Comprehensible input and general listening practice (with japanese subtitles)

Anyone looking for comprehensible input in japanese (from absolute beginner to intermediate levels) or just wanting another place for general listening practice, you might like to check out this channel : )

(also i assume most people will know about comprehensible input and stephen krashen but if not, the concept is very easy to find explained on google : ) )


Thanks for the tip! I’ll add it later to the Listening practice wiki! :slight_smile:

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This is a great resource. I’m incorporating it into my study plan, thanks!


This looks interesting.

Right now my goals for Japanese are just in input since I’m mainly interested in being able to consume Japanese media (primarily written stuff but I suppose listening skills would be good to have too.)

So I always have my eyes open for things that give good input practice.

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Thanks so much for this. Its exactly what I was looking for. I have signed up and became a patron. It’s brilliant.

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Glad i could be helpful!

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I’m probably going to do the same at some point. But i figure i’ll go through all the free content first. I’m glad i could help you find something new you like!

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