なぜ?どうして?科学のお話 / Absolute Beginner Bookclub

Boy I can’t wait to see everyone’s translation because the first page already has me puzzled.


I bought the book as soon as I saw this topic and even marked it on my calendar to be ready to start reading when the time arrives! My grammar is rubbish because I struggle to find the discipline to sit down and chug-a-lug through Genki on my own in the evenings after work. I’m really hopeful that a reading club will spark some retention and reinforcement! Excited to learn with you all!


Since this is my first book club: I saw that we will have sub threads for each chapter. Does the one for the first chapter already exist?


Book arrived today! Crazy fast shipping, the logistics of getting a singular book from a warehouse in Yokohama to my doorstep in Michigan in 36 hours still blows my mind. Anyways, excited to start Saturday!


I don’t think there is a thread for the first chapter yet, at least I haven’t seen it (and I’ve been following this thread since I decided to join the club a couple of weeks ago).

Many apologies for the delay in creating the first discussion thread; it’s now ready for all your posts come Feb 1st! :slight_smile:


Just got the book on bookwalker! But it’s nearly 02:30 AM so i’ll start in the morning.


Is it just me or is the Kindle/Ebook version of this horrible? Is this an Amazon Kindle for PC app issue? It’s my first book with Amazon Japan instead of Honto, so I’m not sure what’s at fault here.

There’s an annoying straight line going with the words and everything is clickable and when clicked it jumps me through the book lol. Help.

Oh and how do you zoom with this?

That’s the table of contents, I was confused by the same thing lol. Skip ahead to location 95 or so and you should have normal text. Or alternatively, open the table of contents menu and go to the からだのお話 section.

Idk about zooming on pc, but I can zoom on images on the android app, plus change font size.


Lmao wow thank you. :flushed: :joy:
I thought it was kind of like a manga in terms of format and not a book with resizable font, haha. I should have bought this physical probably. :sweat_smile:

But hey, I finally gave buying ebooks from Amazon Japan a try and it worked! Yay.

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Ah, yep there’s also the colored pages 8-16 (the ones not in the old book) that make it seem like a manga. I remember getting the sample before buying the book and being very confused :confounded:

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Not sure where you’re based, but I just bought on iBooks…if you have an Apple device.

Rakuten books and ebookjapan are the only two I really use.

I know you said you didn’t want to buy on Amazon - is it because of the hassle of getting set up? Because of the kindle apps? Or another reason?

I found it annoying to get set up with an Amazon.co.jp account, but aside from a free Tenso.com forwarding address (somewhere in Tokyo) and a free Tunnelbear.com VPN (choosing a Japan server), I haven’t run into issues - it works with my European credit card, and I use the VPN during purchase just to make sure I don’t get blocked (apparently you don’t need it every time, but I prefer to be cautious).

If you really can’t get the ebook, would you buy a physical book? Amazon.co.jp will ship outside Japan…

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Ok sorry, it wasn’t clear for me that the blocking point was really in setting up the account (you also said you didn’t have a Kindle for Japanese books…). There is a great guide somewhere on these forums about doing just that though, that’s how I got mine set up. :blush:


Sorry to hear you might not be joining us then! :pensive:


You could try Honto. You don’t need to enter any address and they don’t have any IP restrictions for purchases. You’d just need to download their Windows app to be able to read it. It’s not IP restricted either (unless their Android app)… oh, and you can’t extract the file, so you have to use their app, but it’s working very well.

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If you’re still interested, how about trying BookLive? I wrote about it earlier in this thread, you don’t need to use VPN or provide a Japanese address! :smiley:

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Does anyone who has the physical book fancy sharing the words of each page of the next section in the same way MarcusP did before? It’s made it a lot easier for us ebook readers to keep track of where we are.

@zuzu I don’t know if you are still around. We haven’t seen you since just after the book club started. Would you like someone else to set up the next thread in a few days?


50 - 何度も、このように 毛づくろいを
51 - からだに ついた ノミなどの
52 - からだを なめると いわれています。
53 - そこに においの つぶを くっつけて
54 - 食べ物の においや、 なかまの イヌが
55 - 鼻を 生かして、大活やくしています。 (pictue of a guard with a tracker dog)
56 - それで、「ナマケモノ」と 名前が つけられました。
57 - 木の えだに ぶら下がった ままです。
58 - コケが 生えてしまう ことも あります。
59 - 木から 下ります。ふんを するためです。
60 - いう わけでは なさそうですね。
61 - 先までの 長さが 四十メートルほど、おもさは
62 - じつは、きょうりゅうの たまごの 化石か (oh boy, dinosaurs at last)
63 - 丸っこい ものや、細長い カプセルがたの ものが
64 - 歯が すりへっていまう。この ことから、
65 - 子育てを して いたと 考えられて います。 (picture of dinosaurs)
66 - くらす 動物は、ほかには アザラシくらいしか
67 - あたたまった 空気が たまって、外の つめたい
68 - 海の 中を へいきで およぐ (diagram of penguin feathers)
69 - さむさから みを まもるのです。
70 - 日がけの くらい 地面では 黒っぽい
71 - では、カメレオンは どうして からだの 色が
72 - 色に なれる わけでは ないのですね。
73 - (full-page Where’s Wally type image)
74 - じつは 水道の 水には 「えんそ」と いう、
75 - 「さんそ」を からだの 中に とり入れています。
76 - キンギョにも ザリガニにも あんしんな 水に なります。
77 - ふくろで スミを つくって、
78 - まるで 「えんまく(けむりのまく)」を はって にげる
79 - できから にげる わざが ちがうのですね。
80 - その 中に きょ大な 鳥、ロック鳥の あしに
81 - しかし、せの 高さが なんと 三メートル。
82 - 二かいの ベランダにも とどくほどでした。
83 - なぜ いなく なってしまったのでしょう。
84 - 今では 一羽も 見る ことが できないのです。


Wow, thanks @Belthazar!! I didn’t realise the next section was so long. I hope it didn’t take you too long. That’s going to be so helpful though! Thanks again!

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