なぜ?どうして?科学のお話 - Section 1 Discussion Thread, Completed!

Section 1 - からだのお話 Reading Thread

Start date: Feb 1
Pages: 16 - 49
(new edition)
[For folks having the old edition - substract 8 to get the number in your book]

Main なぜ?どうして?科学のお話 thread: Here.
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Discussion guidelines

  • Please make sure to mark the page number on top of your post. For the sake of clarity, let’s follow the numbering in the new edition.

Vocabulary sheet

Kindly created by @frayderike, to be found here.

For ebook readers

Last lines of each page

Kindly provided by @marcusp:
16 - ほかの 毛と 同じように,
17 - ながれていきます。まゆ毛は
18 - やくわりを しているのです。[end of chapter]
19 - [picture of running and golf]
20 - あって 指先に 力が
21 - だんだんと 指先の 方へと
22 - する ことが 大切です。[end of chapter]
23 - 小さくなった 食べ物は,
24 - [picture of digestive system]
25 - えいようを とりこみやすく
26 - 出たら、ちゅういしましょう。[end of chapter]
27 - ひふを つきさして 血を
28 - そこで カは、血を
29 - ために つかうのです。[end of chapter]
30 - あって、こまりますね。
31 - むねに ある「はい」を
32 - すいこまれた いきが、のどの
33 - 水を のんだりすると よいようです。[end of chapter]
34 - へやは、ねばねばした
35 - なった「ウイルス」の
36 - 鼻からも 出てくるのです。[end of chapter]
37 - とかされてしまう 病気です。
38 - 歯を とかしてしまうのです。
39 - 歯を まもってもらいましょう。[end of chapter]
40 - と いう こい 茶色の つぶが
41 - やくわりが あるのです。
42 - どんどん 黒くなるのです。[end of chapter]
43 - [picture of playing ball on the beach]
44 - もう その人は 立てません。
45 - おさえていると、それが できないのです。
46 - 重心が あるため、あなたの
47 - 「右足が うごかなくなる〜。」と 言いましょう…。
48 - 力を ためしてみてくださいね。[end of chapter]


  • I am reading according to the schedule :partying_face::confetti_ball:
  • I might jump in at some point :tada:
  • I am dropping the book :balloon:

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Thanks for creating the section thread! I’m really looking forward to this book club.

Can you maybe add an info about the last lines of pages for ebook readers? @marcusp kindly wrote them down for the first two sections, I think. Maybe you can copy & paste the ones for the first section into the first post?


Done :wink:



Quick tip: if you call the winky face with :wink:, that’s six characters right there. :stuck_out_tongue:


The vocab list is awesome, you guys rock. Very useful for when they use full hiraganas instead of kanjis you’d know, making sentence structure confusing.


For those on Bookwalker, the first page is 22 and last page is 46


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I am off of work tonight and I am going to sit down with a dictionary and try to work my way through the pages!


Hey guys! This is my first book club ever! I am happy to join it!
I am not sure about the pace of reading. Do we read one page each day?


Yes, it’s one page a day. But feel free to comment on any pages read up to the current date (So no worries talking about page 16 tomorrow, or even next week. But please refrain from discussing upcoming pages before the deadline).

We will assume the day starts at the same time as Japan day (just for the sake of synchronizing) :wink:

More info in main thread description: here


Please cross check with the table of last words per page in the first post though, that looks like it corresponds to three pages in the physical version.

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Page 16 New Edition
Had the pleasure of being off work today so I’m spending my morning at a new coffee shop. Did my reviews and now starting this first chapter, very exciting :slight_smile: The first sentence was pretty easy, but the second is tripping me up a bit.

おとなには、まゆの かたちを ととのえたり、かいたりしている ひともいます。
My understanding is that it says something along the lines of “In order to get ready, adults draw on their eyebrows”? That’s the “feeling” I get. Anyone get something different that can explain the grammar a bit better? I’m mostly parsing the vocabulary and making sense of it that way while I get a hang of grammar stuff.


Wait, is there a reason we don’t start at page 1 ?
Also why do I find the page 16 reference line (listed by @marcusp) on the page 100th ? (kindle)
and why does the sentence translated by @froobisu ont he post right above shows on page 97 for me ?
I don’t understand anything :see_no_evil:

The first few pages are the table of contents (もくじ if I remember the word correctly). There’s also some spreads with pictures (from the tissue box onwards) at the beginning of the new version of the book (and the ebook) which are not available on the old version of the book, so we’re not doing those (though there is some discussion about them in the home thread of the book club).

And there’s no pages in kindle, you must be looking at the “location” which does not correspond to actual pages in physical books. Indeed, location 100 is roughly where the end of page 16 is.


Page 16 (in the new edition of the physical book) should be the first page of the first “story”. It looks like this in my book:

I’m not sure why you’re seeing things on later pages. Maybe they’re not labeled by actual page numbers.


Ah so that’s why… kindle system is quite confusing.

Thanks a bunch for the picture, I found it on “location 95”. If anyone else struggles with kindle like me, that’s the place.

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P16 NE

I read it as : Among adults, some people even arrange or draw on their eyebrows.
or, more literally : concerning adulthood, there are also people who arrange or draw the shape of their eyebrows.
what do you think ?


Yes, I think it’s about three pages worth in the ebook. I’d been quite worried about the amount to do till I realised that!

There should be a table of contents on the kindle that lets you skip straight to the right section! On the iPad app you can access it via a ☰ icon at the top left, and on a physical kindle you can access it via the GO TO button at the top right.


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Yea I just found out about that thing after messing with the software a little bit. Thanks though, this is really how to solve the whole problem.


I’d say that makes sense! Our understanding seems to be similar so I guess I’m not crazy lol.
As a side note, I’m more used to translating dialogue in manga and video games so far. It’s a little different to look at these types of sentences. But I guess that’s a good thing!

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