More aggressive Similar Topic detection would be nice

I feel like I see a lot of posts that already have a lot of threads on them. Usually things falling in the “Has anyone tried X thing?”. Maybe something where if there is a similar topic, there is a prompt that verifies with the OP that this is in fact not similar to the topics listed.


I get the feeling this is a Discourse thing that wanikani can’t do anything about.


Probably have some luck here, regarding bugs and rough edges. I agree that searching can be better.

Is there not a thing that says your title is similar to something else? I remember something like that, but I might be thinking about another site.


There is indeed.

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You are prompted by Discourse when your thread title is similar to previous ones. The issue is that by now, there are so many similar threads that you can’t even see all the contenders. >_>

I think this is more an issue for moderation, not how Discourse works. It’s not uncommon for mods in other forums to keep more of an eye on this, basically seeing it as thread spamming. In fact, I have brought it up before with our mods on here, but with limited success in making them see the problem I feel. It’s just very hard to find the really good threads, when things are similarly named. And it makes no sense to have several ongoing conversations about the same thing, but in multiple threads - which inevitably get locked.