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Waaa I’m already on track to fall behind on this :sob: I’m only at episode 2, watching without subtitles (and only understand maybe 50%) but I want to go back and watch with subtitles to fill in the gaps. Hopefully after midterms I can catch up and join in on the chats. I’m enjoying it though!

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Well, you can watch with subs as well. I did first time round. This is my third rewatch I think. :slight_smile: In any case, ask away if there’s something you get stuck on. ^^


I was just curious about how much I would be able to understand. It helps they talk pretty slowly and clearly :sweat_smile: I have a generally idea of what’s going on, but I lose details (and the puns haha)

I might have to take you up on that at some point!


Welcome to the forums. This site is not legal so it would be best if you removed the name and link from your post. The mods have had to intervene about it several times already. Just use the official sites streaming this show.

My apologies. I’ve just heard of it as an alternative. Either way, count me in.


The site claims they are legal, but that does not make it so, I’m afraid.

Glad to have you onboard! :slight_smile:



Just rewatched this bit before I watched ep.5 and he says きゃたつ (脚立) which means stepladder… I guess we were focusing on the wrong part of the image :sweat_smile:


hahaha XD I guess so. Goes to show how easy it is to mishear something and you’re off looking for the wrong thing. ^^’ Thanks for clearing that up! :slight_smile:


Since it’s Sunday, I’m being lazi and watching anime. So, I started in on episode 5.

Spoilers for next week!

Full-time panda is on vacation and so Panda-kun has to step in and work full-time for a week. We learn some good words like 満員電車 まんいんでんしゃ (crowded train). I had to look up the opposite “uncrowded train”: 空いた電車 - すいたでんしゃ (can’t say I’ve heard that one used though.

There’s a fun pun at the end of the first part of this episode as well. When the identity of Panda-kun’s fan is revealed you hear bicycle bells 鈴 すず /りん aka りん -りん <3 :grin:

I’m usure what Panda-kun asks Penguin-san during the preview. Something about joukin (full-time) tsuuka (=?? currency??). I’m probably mishearing things again. :sweat_smile:


I also started episode 5 last night. Was anyone else annoyed that Panda was such a jerk about the guy being his fan? I could understand if he was creeped out, but it seemed like he was just really disappointed that it wasn’t a girl…

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Episode 6 thoughts.
part 1:

Panda-kun managed to break the slide at the zoo and is now dead set on dieting! Lol for all the Rocky-movie references and jokes. Keyword: メタボ = metabolism → overweight.

part 2:

I love this one. In part 1 we learn that Panda-kun looks up to the bad guys, lol, and now he’s into being “wild”. :sunglasses:

It’s the introduction of the wild animals of the series :high_touch: primarily Grizzly-kun! :bear: Basically, Shirokuma-kun brings Panda-kun along for a night out at Grizzly’s bar and various shenanigans ensue! ^>^


Yeah! Panda-kun is totally being a jerk about it! :joy: It seems he’s only really flattered if there are cute girls calling him kawaii. ^^; Meanwhile, I really love Rin-Rin


Right? Aside from a later episode when he visits the Pandas, he seems pretty nice. Up until that point, he doesn’t strike me as weird either

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Do you ever fully comprehend and entire conversation in the show and feel like a descendant of god for just a few seconds?

  • Yes
  • A bit
  • Not really
  • Nope
  • Undecided

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I think the feeling of amazement at understanding anything Japanese from listening has abated throughout the years. Now it’s more like a feeling of “comfort”. :thinking:

I have that while struggling still with several things! :joy:

Good work getting through the episode(s) you watched! :+1:


I’ve seen a few episodes but don’t really understand much, so I’m going through Ep. 1 now and making Anki cards. Gonna try and get each episode to 50-80% comprehension without subtitles and then re-watch/listen.

It’s a nice show though. Was it ever really popular for kids in Japan? I’m wondering if it’s a show that most people are familiar with at all.


About popularity.

Unless a manga is popular enough it doesn’t get an anime. So that’s a yes right there.

Then there’s the fact that Shirokuma Cafe got 50 episodes of anime - again something that isn’t just done unless there is popularity. Less popular shows that barely make the cut tend to be 13 episodes. = half a season.

So, yeah, even from the formal facts about the show you can make some assumptions about the popularity of a show or how broad it is in scope. Shirokuma Cafe made that cut and have since have several live seiyuu shows. :slight_smile:

WARNING - this Youtube video has spoilers for the ENTIRE shirokuma cafe series. It’s a promotional thing for the DVD - I’m guessing why they made it - correct me if I’m wrong but it seems a common cause for calling in the voice cast to perforce live on stage to an audience. ^^

(this is more like advanced listening practice! just a warning if you check the video) <3

OMG I just realized the lag and how the wrong person seams to say the wrong thing O_O

I’ll leave it here as a warning! T_T (or is this just my computer…it’s been odd for a long time after all)


To add some to the above, I don’t think it was made especially for kids or family in mind. They probably changed it a little bit to appeal more to the masses so both kids and adults could enjoy it if they followed it.

As for anime production. Somewhere in the process it gets decided how much of the material gets adapted and how that translates to amount of episodes, then they work on getting that project done. They need an indication, because you have to reserve prime time. Of course if it is a show that does poorly during its run they would have pulled it from tv, but length is not a measure of popularity on itself.

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I think you’re just misunderstanding the “Japanese idea of children’s media” - it’s cause several problems from Sailor Moon to Dragon Balls. To me, it’s also very reminiscent of my childhood TV shows that was in no way “okay” by today’s ideological police! XD. What I wanna say is that things change and things are cultural. So, what goes and not is not certain in any way or form. ^^;

Shiroiuma Cafe is not meant for adults no more than Sailor Moon or Dragon Balls.

I think the Japanese view of media is especially interesting for the lack of distinct “genre” which are like stable (more or less) categories in the west - totally ignored in anime! :grin: