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Hey there.

I’ve just began using the forums actively, rather than just passively reading, and I must say, it’s super awesome! !! Like, really, great experience. Smooth navigation, browser-notifications, all the good stuff.
As a former web-developer, I wonder, is it a forum-framework they’re using, or is it all (mostly) self-built? I’d also be interested in server-side info, just as a geeky request :smiley:

However it was built though, job well done!

  • since I’m new to this forum-thing: if that’s the wrong category, please correct me. Also, should I close the thread when my question has been answered, or is it ok to let it close automatically?


They’re using the Discourse open source platform.

Relevant links

Discourse homepage
Discourse GIT
Discourse meta forum

edit: to answer your other question, I don’t believe you have the ability to close threads, and if you put it in the wrong section any regular can just move it.


That platform does look pretty cool. Thanks for the links as well, and the fast reply :slight_smile:


You can, however, mark a post as a solution, if you feel like it answered your question(s). If you do there will be a checkmark in the title so other people don’t feel obliged to go into the thread to answer and others with the same question can see that there is an answer.


That’s a good way to go about it. ありがとうございました。

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