Request - Pages on discourse instead of infinite scroll

I find the current setup often frustrating and less user friendly and reading friendly. I can’t explain it well. It’s especially bad at over 100 comments. And 1k or 10k? No way. Is this even possible?

To have pages with 50 or fewer posts per page? Maybe 35 or something.

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I’m sure it’s possible to keep scrolling through a thread with thousands of comments… It’s not much different from scrolling through your facebook or twitter feed for an hour. How exactly the page handles that, I’m not sure, but obviously it doesn’t load everything at once.

Have you tried the scroll thingy on the right side? (Not the browser scrollbar, but the timeline scroller).
It’s much better at getting you to where you want to go.

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i second the timeline scrolly thing. makes it much easier to move through hundreds or thousands of posts. i think the website unloads the stuff you scrolled past and just keeps like a buffer of several posts in both directions so that it doesn’t kill the browser loading tons of stuff.


That is correct. Posts get unloaded and reloaded on the DOM depending on the position of the timeline bar. So there shouldn’t be a performance issue when loading large topics. @Shiawase have you tried using the timeline bar?

I am going to have to agree with others and say it is easy to get around using the timeline bar. You can also jump around by post number as well (type # to bring up the post modal). First post and last post by clicking on the date and time. You can also go back to your last position by clicking on the back visual on the timeline.


I hadn’t even noticed the timeline bar until now.

It’s fine on desktop but still a bit annoying on mobile.

On mobile, click on the light-blue box on the bottom-right that shows how far down you are (e.g. [ 5 / 6 ] ). It will open the timeline, and then you can scroll just like on the desktop.

I’m an old curmudgeon firmly in the “I want pages, not infinite scrolling” camp. Go find a large topic then try to scroll down to the “suggested topics” or something else that only appears in a footer. Yes I can click the bottom of the timeline, but… I’m lazy. I like my mouse wheel. I’m not familiar with discourse but it seems like this would be an easy thing to add to per-user preferences, if it doesn’t exist already.

Hence, annoying. :slight_smile:

I have, but sometimes I wanna read through a whole thread. Idk it’s just how my brain processes things and likes them arranged and organized

Huh. I’ll have to check it out on my computer when I get the chance, but Discourse is pretty different on my tablet than computer and several features slash options seem missing.

On mobile devices, if you click the blue box on the bottom right corner (the one which tells you what post you are on out of the maximum post) will bring up the timeline bar. There you can manipulate the positioning.

There is also the option of turning off Javascript if you want pagination :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm. I wonder what the repercussions of that are, not that I know how on mobile, but thank you. I really do want pages… maybe I’m weird.

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Found a random huge topic on Campfire that I had never visited. Page loaded with the first post. I hit the “End” button and scrolled down half a screen. Boom, at the suggested posts. Probably 1 second longer than it would take with pagination, because it has to load after you hit “End.”

Oooohhh!!! This is the best thing I’ve learned since we’ve moved! Thank you, Viet!
Seriously, the best thing!
You’ve just made these forums a much, much easier place to navigate for me. (The scroll bar is not exact enough for me, and gets worse the longer the thread is.)

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Shame that this doesn’t help much on mobile. Oh well, I’ll just use forums a bit less. Not that I used them much anyway, and even then I usually skip to the end.

On mobile, click 16/17, and there will be a scrollbar.

Adjustment is tiring isn’t it? I want pagination too.

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Yup, I know that already. Doesn’t make it not irritating.