture, so I guess he’s saying “recently we haven’t had to use the エアコン”, but that grammar! Here’s what I’ve got…

使う - to use
使わない - plain negative form
使わなく - the い has been dropped and く added to make a conjunctive form from the negative
使わなくなった - the plain past of 成る, to become, has been added…. Lit: “became not to use”
使わなくなったし - finally, the し, which I think means “so…”

エアコンも最近 使わなくなったし - “so recently we haven’t even had to use the air-con”

Page 76

俺もいつまでも パンツ一丁では いられない… って事か…

俺 - I
も - also / even
いつ - when, how soon
まで - until
も - also / even
パンツ一丁 - (wearing only) a pair of underpants
で - with
は - subject particle???
いられない… - potential negative form of ‘to be’
って事か… - no idea at all!

“I don’t know how much longer I can keep wearing just my boxers”

I think I’ve got the meaning, but don’t understand any of the grammar!

Page 78

おにぎりか… じゃあそうするか
Onigiri right? Well, yes, we’ll do that, yes?


でも - but
うめぼし - pickled plum
は - topic marker
いれちゃだめ - 入れちゃだめ, must put in
だ - copula

But, it has to be pickled plum [onigiri]

Phew, no question here, worked it out as I typed it out (as I often do), but decided to post anyway!

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Wouldn’t it be https://jisho.org/word/要る? :thinking:
俺もいつまでも パンツ一丁では いられない…って事か
“Even I’ve only been needing one pair of shorts for a long time, huh?”
“I don’t know for how long I’ll only need one pair of boxers, (is the situation I find myself in,) huh?”

I’m surely wrong with the exact translation, but you sort of get it. :sweat_smile:

This is a little wordy :joy:
おにぎりか… じゃあそうするか
“Onigiri, huh? Then, shall we do that?”

入れてはダメ, putting (something) in is not allowed

“But no umeboshi!”

Then her dad says, “えー、おにぎりといえば、梅干しだろー”
“Eeeeh, if we’re talking about onigiri, it’s umeboshi, right?”

Then よつば explains why she doesn’t like it.

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Page 78

I see! I thought she was saying she wanted umeboshi and that she liked it because of the face people make when they eat it! In fact, she’s saying the opposite! So the 入れちゃだめ means “must NOT put in”! Thank you so much @Kazzeon! Nice one!

And what a great chapter! Thank you everyone!

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I see いつまでも as one phrase; always/forever.
I forget it is even made up of other parts =P

But same difference, the translation is still the same =)


New chapter starts today, right?

I just want to share a little fun fact from the Yen press (I totally missed it! )

Page 93 image

Not really a spoiler, neither for story nor translation, but added under drop down anyway just to be safe =^_^=
Just a fun fact. I didn’t notice on my first read through =)


Yes, I noticed that too! (Was waiting till we hit the chapter to mention it). But I didn’t know it was an actual brand! Amazing!

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Sorry about that! I’m in the process of fixing my schedule so that meant not being awake at 12:00 :sweat_smile:

Discussion of Chapter 45 starts here. :stuck_out_tongue:

Remember you can always ask questions about previous chapters.
This chapter looks interesting, so let’s go! :smiley:
(Not because it’s a 風香 chapter or anything. :zipper_mouth_face:)


I completely missed it! But in the English version I noticed because of the text =^_^=
And fun fact that it exists! =D

And in case someone wonders what Shimau got translated to, Miss Stake (yes, in two words, as if it was a Miss Name :wink: Yotsuba on the other hand say Mistake to her, in one word) I think it was a nice and creative way of handling it =)

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Chapter 45!

Page 81

ぱちしえ - no problems, I got it! It’s Yotsuba’s pronunciation of パティシエ, as per page 87, picture 3!

Page 85

スパイか…? Are you a spy?
ぎゅうにゅうやさんか…? {something} milk?

And ideas about that やさん?

Page 86

Okay, so the new girl’s name is しまうー? Which is the Japanese for “an action that has taken place unintentionally often with unsatisfactory results” and is often used to swear, as in しまった!, right?

Thank you @Toyger for giving the English translation, Miss Stake, which is brilliant! But I wonder…… Is it really possible for しまうー to be someone’s name in Japanese? Even as a nickname? The only nicknames I’ve heard are just those where you shorten the name and add -ちゃん. Clearly, I need to get out more!

But likewise, I don’t think I’ve ever heard her family name, ひわたり, either. Is there by any chance any joke in there that I might be missing?

Page 87


Can someone help me break this down? I think it is the explanatory particle, then で, then “chef”, then the quotation particle, then the slang version of to say, then より.

“Because I’ll say something like a “chef”” is my best guess.

Page 88


So Yotsuba declares her love for Fuuka (oh, the power of ケーキ!) and then Miss Stake says, my guess, “ah, [but you] are already going out with someone”. Is that right? And what does っちゃいな mean?

And I love the picture of Ena popping her head round the door to ask if they are really making cake!


You did? I confess I thought it was a little bit perplexing. Possibly less perplexing now that I actually know some Japanese, perhaps…

牛乳屋さん. Milkman

No, that’s not really a Japanese name. Couldn’t say why it’s not - it just doesn’t sound right.

It’s not one of the hundred most common surnames in Japan, but neither is it completely unheard-of. For example.

Gonna need to get my hands on my copy before I can answer your 87 and 88 questions.


Brilliant! Now you say it, now I see it! (And hilarious too!) Thank you @Belthazar!

I didn’t think so! Thanks for the confirmation!

Brilliant! Nice one! Much appreciated! Thank you again!

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The other parts are important for this one!
よつば asks if 風香 is playing chef, and 風香 says:
“I’m not making hamburgers, and instead of (saying; calling me) chef, (I’m a) patissier!”

It may be that I just learned this and I’m trying to apply it to everything I see, but I think:
“Ah, go out already!”

付き合う - to go out with
ちゃう - to do completely
な - do (​imperative; used with masu stem verb)
“go out!”

I may also just be wrong, nothing new there. :joy:

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There’s also his other manga, Azumanga Daioh, where a character’s nickname is Osaka, because well, she’s from Osaka.

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Thank you so much for all of that @Kazzeon! Really helpful, useful, stuff! Thank you!

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I’m used to nicknames in Anime. I’ve even seen stories where one character tells another the best way to make friends is to give them nick names to show familiarity (and they botched it by giving hurtful ones… ^^; )

Nicknames I’m used to from Naruto; Bushy eyebrows (I think they use it more than his real name, or at least Naruto does), Forehead (teasingly, she hates it), Fat (actually complimentary XD ), Mr. Octopus and so on. Those are just the ones I can recall at the top of my head, from one anime =P

Also, I love Potato Girl from Attack on Titan :rofl:
Eat a raw potato once, and it will forever be your nickname (and a running gag in the gag version)

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I can imagine! If I had a mate do that, I’d forever cal him “spud” for sure! I oughtn’t be surprised it’s the same in anime! Cheers @Toyger!

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Our previous prime minister once ate a raw onion, skin and all. It didn’t earn him a nickname, but it certainly got him a gasp of collective national horror, and an internet meme.


The Swedish King, The word for “the King” is “Kungen” in Swedish. He managed to miss spell it once; Knugen
He is forever called Knugen now =P



Ok, finally read the chapter. That last panel…

I want to know how the cake tastes.

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