Youtube listening ideas for my fellow total beginners

I’ve just been caught up in youtube and found these ‘comprehensible’ / ‘immersive’ channels which I thought you might like. Many words from early WK levels. A pleasant feeling of understanding emerges. Comprehensible Japanese Japanese immersion with Asami
Learn Japanese through comprehensible input/TPRS. #1 Autumn/Fall/秋(あき) - YouTube comprehensible input videos from Learn Japanese with Noriko
(apologies if these are mentioned elsewhere)

[edit - oh and please do leave your own suggestions of anything that’s helping you now at an early stage - I know there are lots of suggestions on the boards already but they generally seem totally over my head :slight_smile: so fire away]


Thank you for the interesting suggestions! I’ll definitely be checking these out!


I use Japanese with Noriko and think she is great. She does different types of podcast to suit different level beginners. There is also transcripts of her videos on her web site. Her short story collection is good for early beginners because she speaks a little slower.


I reallu like listening to Teppei’s beginner lessons. Very relaxing.


I love Nihongi con Teppei but I feel like it’s for high beginners really. You need to have built up quite a bit of vocab before you can start getting the gist, I think.


For beginners, I love Japanese Ammo with Misa, and Miku sensei on YouTube because you can choose the videos that tie in with your level.


Ram Sensei
Caillou in Japanese
Nihongo to Tabi
Arai Channel
Megane Japanese Teacher
Aipon Japanese
How to teach Japanese
Easy Japanese with Yuri
YUYU no Nihongo Podcast Mini

Momoko to NIhongo
Sakura Tips

I added two YT channels above :slight_smile:


I liked this a lot, it is really very very basic, but still useful for someone my level or lower (currently level 8 on wanikani and have previously done some classroom Japanese classes)
I especially like that there is interaction with a non native speaker


You can add Benjiro as well :


I noticed Yuki Kimura now has her own website

and there are even more videos you can watch than on youtube. It’s so encouraging to listen / watch something that’s pretty graspable as a beginner - lots of repetition and clear pronunciation. I recommend :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. I use Japanese from Zero and also follow the textbook series. I also use Ammo with Misa to get further information on grammar.

@Shahbaz328 Misa is lovely isn’t she?! I took your advice. I was amazed at how many words I recognised, from doing my reviews. I felt encouraged.

It’s possible to download subtitles (voice recognition) from YouTube. It can be auto-generated, although it will need proof-reading, if you want learn to thoroughly.

It’s inside CC button or Three dot >> Show Transcript,


File size is problem for downloading too, but there might be easier ways?

% youtube-dl KRB2LL5hhJE -F           
[youtube] KRB2LL5hhJE: Downloading webpage
[info] Available formats for KRB2LL5hhJE:
format code  extension  resolution note
249          webm       audio only tiny   46k , webm_dash container, opus @ 46k (48000Hz), 2.92MiB

% youtube-dl KRB2LL5hhJE --sub-lang ja -f 249 --write-auto-sub
[youtube] KRB2LL5hhJE: Downloading webpage
[download] Destination: 海水魚の水槽にコイを投入すると…-KRB2LL5hhJE.webm
[download] 100% of 2.92MiB in 01:05

The filename is actually 海水魚の水槽にコイを投入すると…-KRB2LL5hhJE.ja.vtt, which is a text file, but might need to be cleaned for easy usage.

To use youtube-dl is a problem in itself, as it is not really allowed by Google. I can’t tell when it will be blocked.

Also, listening to something too fast is a problem for me as well. I won’t say I can’t listen at all, but I need some easier (not muffled, and perhaps slower) materials first.

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