I finally hit level 20!


YAY! I’ve been wanting to reach this goal for so long and I finally did it :slight_smile: I had to restart a few times and I had a few life events that really stalled me from getting here, but I’m happy to say that I’ve finally hit my goal.

I’m so excited to start READING MORE now! I’m currently doing the Absolute Beginner Reading Book Club. What else should I be doing at this point? Should I be doing Bunpro? Am I at the point that I can start reading NHK Easy or watching TH with subtitles? :smiley: I’m just so excited to start consuming more native content. Any advice from anyone who has hit level 20 on what I can do/what to do to keep the momentum going would be really appreciated.

Yayyyyy!!! And now, back to lessons/reviews :sweat_smile:


Hi. :slight_smile:

If you aren’t doing any grammar yet, now would be a good time to start.
Reading is fun. And also, keep doing reviews, even if you don’t feel like doing lessons.

Also, I’ve only been 20 for a little week. And I only do a lot of grammar and vocabulary study at the time. Others might have more helpful tips. looks around in anticipation.


how long did it take you since the last restart?
I see you joined in december 2017. I am taking really slow, as you said, life sometimes gets in the way. Glad to see there is hope for me in the end as well :smile:


I am currently doing bunpro and wanikani together. I am not having problems i am only doing a little of both. I recommend doing that if you have no problem going slow. Other than that. If you don’t mind doing a lot of review or going at fast pace. Then i think you can do that too (i guess).


I tried Bunpro but could never get the hang of it. Maybe it was just to advanced for when I started

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I am only doing 3 lesson every day. I guess you can do youtube with other resources. If you don’t understand. I didn’t go far yet in bunpro to tell about it is effectiveness.

Yay to us level 20s! Just got there today as well.

Regarding NHK Easy: I´ve been using it since level 15 and since then it has been really helpful to me. In fact i´d argue that it is becoming TOO easy, so i´m currently trying to do a playthrough of ace attorney in jp (which seems challeninging but doable at this level). So yeah, if you haven´t already - definitely start reading NHK Easy now! :wink:
Don´t miss out on grammar though, it´s super important to know the jlpt 5 and 4 grammar points for starting to read native content (that isn´t curated and aimed at learners) imho.

On to the next billion quazillion kanji!



For grammar I recommend Human Japanese, not because it is the best or more complete but it is the fastest way to get a bare bones grammar knowledge. If you are not using the phonetic-semantic extension on Wanikani I strongly suggest it. I’m a bit lazy and only after level 50 I started comfortable with reading but this is because I have zero patience to look up the meaning of words.

high five
Hey congrats! I hit 20 myself a few days ago.

I am currently going through the Genki I book while simultaneously adding the corresponding items in Bunpro.

We’re already a third of the way in! 2/3 left we can do this!

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Congrats on hitting level 20! You’ve earned it. At that stage, I read some easy Japanese novels and that helped improve my reading speed and knowledge of how kanji are used in context. Good luck!


I think I restarted about a year ago? I don’t exactly remember when to be honest…

Yeah! Thanks for this. I was also going to ask, are there any extensions I should look into at this point? I haven’t been using any so far but I thought now might be a good chance to start looking into some!

Congrats! If you ever feel overwhelmed with WK, one piece of advice: never fully stop. Slow your pace down as much as needed, but don’t stop, since it will be so much harder to get back going after a few weeks or more. I’ve lot’s of experience with that :smiley: To Level 60 and beyond!

You’re almost dead and 1/3 of the way to the cake, congratulations! I’ve used Bunpro a bit, but I personally find using two SRS systems to be too much for me to keep up with. Have you used textbooks at all?

I’m pushing to get to Level 20. Can’t wait to be in Hell with you haha! I want to read more myself and hoping to get a better routine down to do it. Congrats! おめでとう!

I use Bunpro, went through all of N5 quite slowly, and about to start N4 (hopefully tonight). I’m also about to start Genki - bought it a few days ago but been busy.

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