よつばと! Vol 5 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Yotsuba’s folding on page 60 bugs me. She’s doing that on purpose, isn’t she? (In all seriousness, though, there is something weird about the second fold, but I can’t quite work out what she’s done. There should be two free corners at the top, but instead you can see the edge of the paper is unbroken. Think she’s folded down from the top corner like she’s making a paper aeroplane, rather than folding the bottom corners up to the top, though if she’d done that, the bottom edge would look different.)

What’s the kanji in Yanda’s floating comment in the first panel of page 72?

Reckon he’s reading out the instructions, and he’s up to step four, where you fold down only one of the flaps, not both.

Here’s a set of online instructions with a similar phrasing (step four, again): https://origamisho.com/archives/1213 (Had to search through several results before I found one with the right words. :stuck_out_tongue:)

Literally everything that Yanda has done since he’s arrived has established him as a terrible person, and a stranger who should not have even been allowed into their house. I mean, he even offered her candy, and then took it back again. The guy is even more of a brat than Jumbo. Of course she’s going to lash out at him.

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I’m thinking it’s 忍耐力, which Jisho lists as fortitude or perseverance. The sentence might be “This requires patience”?


Just to clarify, Yotsuba’s dad’s side comment on page 63 panel 5 is referring to how Yotsuba goes to the neighbor’s house to get ice cream right?

Overall, this chapter was pretty easy to read, no real difficulties. Maybe my comprehension is increasing!


I might go get some.

I thought that he was like, “Might as well.”
Then he says, “Only for today, it’s special.”

After thinking about it for a little longer, he’s probably saying:
“She might go get some (ice cream from the neighbor’s), again. (If I don’t buy some)”

Mostly because of もらい.


Page 86

Wow, that was the fastest I’ve ever read a chapter of Yotsuba, just one sitting! I was just driven by the fun and mad energy of it! And, of course, やんだ has instantly become my least favourite character!

I’m sure there was lots I didn’t understand as I raced through this one, but I’m most curious about くんな, which must be 来んな.

Jisho tells me that the negative imperative of to come or to come back is くるな, so where does Yotsuba get くんな from, it is just the slang-ed down abbreviated version?

Also, dare I ask, what is うめ on page 83?

Poor Yotsuba.


The slang seems to be the problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

くんな -> 来んな -> 来るな
This is relatively common, we also see it in はいんな -> 入んな on page 70 and 71.

Quoting myself, if I may:

We see here that やっていられない becomes やってられない and finally やてらんない.
So, we can gather that R sounds, that is, れ and る (at least), become ん before N sounds.
It’s a way to say less, I’d say, because of how sounds work.


In this case, he’s saying, “I will go to the convenience store, okay?” Instead of 来るな as you would think.

We see it twice here, in 何すんだ being 何するんだ, and 入んな again. :slight_smile:

Here, for example, he’s saying, “Why are you eating cup ramen in my house?”
The important part here is 食ってんだ -> 食っているんだ

もうかってんの? -> もう買っているの? “Did you buy it already?”

This applies to most other cases as well:
We have 買っているの drop the い -> 買ってるの, then る becomes ん to form 買ってんの.

There are a lot of examples. :slight_smile:

うめ is another like すげー, うまい -> うめー, すごい -> すげー, etc.


Wow! What an amazing reply!
Thank you so much Kazzeon!
Much appreciated! Thank you!


I am reading this chapter again. The only word I had to look up is on page p72/2: 給料日(きゅうりょうび)payday

Any idea what panel p72/3 is supposed to mean? Is Koiwai-kun asking where Yanda is working? And the company is called 大西?

I like everything in this chapter. This is the worst kind of introduction of a character. Like @Belthazar mentioned, Yanda really did everything wrong and the rivalry between the two “kids” (p84/2 子供がふたり…) is legit. :smiley:

She is folding wrong. Though sometimes it results in a piece of garbage. Sometimes in a samurai helmet. :stuck_out_tongue: I wish I could fold like Yotsuba.


Where was it, again?

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Guess that means you’re a bad guy, just like Yanda. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is to say, it’s うまい = delicious

It’s not that she’s not following the instructions that’s bugging me, it’s that she’s folding everything not quiiite square.

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Hey, folding’s tough. :sweat_smile:


I want to read it as a super-weird Joyo.

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ノロッコ’s Bizarre Adventures

Page 71, first panel.

What is yanda saying?

I understand the このがき. But what about the rest?


Is it 行って?

And I cannot quite descypher the grammar of the なにすんだ. After some thought, it look like なに(を)するのだ. Or something like that ?


Hey friends, I’m back and updated that Chapter 30 vocab link. I read Ch29 on the plane and am planning to go through 30 today!


“It hurts!”

Yep. :slight_smile:



on the next page, what does デロデロにする mean? I found not a single understandable hit on google or the dictionary!

Just to make sure, do you have the vocab spreadsheet?
I found it here. It’s supposed to mean soggy, which is understandable in the context of ramen.


Ah! Sure, sorry. I was not aware of it and being on the phone in a bus does not help.


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