よつばと! Vol 10 Discussion Thread (Yotsuba&! Reading Club)

Okay! Time to read Chapter 63. :smiley: (Always on time.)

I love these small details. :relaxed:



Ah, yes. Classic とうふ meals.

image image

Blatant lies! 新記録だったのに!

But it was a short and simple chapter. :slight_smile:


Discussion of Chapter 64 starts here.

よつばとホットケーキ! :pancakes: :eyes:

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Another chapter to not read while hungry. We used to make pikelets on a semi-regular basis, but it’s been a while since we did. Crepes, too - we have a crepe maker. Maybe I should make some sometime…

Near as I can tell, こどもひつじとホットケーキ is not a real book.


Just loved this little hidden interaction! :rofl:


pops in to gush about the art on the chapter title page
Japanese alleys are so aesthetic :3

pg48 - rude
pg 56 - I think pancake-flipping just became an extreme sport xD

When I was in Japan most recently, I had the most amazingly fluffy pancakes I'd ever eaten


But I just realized that I forgot to eat a crepe D:::::::


Sorry for the wait!

Discussion of Chapter 65 starts here.

よつばと ジャンボ! :smiley:

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Page 69, bottom panel: He said that on purpose! In the panel just above, I can feel Yotsuba’s father just waiting for the right moment.

Reading through this on my tablet, I typically zoom in to see the kanji closely, which means I’m not seeing ahead to what’s later on the page. After Jumbo tasted the pancake, my thought was, he should have Yotsuba try a bite. Great reaction (and response?) on Yotsuba’s part =D

When Yotsuba’s reading from the book, it’s interesting to see how Azuma (the writer/artist) chooses to portray hiragana and katakana in Yotsuba’s speech. In this case, ちー and たー while sounding out what is undoubtedly written in katakana in the book, then being spoken in katakana once she recognizes the word. (And her face in the last panel on that page looks about right. That’s how you know you’ve given just the right gift.)

Back when I read this in English (so long ago that I don’t remember most of it), my nephews were roughly ages 3, 1, and not-born-yet. Now that they’re almost-11, 8-and-a-half, and just-turned-6, I have an extra appreciation for this chapter.


I like those photos.

Sleepy Yotsuba has seen some stuff.

Well, yeah. He announces his intent in the second panel on the same page. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what happens when I read it Sunday and comment on it Monday… Ahem, carry on.

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Time to cheer up a bit with Chapter 64. :slight_smile:

Homemade pancakes are usually fine, but I once had some iHOP cheesecake pancakes, and they were probably the best I’ve had. There were big chunks of cheesecake inside the pancake.
:cheese: :drooling_face: So creamy.

New word: ひっくり返す
I figured it from context, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have trouble with this sometimes. :sweat_smile:
Of course, I don’t just spill the bag, but I have to be careful.

Haha! :joy: That’s what I was going to say. :smile:

I’m sorry! :sob: It probably still tastes good.

ホットケーキ大好きマン! :rofl: What a nice dad. :blush:


And now for Chapter 65! :smiley:

I forgot it was a ジャンボ chapter. :open_mouth:

Mhm. I agree.

Oh my God. This chapter. :rofl:


A real artist. :cry:


チンする: to microwave. へー。:eyes:

Hahaha! :sweat_smile:

Hnnnng. My heart. :persevere:

Next is a 風香 chapter, hell yeah! :blush:


I think we have at least 2 風香 chapters ahead of us! :smiley:

Discussion of Chapter 66 starts here.

Just noticed “This topic will close 10 years after the last reply.” Whew, better not let it get inactive.

Anyway, I’m honestly curious as to what Yotsuba thinks she’s doing on page 96. That’s the hand gesture for working out the cross product in mathematics (or really, any right-handed coordinate system) - if you point your thumb along the first vector and your index finger along the second, your middle finger points the direction of the third - but for some reason I’m not sure Yotsuba is doing advanced mathematics just yet. And where does she pull that drawing from?

I love Fuuka’s expressions on page 99. And the first panel of 100.

Page 101… why bowling?

Cliffhanger! そんなバカな!


I feel like it has to be :ok_hand:, doesn’t it? It’s like she reversed the fingers that are supposed to be making the circle. (At first, it reminded me of a messed-up sign language K, but that seems quite unlikely for a number of reasons xD)

I love how on pg 97 Jumbo’s like “uhhh what animal is this?” and then Yotsuba tells him and he’s all “oh, yes, of course, best drawing, such skill” xD
pg 99-100 was so cute ^^
Omg, the drama in those last couple panels :rofl: Yotsuba should go into acting. I would watch it.

Yotsuba/Detective Conan crossover?


SO much better!!! =D
But seems to only be new threads or something, my Graded Readers thread is still on 1 year! D=


I thought it was barely Monday. :cold_sweat:
(I’m trying to fix my schedule, so my time is all messed up.)

Discussion of Chapter 67 starts here.


I also forgot to put the links on the first post, whoops. :sweat_smile:


It’s gonna be Wednesday in a couple of hours. :stuck_out_tongue:

But finally, we get to resolve the cliffhanger!

Previously, on Yotsubato: そんなバカな!!

And now, the continuation: ぱたん つぎだ!

Oh. Ok, then.

Having a working electrical shaver just sitting there to try out kinda… unnerves me. Like, how many people have used it before? How much disgusting hair is in there?

I want a massage chair, now…


You don’t count! :joy:

That’s exactly what I thought.
I guess it’s less to try out, but sure if you want to, and more to see if it works, try different speeds/settings/idk.
I (wanted to) imagine they clean them every day, but (I know they probably never do, but) still.

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It’s gonna be Wednesday in Japan in a couple of hours now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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