You know that 1000 review meme? I was that guy

Although my reviews never quite reached 1,000; they maxed out at around 975 or so. So I’d like to tell others who find themselves in this position that it’s really not as bad as it seems.

My reviews heatmap is below (grey=0, red=1-49, yellow=50-99, light green=100-149, dark green=150-199, blue=200+). I hit level 6 in October, and made it about 2/3 of the way to level 7 before I lost steam at the end of January. March and April make me laugh - you can see I logged in a few times, did a dozen reviews or so, and then said oh crap this is just a waste of time. Then I started my second semester Japanese night class in mid-May, and by June realized I needed to get serious about my kanji.

I decided to try and do at least 100 reviews a day, and never more than 250. My goal was to get to the point where I logged into WK in the morning and had <100 reviews waiting for me. That was today! As you can see from the heatmap, it only took me three weeks. The 3rd week was a little intense, as I had a lot of leeches piling up, and I wanted to get back to normal by the end of the 3rd week. So I did some 200+ days this past week.

So if you’re depressed about the huge number of reviews you’re facing, just dive back in. The first few days will be pretty miserable, because it seems like you’ve forgotten everything, but I was amazed at how quickly it all came back.


This is wonderfully reassuring. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done digging yourself out of the hole. All the best in your future studies!

keep chugging along!
:steam_locomotive: :nerd_face: :upside_down_face:


You just have to do it consistently, preferably as many times a day as possible. Not as intense as it seems if you use an app and do a few here and there. Convenient to do it on the phone, there is always some time to kill. Or one could be a sensible human and do less lessons, but how many are studying japanese?

Congratulations! I love these stories as a lot of us have been there :wink:

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It’s really encouraging to see posts such as this, it makes studying look a lot less intimidating! I am still in the beginning of my journey (only level 2) but I sometimes find myself tired when I log in and see that I have 30 or 50 waiting in the review queue ahah~
I’ll be cheering you on for your Japanese classes and your self studying~

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