Forum apps/extensions

first of all, i will confess that i don’t know what i’m talking about as i am no programmer or anything of the sort.

this is just a request post.  I think it’d be cool if someone made an app and/or extensions for the forums.  with such features as:
notify if someone quotes you (with links)
show more than 5 recent posts on one page somehow, without visiting each section separately
if done for android phones, add in the link that says how long ago the last post was made, and that takes you to it (this is omitted when i use my phone, drives me nuts!)
remember where you left off in a thread (is such a thing possible?)
search for posts made by certain people (who doesn’t enjoy stalking??)

i guess these are just some things i wish the forums did.  i have no clue if any of them are possible.  so, sorry if i’m asking for the impossible.  :p  i just know there are so many smart people here who make awesome things, and wanted to share this idea just in case


I will add, if you permit me, being able to go directly to the posts that come up in the search request, rather than  just the threads they’re in (maybe the little number on the bottom right can be used?).

zeldaskitten said...
remember where you left off in a thread (is such a thing possible?)
 It is possible, I actually wanted to make that extension at some point but sadly, I really don't have the time :(

It would be great if we could also subscribe to a thread ( and be notified of new posts).

So yeah, I fully support these ideas !