What level to get 200+ reviews each day?

Maybe my question is a bit misguided, because it may depend on how one does things, but I was wondering how long it takes to get to the point, usually, where you get those 200-300 reviews? Right now I usually get 80 reviews showing in one chunk maximum, and it feels very quick to do Wanikani so I do a lot of Anki and a bit of Bunpro to fill up my study time. I also do Kaniwani but of course that’s even faster and has even less stuff to review.

When did you notice the reviews really starting to pile up?

Note: I’m not using a reorder script and so I do everything new as it comes up, whether it’s vocabulary or kanji or radicals. Not sure if this changes anything. Most apprentice items I had at once was like 150 but now it’s back in the 80s. I don’t plan on doing the 7 days per level thing, I’ll probably be closer to 10 days per level, maybe 8 if the week isn’t too busy.

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I don’t remember getting to the point of 200+ reviews, but I once or twice or thrice woke up with 175 reviews facing me during late teens, and my apprentice count that time is around 120 if I’m not mistaken. I haven’t got to the point of burning any turtles, where many people say reviews pile up. I guess you can get to that point if you miss days of review or is going to burn something?

(I do get 200+ review on Kaniwani though due to a lot of leeches, since many words have totally same English meanings but different Japanese word and we have no context to get by…)


It all depends on how often you are doing your reviews. The only time I had 200+ reviews is when I didn’t have time for 2 days in a row. It also depends on how fast you do your lessons. If you validate your 80+ items lesson in a row, after leveling up, things will pile up pretty quickly. I tend to do that, but I read people only learned 10-20 items a day. You will level up slower, but won’t get overwhelmed by 200+ reviews, if you only have time for one session a day, or less.


Legend from lightest to darkest colour:

So for me it was about level 37-60 that I got 200+ reviews a day. This was with never going to bed with any outstanding reviews. I did 7 day levels for the majority of WK. If your lesson spread has you around 10-ish day levels, the load should be a bit lighter.


Madness :no_mouth:


I’ve been getting 135+ reviews in the morning lately… I’ve sure it’s just because I tend to learn a bunch of things at once though :sweat_smile:

I’ve also been taking it easy this level by not doing my reviews as often as I usually do… so that’s probably contributing to the review pile as well

Wow nice graph! That’s really useful thanks.

And of course thanks to everyone else too. ^^ I may go faster during the Summer since I don’t work during the Summers usually but we’ll see. Even 10 days per level that should mean lvl 60 by two years and that’s acceptable to me…

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I’m not skilled enough to make something like that. ^^ It’s @Kumirei’s heatmap script.

I don’t have time to link it right now, but if you do a search for ‘heatmap,’ you’ll find it. :+1:


I am definitely getting 200+ reviews per day at level 24. Maybe I have more reviews than a lot of users here, but I can tell you that i’m not using any scripts to alter my reviewing, because that would probably make a difference too…

Edit: It might also be that I do all my lessons in one session.

This echoes my own experiences pretty closely. 10-14 day levels, never have more than 200 reviews but it gets pretty damn close. Also, at my pace I wonder if I’ll ever have more than 200 in the higher levels - I already have 30 burns coming back on some days.

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I usually do my lessons in one session unless I have to sleep pronto, so this might be my fate… I’d be less likely to do it if I did use the reorder script I think, but honestly I don’t know how scripts work. ^^; I’m pretty new to Wanikani…

That is an absolutely beautiful heatmap you created, I am beyond envious. I’m proud when I get like 3 days in a row with no yellow or light green, meanwhile you’ve done 100+ reviews literally every day for 10 months. Just for comparison, here’s my graph with the same settings.

So yeah if you go at a pace like I do 200+ review days should be a rarity (i say, currently sitting at 200 reviews this very moment)


I wouldnt recommend downloading any scripts that mess up with your reviews. When you pay for wk, you are learning not only kanji but also vocab. Skipping the vocab (which you need to learn anyways!) is not optimal and it also helps you remember the kanji! And yes you are still a newer user at level 5 so hopefully in a few months time you will be seeing the reviews pile up :grin:

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Alright thanks!

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I had some days with >200 reviews as early as level 2. I don’t use any re-ordering script, but I am a person who spoke and read Japanese a very long time ago, now recovering my fluency, so I do all the lessons as soon as they appear. This creates large numbers of reviews.

If you are learning Japanese for the first time (not a returning learner, as I am), I don’t think going as fast as possible is a great idea. You’ll probably have more stable memorization at a more reasonable pace.


This is my heatmap…


I want to post mine too


I have not been over 100 reviews just yet but I do mine pretty regularly.

I really do no want to see over 200 waiting to be done… I think I would go brain dead after a while.

I do work on Kaniwani and Kanesame as well so my review sessions last about an hour. I try to put in at least an hour at a time when possible anyway… added in some Cure Dolly videos now too. (still having issue with the voice though)

Are asking when do you get 200 in one shot or when do you start to get that many reviews per day?I’m currently on level ten and on on my dashboard it notes I have a total of 262 under “next day”. I try to do them as they come (at my desk at work :sweat_smile: ) If I don’t do them as they come they pile up through the day and I do poorly on the reviews when I have so many at once. If I finish up around 11pm, I may start the next day with 80-ish or 130-ish. After I clear those out I get more…and more and more and more and more.