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This automatic search feature generated when you create a topic is very helpful for preventing repeat threads, but I feel like it could be expanded upon. It only seems to show 4-5 threads at a time, and doesn’t have a way to show more than that. Have you thought of adding a “more” button underneath to pull up ALL the threads, or to enable it to open a separate window that auto-searches the thread title? Obviously you could still search the old fashioned way but the whole point of this feature is to have it for people who DON’T search, so I feel like the easier for them to see similar threads, the better.


The forums are hosted by Discourse. I’m not an expert, but I’m guessing your feedback may have more impact on, where development of the forum software is discussed. I’ve posted there a few times myself, though mostly regarding language-related features of HTML.


Done! ^.^


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