Genki I Listening Supplement

I’m currently taking a beginner Japanese course, however, I realized my listening is far below the level it should be at. I miss almost everything my professor says in Japanese. I went up to her and asked what to use, she recommended OTO Navi, My Kikitori and the Genki videos. However, I had been using them since before I asked and I see minimal improvement.

Does anyone have suggestions for listening material practice (I am around chapter 8 in Genki)

Thanks in advance!

I like the Comprehensible Japanese youtube channel for some listening - there are added visuals which definitely helps (drawings etc), in case you’re not quite catching everything.

Nihongo con Teppei is also a popular (and helpful) choice for listening practice at the beginner to intermediate level

Hopefully you can find something you like here :headphones: :slight_smile:

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What helped me was loads of repetition. While doing things around the house, I’d listen to the same things over and over again.

I’d watch a JP show on Netflix with subs one time, and then put that on repeat on my headphones. I listened to Aggretsuko a buuuuunch of times. Short episodes, and all quite straightforward.

I had my Netflix account set to Japanese (not a VPN, just setting language to JP), and that gave me some Japanese dubs of shows I was already familiar with.

In the end, what helped the most was sinking relentless hours into it. Even while at the stage where I could only make out a few words and sentences per episode.

Best of luck! It’s frustrating, but it gets better!


You could also re-do the listening exercises in the Genki workbook and even try the listening exercises of chapters that you have not covered yet.

Thanks so much! I checked out comprehensive Japanese, it’s really helping!

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I haven’t thought of changing my Netflix language…
I guess I’ll try that out.


Do you also practice reading aloud? That helped me quite a bit, for instance.

Watching beginner level anime like Polar Bear Cafe might also be a good idea. There is a club here starting soon: しろくまカフェ ~ Shirokuma Café Anime Club 📺

So glad that’s working for you!

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